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Rwanda's Bugesera Industrial Zone Passes 60% Occupancy


The Bugesera Special Economic Zone (BSEZ) under construction in eastern Rwanda has reached 61% occupancy for its first phase of development, according to the project’s environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) report published on 1 March.
The zone is being developed in phases across 335.7 hectares by UAE-based ARISE Integrated Industrial Platforms in a public-private partnership with the government.
ARISE holds 60% of the special-purpose vehicle Bugesera Special Economic Zone Limited (BSEZ Ltd) set up to design, build and operate the zone, with the government owning the remainder. ARISE signed the framework agreement for the development in September 2022.
BSEZ has a committed investment of US$100 million and is intended to support small and medium processing industries as well as firms providing services for the industrial sector, such as transport and logistics, maintenance and repair. 
The zone will include industrial facilities, administrative offices, warehouse facilities, a single window clearance building, truck terminal, vocational training institute, an estimated 252 residential units, a medical centre and green areas.
Of BSEZ’s total area, 200 hectares were licensed in 2011, comprising phases 1 and 1A and half of phase 2.
Bugesera Special Economic Zone licensed phasesSource: Project ESIA report, 2024Work on the 91.6-hectare phase 1 has reached 54% completion and a total of 67 hectares has been occupied by several investors, according to the ESIA report.
Bugesera Special Economic Zone Phase 1 occupancySource: Project ESIA report, 2024 
Bugesera Special Economic Zone Phase 1 investorsSource: Project ESIA report, 2024Construction of the 98.7-hectare phase 1A and the 143.7-hectare phase 2 area is scheduled to start upon receipt of the EIA certificate from Rwanda Development Board (RDB) and will last for 24-30 months. Basic pre-construction work on phase 1A is planned to start in early 2024.
BSEZ Ltd is now looking to obtain a licence for the remaining 134.4 hectares that will complete phase 2.
A team of Environmental Resources Management (ERM) and Earth Systems completed the ESIA report. 
In early February, Rwanda’s Energy Development Corporation Limited (EDCL) invited bids for the design, supply and installation of a substation and transmission line at BSEZ.
The work is divided into two lots. The first concerns the construction of a 110/30kV substation over 18 months, while the second entails the erection of a 110kV transmission line linking BSEZ and the nearby, upcoming Bugesera International airport over 18 months. The bid deadline is 28 March and the details can be viewed here.
Top photo: Special economic zone (Source: Project ESIA report)


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