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Revitalization Congress Center Hamburg | Hupe Flatau Partner


The Revitalization Congress Center Hamburg (CCH), when initially inaugurated in 1973, held the distinction of being Europe’s largest congress facility. It played host to legendary figures of the 1970s and 1980s, including ABBA, Deep Purple, and Queen, drawing in crowds of visitors. After nearly five decades, the building underwent a revitalization and expansion project. In 2014, the ARGE agn Neumann / Tim Hupe Architekten workgroup was granted the project.

© Piet Niemann

Following its reopening in 2022, the venue’s schedule has been packed with events. Tim Hupe Architekten took charge of the design, approval, and detailed planning. Tim Hupe remarked, “Revitalizing and enhancing this location near the city center, close to Planten un Blomen park and the Radisson Blu Hotel, was a delightful endeavor. A few years ago, this area, situated behind the Dammtor railway station, was largely overlooked.

© Piet Niemann

Revitalization Congress Center’s Design Concept

The redevelopment of Dag-Hammarskjöld-Platz and Marseille Promenade has transformed this place into a central focal point in Hamburg, drawing visitors from around the world.” The new building serves as a connecting link between the old and new event spaces and unifies three distinct scenarios into one continuous sequence: Congressplatz provides access to the new entrance hall, while the atrium connects this level to the elevated “Belvedere.”

© Piet Niemann

Consequently, the entrance and first floors create a raised platform that extends to the main façade. The hall’s design is influenced by the urban and architectural surroundings. Its outer shape, with its prismatic design, aligns with the aesthetics of the nearby hotel, while the interior serves as a gathering space.

© Piet Niemann

Generous use of glass elements bridges the interior with the park, transcending the conventional role of a building envelope to become an integral spatial component. This innovative façade grants the southward extension of the CCH a commanding presence, enabling it to act as a unifying element amidst the congress center’s diverse, large-volume structures. The horizontal ceiling panels function as a “brise soleil” and establish a connection between the “Belvedere” and the park by providing views both inwards and outwards.

Project Info:

Architects: Hupe Flatau Partner
Area: 105800 m²
Year: 2022
Photographs: Piet Niemann
Landscape Architect: RMP Stephan Lenzen Landschaftsarchitekten
Structure Engineers: Wetzel & von Seht Hamburg, WTM ENGINEERS GmbH
Lighting Designer: Bartenbach GmbH
Acoustics Consultant: Müller-BBM GmbH Berlin
Site Management: LV-Baumanagement AG
Chief Architect Design: Tim Hupe
Design Architect: Christoph Schuchardt, Jorges Picas, Gabriel Pastor, Christian Wieschemann
Chief Architect Construction: Bernd Leusmann
Construction Architect: Silke Denker, Ulrike Rau, Wolfgang Zell, Bernhard Jordan, Gerrit Mimkes, Lydia Bausch, Magdalena Poholski, Manuel Galvez Castillo, Kristina Schilling, Britta Adelmann, Sahar Sasani
Facade Planner: R+R Fuchs
Fire Protection Consultant: HHP West Ingenieure GmbH
Gastronomy Planning: K&P Consulting GmbH, CHEFS CULINAR GmbH & Co. KG
Stage Technology: That Hamburg GmbH
City: Hamburg
Country: Germany


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