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Acco’s fast growing construction company based in Lahore, Pakistan. We undertake civil construction, interior designing & decoration and fabrication services of residential, institutional and commercial buildings throughout all over Pakistan. We are keen to carve a niche in the market by delivering high quality construction and engineering solutions within budgeted time and costs. Incepted in 1999, we develop high-end residential and commercial projects including villas, hotels, office complexes, malls etc and provide complete construction solutions. Acco has gained over 20 years of fruitful experience in civil and commercial construction industry.

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5 marla house design and Construction Services Lahore

5 marla house design and Construction Services Lahore



  • Cover page
  • Spacial & Fixture planning of Ground floor
  • Spacial & Fixture planning of First floor
  • Spacial & Fixture planning of Second floor
  • Centre line plan
  • Working plans of Ground floor
  • Working plans of First floor
  • Working plans of Second floor
  • Front elevation
  • Side & Rear elevation
  • Working plans of Elevations
  • Section AA
  • Section BB
  • Working plans of Sections
  • 3D Model of Exterior façade
  • Daytime render of front façade
  • Night time render of Façade
  • Boundary wall details
  • Working plans of Boundary wall


  • Electrification general notes and legends
  • Appliance layout Ground floor
  • Appliance layout First floor
  • Appliance layout Second floor
  • DB details
  • Earthing details
  • CATV details


  • Plumbing general notes and legends
  • Drainage layout Ground floor
  • Drainage layout First floor
  • Drainage layout Second floor
  • Water supply Ground floor
  • Water supply First floor
  • Water supply Second floor
  • Gas supply Ground floor
  • Gas supply First floor
  • Gas supply Second floor


  • Structure general notes and legends
  • Foundation plan
  • Foundations plan section details
  • Column detail & Section
  • Beam working plans Ground floor
  • Beam working plans First floor
  • Beam working plans Second floor
  • Slab reinforcement working plans Ground floor
  • Slab reinforcement working plans First floor
  • Slab reinforcement working plans Second floor
  • Stairs detail & section
  • Lintel details
  • Beam sections


Have a look at the stunning 5 Marla Plan contemporary modern house. 5 – 4.5 feet backstreet and 5 feet front lawn to give a fresh touch to the house. Car porch providing space to park the vehicle.
The Architectural drawings print set in this plan will include Cover page (3D Rendered elevation of a house), Table of content, Fixture planning of Ground floor, Fixture planning of the First floor, Fixture planning of the Second floor, Door window schedule (Detail of window sill and lintel), Centreline plan (Foundation plan), Working plans of Ground floor, Working plans of the First floor, Working plans of the Second floor, Front elevation (Dimensional layout of 2D elevation), Side & Rear elevation (Dimensional layout of 2D elevation), Sectional elevations, Boundary wall elevation, and details.

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