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WYAH Art & Creative Space | PSA Studio


WYAH Art & Creative Space’s Concept

WYAH Art & Creative Space located in a secluded area in Ubud, Bali, there is a building surrounded by forest and uneven land. Constructing a building that blends harmoniously with the surrounding nature is a difficult task. The design process began by preserving the existing features, including the uneven land and trees. The intention behind this approach is to encourage people to develop a stronger bond with the natural environment.


© Mario Wibowo

WYAH Art & Creative Space has a rounded polygon shape that blends in with the natural landform and fills an empty space between the trees. This design makes it easier for conventional engineers in Bali to construct. The rounded polygon shape is covered with Sirap, which seamlessly integrates with the surroundings. Pipe columns are strategically placed throughout the building to mimic the arrangement of trees.


© Mario Wibowo

The unique spatial sensation and connection between people, space, and nature are achieved by avoiding existing trees and adapting the contour level. The roof and railing pattern articulate the flowing line of contoured land. The functional roof is covered by Sirap (ironwood), creating a unique dynamic pattern. The main stair connection between humans in this remote area is surrounded by nature.

© Mario Wibowo

The absence of walls in a building allows for a direct experience of various natural phenomena. These include changes in temperature, wind, humidity, the smell of rain, natural light, and shadows. The building is surrounded by trees, which further enhances the natural environment. Despite the absence of walls, there is no need for air conditioning as the natural light and temperature provide suitable conditions. This leads to a reduction in energy consumption by avoiding the use of artificial lighting and air conditioners.

Project Info:

Architects: PSA Studio
Area: 518 m²
Year: 2021
Photographs: Mario Wibowo
Manufacturers: Toto, Tsudio
Lead Architects: Ario Wirastomo, Ditta Astrini Wijayanti
Design Team: Marselinus David
Country: Indonesia


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