8 Marla plaza construction cost ?

The construction cost of the plaza depends upon various factors. Mainly based on the structural design and which society you are making. Please let me know the exact location then i can tell you the construction cost. I think the total covered area will be around 7000 Sqft. And a good contractor will charge you from 2400 per sqft onwards. So with 7000*2400=16800000 amount you should keep in mind it can be less as well depending upon the area and structural design(if less steel is used). However, there are companies that charge 10 to 15% on the total cost of construction and tries to minimize the cost and avoid conflict. That option can also be considered

Suppose covered area =7000 sft, The cost break down will be as follows:

Cost of materials for grey structure:Rs.6.3 Million

Cost of labour for grey structure =Rs.2.1 Million

Total cost for grey structure =Rs.84Lac.

Cost of materials (Structure+ average priced finishing materials= Rs.10.5 Million

Labour cost for complete finish= Rs.2.8Million

Total cost (structure+ finishing) = Rs.133 Lac.

Please note this is estimated cost excluding contractor’s profit

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