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Chongwen Langyue Exhibition Center | AOE


AOE presents its work on the Chongwen Langyue exhibition center, located in Jingyang County in the central part of Shaanxi Province, China. Situated to the north of the Jing River, this area holds historical significance as the birthplace of the People’s Republic of China and is known as the heartland of the “800-mile Shaanxi” region. The exhibition center is strategically positioned on the eastern side of Zhengyang Avenue, at a prominent intersection.

©DONG Image

AOE approached the project with the aim of creating a vibrant urban public space that distinguishes itself from traditional office buildings and symbolizes the future development of Jingyang, promoting a new way of life.

©DONG Image

Chongwen Langyue Exhibition Center’s Concept Design

Considering the site conditions, the design takes an innovative approach using intersecting building blocks. By rearranging different functions and blending various blocks, the design not only fulfills functional requirements but also creates an aesthetically captivating form. The main entrance, shaped like a sail, represents smooth sailing and establishes itself as a new landmark in the area.

©DONG Image

The outdoor landscape seamlessly integrates the building into its surroundings by employing a consistent linear design language and merging landscape structures with geometric forms. Through the strategic use of various geometric shapes, the design defines the landscape, creating well-defined pathways and enhancing the overall user experience. Water features and landscape structures are incorporated to harmonize the building with nature, instilling a sense of tranquility in users.

©DONG Image

The lighting design of the Chongwen Langyue exhibition center utilizes an abundance of colored lighting elements to enhance the unique characteristics of the building. Through skillful manipulation of light reflections on metal surfaces, an enchanting ambiance is created, evoking a dreamlike atmosphere.

©DONG Image

The interior design takes a holistic approach, seamlessly merging architecture and interior elements. The various geometric forms present within the building are integrated into the exterior façade, highlighted by glass curtain walls. This dynamic presentation of different materials and colors adds visual intrigue. Metallic textures, such as aluminum panels and mirror-finished stainless steel, are extensively employed throughout the interior to establish a fashionable and futuristic atmosphere. The interplay of large geometric forms introduces a sculptural quality and a sense of playfulness to the space, stimulating curiosity and inspiring visitors to explore.

Project Info:

Architects: AOE
Photographey: DONG Image
Lead Architects: Qun Wen
Design team:  Qun W en Jianning Ma Shixin Gao Xiao hai, Yue Zhao, Rui Zhang Chuanyu Dai
Interior design: Jing Du, Xiaofan Yin, Sha Li, Meijun Liu, Yawen Xue
Lighting Supply: PuriLighting Design
Country: Beijing, China



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