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A Comprehensive List of Gujrat Postal Code

What is Postal Code?

Decoding Postal Codes in Pakistan

List of Postal Codes

In the bustling city of Gujrat, where numerous neighbourhoods thrive amidst a large population, the importance of postal code cannot be overstated. These alphanumeric codes serve as the linchpin for efficient mail delivery, ensuring that every piece of mail reaches its intended destination with precision and speed.

We understand the significance of accurate mail delivery in a city as dynamic as Gujrat. That’s why today we are sharing a comprehensive list of all the postal codes in Gujrat. This invaluable resource aims to assist senders in guaranteeing the swift and accurate delivery of their mail to the respective recipients.

Gujrat’s urban charm captured in a captivating view!

Understanding the Basics: What is a Postal Code?

Referred to interchangeably as a ZIP code, a postal code is a unique combination of letters, numbers, or a combination of both, assigned to a specific geographical area. The primary purpose of these codes is to streamline the sorting and delivery processes for mail. Postal services and couriers rely on these codes to navigate the intricate web of addresses, ensuring that packages and mail find their way to their designated destinations seamlessly.

Here are some of the benefits of postal codes:

  • Efficient Mail Delivery: Postal codes streamline the sorting and routing of mail, ensuring precise and timely delivery to specific districts and post offices in Gujrat.
  • Reduced Misplacement Risk: The use of postal codes minimizes the likelihood of mail misplacement, enhancing the reliability of the mail delivery system within the province.
  • Organized Address Information: Businesses and individuals benefit from the organized structure of postal codes, providing a systematic way to communicate address information, and making it easier for mail carriers and recipients.
  • Development of Databases: The systematic arrangement of postal codes facilitates the development of reliable databases, aiding in demographic studies, resource allocation, and urban planning in Gujrat.

How Do Postal Codes in Pakistan Work?

In Pakistan, the postal code system serves as a vital tool for accurately identifying different regions within the province. The structure of these codes follows a pattern where the initial two digits indicate the province and the subsequent three digits specify the district or the corresponding post office, often known as the General Post Office (GPO).

Navigating the intricacies of postal codes for precise locations!

List of Gujrat Postal Code

Area Name Postal Code
Adowal 50730
Aurangabad       50010
Awan Sharif        50870
Baisa Kalan          50030
Barnali 50140
Bhaddar 50964
Bhagowal Kalan 50820
Bhakhre Wali 50940
Bhota 50960
Bulani 50040
Burch Basuha 50970
Buzurang Wal 50930
Chak Kamala 50840
Chak Muhammad 50120
Daulat Nagar 50910
Devna Mandi (Basco) 50600
Dhodha Sharif 50892
Dhoria 50130
Dullan Wala 50210
Fateh Pur 50900
Gotriala 50182
Gujrat G.P.O. 50700
Guliana 50160
Hajiwala 50890
Jalal Pur Jattan 50780
Jaurah 50250
Jokalian 50660
Kakrali 50980
Karariwala Kalan 50270
Karianwala 50830
Kawankh 50880
Khadriala 50006
Kharian Cantt 50070
Kharian City 50090
Khohar 50050
Khokhar Gharbi 50610
Kotla 50990
Kunjah 50620
Lakhan Wal 50800
Lala Musa 50200
Langay 50624
Madina 50700
Makiana 50920
Malakpur 50094
Malka 50170
Mand 50622
Mangowal 50640
Mohri 50110
Moinuddin Pur 50760
Nagrian 50934
National Wood Industries Lala Musa        50220
Pero Shah 50950
Saadat Pur 50020
Sabowal 50750
Samrala 50982
Sarai Alamgir 50000
Sariya 50994
Sehna 50150
Shadiwal 50680
Sheikh Pur 50764
Sidh 50972
Sikariali 50260
Soboor 50932
Surakhpur 50812
Tanda 50810
Thutha Rai Bahadar 50180

We have compiled an extensive list of Gujrat postal codes for your convenience.

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