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Architecture Design and Construction Services Lahore

3 Marla House Construction Cost Lahore Pakistan

Architecture Design and Construction Services Lahore
Architecture Design and Construction Services Lahore
68.28 Lakh
Grey Structure Material Cost
27.88 Lakh
Finishing Material Cost
34.38 Lakh
Labour Cost
6.01 Lakh
Price Per Sq Ft

Breakdown of Overall Construction Cost By Percentage (PKR)

  • Foundation & Structure27.22 Lakh
  • Plumbing Works5.46 Lakh
  • Electrical Works7.66 Lakh
  • Wood, Metal and Tile Works23.14 Lakh
  • Fittings & Fixtures4.8 Lakh

Foundation & Structure

Foundation & Structure includes materials for the basic house structure including foundation, floors, walls, roofing, and plastering.

27.22 Lakh

Plumbing Works

Plumbing works include underground piping and drainage systems materials.

5.46 Lakh

Electrical Works

Electrical works include underground wiring and all electrical items.

7.66 Lakh

Grey Structure 1.05 Lakh
Finishing 6.62 Lakh

Wood, Metal and Tile Works

Wood, Metal & Tile Works include cabinets, wardrobes, flooring, and all aluminum and iron works.

23.14 Lakh

Paint and Ceiling Works

3.45 Lakh
False Ceiling140/Sft.36551,100

Tile Work

6.52 Lakh
Floor Tiles310/Sft.1284398,040
Floor Skirting271/Sft.449121,679
Ceramic Tiles on Walls & Dado289/Sft.456131,784

Wooden Doors

4.99 Lakh
Main Entrance Door101701/Door1101,701
Room Doors38420/Door4153,680
Washroom and Other Doors27120/Door6162,720
Roof and Terrace Doors27120/Door381,360


1.76 Lakh
Aluminium Room Windows20340/Window6122,040
Aluminium Bathroom Windows13560/Window454,240

Metal Works

1.93 Lakh
Staircase and Terrace Railing1605/Rft.3657,780
Main Gate135602/Unit1135,602

Wardrobes & Cabinets

4.48 Lakh
Kitchen Cabinets107351/Unit2214,702

Fittings & Fixtures

Fittings & Fixtures include kitchen and bath accessories.

4.80 Lakh


56.1 Thousand
Kitchen Sink13500/Sink227,000
Sink Mixer11300/Mixer222,600
Gully Trap Chamber3249/Unit26,498


3.86 Lakh
Water Closet21696/Unit486,784
Vanity Basin13575/Basin454,300
Basin Mixer12200/Mixer448,800
Muslim Shower2830/Unit411,320
Shower Set36160/Unit4144,640
Toilet Paper Holder1356/Unit45,424
Beveled Edge Mirror7040/Mirror428,160
Soap Dish1083/Dish66,498

Geyser & Manhole

37.95 Thousand

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The cost of constructing a 3 Marla house in Lahore can vary significantly depending on various factors such as the location, quality of materials, design, and labor costs. Below is a list of cost-related tags that you might find useful when estimating the construction cost for a 3 Marla house in Lahore:

  1. Location: The cost of construction can vary based on the specific area or locality in Lahore.

  2. Land Acquisition: The cost of purchasing the 3 Marla plot of land where you plan to build the house.

  3. Architectural Design: The cost of hiring an architect to design your house.

  4. Construction Materials: Costs for bricks, cement, steel, sand, gravel, and other construction materials.

  5. Labor Costs: The cost of skilled and unskilled labor required for construction.

  6. Foundation: Costs related to the excavation and laying of the foundation.

  7. Structure: Costs associated with the structural framework of the house, including columns, beams, and slabs.

  8. Roofing: Expenses for roof construction, including trusses, roofing materials, and insulation.

  9. Walls: Costs for constructing interior and exterior walls, including plastering and finishing.

  10. Flooring: Expenses for flooring materials and installation.

  11. Doors and Windows: Costs for purchasing and installing doors and windows.

  12. Electrical Wiring: Expenses for electrical wiring, outlets, and fixtures.

  13. Plumbing: Costs for plumbing work, including pipes, fixtures, and fittings.

  14. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning): Expenses for HVAC system installation, if required.

  15. Paint and Finishing: Costs for painting and interior finishing work.

  16. Kitchen and Bathroom Fixtures: Expenses for kitchen and bathroom fixtures and fittings.

  17. Cabinetry and Wardrobes: Costs for custom cabinets and wardrobes.

  18. Exterior Landscaping: Expenses for landscaping, if desired.

  19. Permits and Approvals: Costs associated with obtaining necessary permits and approvals from local authorities.

  20. Contingency: A buffer for unexpected expenses or changes during construction.

  21. Project Management: If you hire a project manager or contractor, include their fees.

  22. Utilities Connection: Costs for connecting water, gas, and electricity to the house.

  23. Interior Decor: Expenses for furnishings, decor, and lighting.

  24. Security Systems: Costs for security systems like CCTV cameras, alarms, etc.

  25. Additional Features: Costs for any additional features or amenities you want to include, such as a swimming pool or a garage.

  26. Sustainability Features: Expenses for incorporating eco-friendly or energy-efficient features.

  27. Landscaping: Costs for landscaping the exterior of your property.

  28. Legal and Documentation: Costs related to legal fees, documentation, and land transfer fees.

  29. Maintenance: Consider future maintenance costs for your house.

  30. Insurance: Home insurance costs, if applicable.

It’s essential to obtain detailed quotes from contractors and suppliers in Lahore and consider all these factors to get an accurate estimate of the construction cost for your 3 Marla house. Additionally, it’s a good idea to consult with local experts and professionals for more precise cost estimates based on your specific requirements and location