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ACCO is a leading real estate network connecting a large number of property buyers and sellers around the Lahore. We provide proficient and solid consultancy to our domestic and overseas customers. Our aim is to provide multiple services for immovable assets including Houses, Plots, Agricultural Land, Shops and Shopping Plazas and various other property types. Whether you live in or outside Pakistan you’ll find our experienced and qualified staff fully equipped to provide you with investment opportunities of your liking.


We at ACCO provide consultancy with regards to best investment opportunities. We thoroughly investigate profitable investment opportunities for our esteemed clients and keep them updated with the existing and upcoming projects, specifically in Lahore. Be it short term investment opportunities, or if you’re looking to be in for the long haul. ACCO is your one-stop shop for all your real estate needs.


We provide all services with regards to buying and selling properties.

  • We believe in by the book methodology when it comes to business transactions. Fair, smooth and efficient.
  • We cover all aspects of real estate. Commercial and residential properties, houses, apartments, flats, shops, agricultural and industrial land.
  • We only work with authentic housing societies such as DHA and LDA City Lahore.
  • We keep you updated with the current market analysis, investment trends and updates on latest developments/projects.
  • We help you locate appropriate clients in order to conclude your transactions.


Plots in DHA Lahore – Plots for Sale in DHA Lahore

ACCO is a leading real estate network connecting a large number of property buyers and sellers around the globe. We deal in buying and selling of Residential and Commercial properties in all developed and developing sectors of DHA. Many options are available in residential and commercial plots. Plots for sale In DHA Lahore, Phase 9 Prism, Phase 9 Town, Phase 8, Phase 7 etc. We have a professional and dynamic staff that will assist you in securing properties in all DHA Pakistan. We always welcome our clients at ACCO.  Whether you are looking to secure residential & commercial plots, market rates of your plot, buy or sell a plot in DHA Lahore. You’ll find an able companion in ACCO. It will help you find the best buying and selling plots in DHA Lahore for the best profitability.

Plots for Sale in DHA Lahore

Looking for buy and sell property in DHA Lahore Pakistan? You have come to the right place. If you want to buy a plot in DHA Lahore, you have many questions in mind! What is the market price of the plot?  What is the future prospect of the plot? Buy a plot to build a house or investment? Buying a plot, and hold it for the long-term or mid-term investment? etc. Our staff will guide you with regards to the best investment opportunities.

Residential Plots in DHA Lahore?

Looking for Residential Plots in DHA Lahore? You have come to the right place. However, Buying or selling a plot in DHA Lahore extremely easy. Moreover, we offer you to confirm plots for sale in all phases of DHA. We help you buy a residential plot in DHA Lahore with the best future prospect.  Always buy residential plots proximity such as to

  • Park
  • Mosque
  • Commercial Market
  • Sector Shops
  • Community centers

5 Marla Plots in DHA Lahore

Every Phase in DHA Lahore has 5 Marla plots, price range start from 40 to 110 Lacs. These 5 Marla plots are much less in quantity compared to 1 Kanal plot. But phase 9 town, phase 9 prism and Phase 8 ivy Green have a vast number of 5 Marla plots

  • Hence, the Dimensions of the 5 Marla plot are 25 (Width) x 45 (Length) feet

5 Marla Plots Rates

  • Phase-1 # 40 to 70 Lacs
  • Phase-2 # 40 to 80 Lacs
  • Phase-3 # 70 to 100 Lacs
  • Phase-4 # 70 to 90 Lacs
  • Phase-5 # 90 to 110 Lacs
  • Phase-6 # 60 to 85 Lacs
  • Phase-7 # 40 to 50 Lacs
  • Phase-8 # 50 to 70 Lacs
  • Phase-9-Town # 40 to 70 Lacs
  • Phase-9-Prism # 30 to 40 Lacs

10 Marla Plots in DHA Lahore

The 10 Marla plot price in DHA Lahore range start form 60-180 Lacs. However, these 10 Marla plots are much less in quantity compared to the 1 Kanal plot. Currently, DHA Phase 5 has the most expensive plots of 10 Marla.

  • Hence, the Dimensions of the 10 Marla plot are 35 (Width) x 65 (Length) feet.

