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7 earthy bedrooms that carve out a nature-inspired sanctuary


One of the priorities, Amarnathan recalls, was creating spaces that inspired warmth and cosiness. “Wood was top of the order as far as materials went, but the clients wanted it used in a natural, pared down way, as opposed to rich, heavy applications,” shares the designer, whose team also included interior designer Shreya Shettigar. So followed an exercise in reinterpreting the material in multiple ways: as floating ceiling beams in the den, as lattice work on the headboards, as sliding glass doors between realms, and as flooring in the bedrooms and den. To cure the darkness of the timber, she opted for lime-plaster-finish walls throughout, as well as marble flooring in the common areas. – Vaishnavi Nayel Talawadekar

This Rajasthan Home Bears A South Indian Stamp

Though Indukant Gautam stays in Singapore for most part of the year because of his work commitments, he aspired to have a holiday home at Alwar in Rajasthan, where he spent all his childhood. A great many recommendations from his friends resulted in a meeting with architect Shipra Singhania, founder of the young design practice, Sketch Design Studio, based in Alwar. Indukant was won over by the studio’s specialization in designing and constructing earth-friendly homes, reviving architectural crafts and marrying traditional methods with contemporary ideas. The design team’s earnestness to integrate the client’s minutest needs with their vision and expertise, further strengthened his faith in them.

Purnesh Dev Nikhanj

As for the interiors, the studio developed the colour palette in accordance with the “true mud” acquired for the building. “The colour of the walls is the shade of the soil, which contrasts with the exposed concrete grey used in the ceiling. We matched the terrazzo floor to enhance the Rammed Earth walls, and chose rosewood red for the doors and windows,” says Singhania. “Furniture in the house was pre-owned by the client amongst a few other pieces. We picked those (with a nostalgic 90s vibe) from their collection and re-polished them to suit the palette. We bought some decorative lights and linen to match the vibe which was developed during the course of work,” she adds. – Deepa Nair


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