10 Marla Plots Rates

  • Phase-1 # 100 to 140 Lacs
  • Phase-2 # 130 to 150 Lacs
  • Phase-3 # 130 to 160 Lacs
  • Phase-4 # 120 to 170 Lacs
  • Phase-5 # 150 to 190 Lacs
  • Phase-6 # 120 to 175 Lacs
  • Phase-7 # 60 to 80 Lacs
  • Phase-8 # 65 to 120 Lacs
  • Phase-9-Town # 70 to 90 Lacs
  • Phase-9-Prism # 60 to 75 Lacs

1 Kanal Plots in DHA Lahore

However, 1 Kanal residential plots prices in DHA Lahore range start from 70 Lacs to 360 Lacs.  While, DHA Phase 3, Phase 5, and Phase 8 have the most expensive plots. Besides DHA Phase 7 and Phase 9 offer the lowest prices plots.

  • Hence, the dimensions of the 1 Kanal plot are 50 (Width) x 90 (Length) feet.

1 Kanal Plots Rates

  • Phase-1 # 160 to 240 Lacs
  • Phase-2 # 180 to 250 Lacs
  • Phase-3 # 200 to 350 Lacs
  • Phase-4 # 160 to 320 Lacs
  • Phase-5 # 200 to 360 Lacs
  • Phase-6 # 160 to 280 Lacs
  • Phase-7 # 90 to 170 Lacs
  • Phase-8 # 140 to 300 Lacs
  • Phase-9 Prism # 80 to 130 Lacs

2 Kanal Plots in DHA Lahore

Every phase in DHA Lahore offers a variety of options to buy 2 Kanal plots at prices between 275 and 800 Lacs. However, the dimensions of the 2 Kanal plots are:

  • Hence, DHA Phase 1 to 4 and Phase 8 (Ex Park View) dimensions are 75 (Width) x 120 (Length) feet.
  • While DHA Phase 5, 6 & 7 dimensions are 100 (Width) x 90 (Length) feet.

 2 Kanal Plots Rates

  • Phase-1 # 240 to 370 Lacs
  • Phase-2 # 340 to 480 Lacs
  • Phase-3 # 570 to 750 Lacs
  • Phase-4 # 500 to 650 Lacs
  • Phase-5 # 550 to 750 Lacs
  • Phase-6 # 400 to 550 Lacs
  • Phase-7 # 220 to 300 Lacs
  • Phase-8 # 300 to 700 Lacs
  • Phase-9 Prism # 180 to 290 Lacs

Commercial Plots in DHA Lahore?

Looking for Commercial Plots In DHA Lahore? You have come to the right place. One of the most profitable investments in DHA Lahore is to buy a commercial plot.  We help you buy a commercial plot in DHA Lahore with the best future prospect. However, always buy commercial plots at good locations like

  • Main Boulevards
  • Corners
  • Flacking Parking
  • Facing Parks


When it comes to property location is the key, always buy property at a premium location. We help you find suitable location properties with the best future prospect. Commercial plots are affected by location, more so than residential plots. Always buy commercial properties at premium locations like Main Boulevards, Corners, Flacking Parking and Facing Parks. Better the location more the profit.

Maximum returns:

When it comes to Real Estate investments commercial investments provide maximum returns, be it upfront capital return or rental, commercial investments serve the purpose best. We help you find suitable commercial investment options that fit your profile.

Size Matters

Size matters, 8 Marla plots will always be better than 4 Marla. Brands, Banks, or Offices, the bigger the size the better.

Purpose of Investment

The purpose varies, Rental return is one thing and maximizing solid capital return is another. DHA’s Phases 1 to 6 provide better rental returns being fully operational residential phases. With other Phases having the edge of solid future returns.



Ahmed Construction Company Properties was formed with a mission to provide rapidly expanding property market with tailored solutions aimed at ensuring optimum returns for our clients on their assets, as well as serving the broader real estate needs of the community.

Ahmed Construction Company Properties has proven itself to be a dynamic and progressive enterprise. As a result of our prudent approach, we have grown steadily and remained resilient despite challenging market conditions. Building on our success, we look forward to a new era of growth as we develop more projects.

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Joint Venture - JV

Joint ventures (meaning an entity formed for co-investment by multiple parties, including general partnerships, limited partnerships, and limited liability companies) are a common vehicle for providing equity funding for real estate projects. As an Investor becoming co-owner in development of project, will give very high returns on the Investment.

In order to make a successful Joint Venture structure, at ACCO we ensure the following factors:

  1. Providing the partners with appropriate risk-adjusted returns if the deal is successful.
  2. Providing a mechanism for restructuring and salvaging the deal if things do not go well as expected.

The economic model for most joint ventures involves some combination of the following elements:

  • A return of capital, typically with some minimum threshold or preferred returns, to the capital providers;
  • In certain cases, some guaranteed payments to service providers depending on the nature of the project and the scope of the services provided; and
  • Negotiated sharing of the remaining distributable amount among the joint venture partners based on the relative risks they bear and the value they add through their entrepreneurial efforts.

The Investor can become a land owner, put their land into the Joint Venture, (JV) and their land will be their major contribution to the deal, plus some borrowings. By this one can make larger profits on project development by associating with, though you may not have the knowledge of executing development.

We perceive that there will be many land investment opportunities and the scope for development on those will be better suited to developers instead of ourselves, due to the large capital outlay expected in construction, local expertise reqd., development skills expected, etc.

So, getting into a JV must have a good payback for you. Whatever you lack is usually the reason for entering into a JV.

Develop Residential Society

Lahore is one of the best and developed cities to live and to invest in Pakistan. That’s why investors always consider Lahore first for investment purpose similarly the casual buyers also prefer to buy property in Lahore just because of this city’s benefits and reliability. So the question comes in mind that in which housing society of Lahore you should invest in? answering to this question, we have listed a number of housing schemes/projects where a you can invest without any hesitation as these projects are LDA approved under the name of trustworthy companies having no chaos in future in this regard, fully developed with every facility and guarantees the better money back plan for investors.

1.     SA Gardens.

2.     Zaamin City.

3.     AL Noor Orchard

4.     Tulip Garden.

5.     Dream Gardens.

6.     Fazaia Phase 2.

7.     LDA city.

8.     DHA.

ACCO wish for better and luxurious living style and above-mentioned housing schemes are perfect to live with all the modern-day facilities and luxury. The above-mentioned housing schemes are best of the best LDA approved projects of Lahore. 

Investment benefits in these housing societies:

There are number of housing socities in Lahore but what makes these above mentioned socities different from them is the reliability and prominent names of developers proving the credibility of these projects with better money back. What matter the most in a housing society? Is it LDA approved or not? Whats the location of the project? What are the future plans of these projects and what are the development conditions there?
Answering to the above frequent questions these societies are best to invest in because they all are clean to go as they are LDA proved, developed by prominent developers in the market today, development is done or getting done and talking about future plans everything is in place. These are the factors we are guiding you about to buy property or to invest here because we value our customers with best in the market.

1.     SA Gardens:

SA Gardens, a world class housing scheme, located at the prime location of GT Road near kala shah Kaku truly a saving for your upcoming generations. SA Gardens is setting a new benchmark in the community of different reputed housing schemes as the payment plan of SA Gardens is very much flexible than them providing all the facilities.


Talking about location, SA Gardens is located at the prime and hassle-free location of GT Road adding to the value of this housing scheme, situated in the heart of Lahore connected to many commercial areas. No need of traveling for hours as all the basic and advanced facilities are available.

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2.     Zaamin City:

Zaamin City Housing Scheme Lahore is all set to launch with great living and potential investment. Zaamin city is equipped with all the modern-day facilities and is very much focused on vertical projects, proving not only one of the best projects for residence but also or investment purpose. Real Estate is now in trend not only for residential purpose put also many investors invest here for better money return ratio. So, location wise and facilities here in Zaamin city proves its better money back value as well as luxurious residential plan. Zaamin City is one of the top-class projects of Lahore city where all the facilities are available of modern lifestyle.


Location matter the most about any housing project and one cant deny the fact that location is one of the feature which every buyer note before investing a large proportion of his amount, keeping that in mind Zaamin City is located at a prime location of Lahore which is Ferozpur road near sabzi mandi. The environment is peaceful in the neighborhood of this society with no pollution and noise factor and also it is very close to the different prominent points of Lahore with a few minutes’ drive. This prominent location adds more value to this project as it is premium for living as well as for business purpose.

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3.     Tulip Garden:

Tulip Garden Housing Scheme an ongoing residential project in Lahore offering 3, 5, 8 & 10 Marla Residential Plots, 2 Marla Sector Shops and 4 Marla Commercial Plots. Residential & Commercial Plots and Sector Shops in Tulip Garden Housing Scheme are available on cash payment and also on easy installments. Tulip Garden Housing Scheme is best place to live and for business or investment purpose. The hype is real as located on the prime location promising a luxurious lifestyle. With all facilities and location of Tulip Garden Housing Scheme, its best time to invest here because the demand is going to be very high.


Tulip Garden Housing Scheme is located at a prime location of at a distance of 3 Km Sue Asal Raiwind Road Lahore. Tulip Garden Housing Scheme is at ideal location as this area is developing very fast promising best living style, with all facilities and located at one of the prime areas of Lahore City after the completion of Southern Part of Lahore Ring Road.


4.     Dream Gardens:

Dream Gardens Lahore is a modern and elegant Living place in the heart of Lahore. A perfect place to enjoy a luxurious and modern lifestyle. Dream Gardens Lahore is not only best option for living urpose but also one of the best options in Lahore’s property to invest in because of its outstanding infrastructure and modern facilities.


Dream Gardens is located at ideal location as it is located at Ali Akbar Road which is close to Raiwind Road, Bhoptian Chowk and Defence Road is also very close to this society. Many prominent educational institutes like UMT, UCP, COMSATS, UOL, Superior University and BNU are at no distance from Dream Gardens which adds to the value of this project. Talking about similar housing Societies Bahria Orchard, Dream Avenue, AWT Housing, LDA Avenue, Valencia Town, DHA Rahbar and Lake city are in its neighborhood.

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5.     Fazaia Phase 2:

Fazaia Housing Scheme Phase 2 Lahore is one of the Pakistan Air Force’s development projects, a modern and peaceful Housing Society for its personnel in Lahore. The development of this hosing scheme has been assigned to the Directorate of Estate projects who has a great eye to develop such modern housing scheme with all the latest facilities. Considering the location of this society, it is a place far away from the city pollution to live a healthy and peaceful life.


Fazaia Housing Scheme Phase 2 Lahore is located at the ideal location near Sundar Industrial Estate on Jati Umrah Road near Sharif Medical City. Bahria Orchards and Abdalian Housing Scheme Phase II are situated at its neighborhood. Though it is a small society, yet it is larger than its previously developed Phase I of Fazaia Housing Scheme Lahore. Moreover it is surrounded by Lake City, Chinar Forts and Khayaban-e-Ameen. The distance between phase 1 of Fazaia Housing Scheme to the 2nd phase is 5km.

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6.     LDA City:

LDA city Lahore, Spreading over an area of about 58,000 Kana. NESPAK has been awarded detailed design/review and construction supervision of establishment of Infrastructure in LDA City. There will be a Model theme park in this Housing scheme. All the roads will be between from 100ft to 40ft LDA is going to hite three construction companies for rapid development.


LDA City Lahore is located between Ferozpur Road, Defence Road, Kana Kacha Road, Just 1.5 KM drive from Terminal Station of Metro Bus Service. The estimated cost of the project is Rs33 billion. Construction of New 2.1 KM long and 180 feet wide access road has already been done worth 1.13billion pkr from Gajju Matta to LDA City. LDA city housing scheme is also has a link from Kacha Flyover.

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Ahmed Construction Company Engineering and Design Services

We as trained Engineers & architects bring a depth of technical expertise along with strong personal sensitivity and creativity to the projects. we function as a team on projects with our clients. Our resolute professional team has successfully delivered projects to our clients. With more than a decade in the industry, our services are backed by a solid track-record of experience and delivery. The design team takes responsibility across the full span of a project, beginning with site analysis, research, meetings with the client, throughout construction phases until the final positioning of furniture and accessories. In house technical expertise is supplemented by long-standing relationships with leading technical firms and suppliers located in the region. All projects are closely supervised, regardless of size and complexity, to ensure that delivery is exceptional in terms of quality and equally importantly, on time and on budget.

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An overview of our construction services from Construction Management, Design-build, General Contracting to Small Jobs and Service Work