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Mozambique And Malawi Advance Border Post Projects


The governments of Mozambique and Malawi are moving ahead with plans to upgrade border posts along the highway linking the two countries under the World Bank’s Southern Africa Trade and Connectivity Project (SATCP).
Notices have been issued inviting expressions of interest for the provision of consultancy services for projects to build one-stop border posts (OSBPs) at Zobue, Calomue, Muloza and Milange on the Mozambique/Malawi border.
The deadline for submissions is 7 March.
The scope of work involves undertaking the feasibility study, detailed architectural and engineering design, preparation of environmental and social safeguard documents and tender documents, providing support to the executing agencies during the bidding period, and construction supervision. 
The executing agencies are Mozambique’s Road National Administration (ANE) and the Malawi Roads Authority.  
The OSBP facilities include multi-purpose office buildings, utilities, access roads, parking facilities, equipment, traffic management, and a shared service environment. The Milange OSBP also includes the construction of a new bridge.
In April 2021, the World Bank approved US$380 million of funding for the SATCP, which aims to increase regional trade coordination, reduce the cost and time of transportation, develop regional value chains and improve access to infrastructure in Mozambique and Malawi. This includes investments along the Nacala, Beira and Maputo trade corridors linking Mozambique, Malawi and South Africa. 
The Nacala corridor connects Nacala port in Mozambique and the country’s central region with landlocked Malawi and Zambia, while the Beira corridor links Mozambique’s Beira port with Malawi, Zimbabwe and Zambia. The Maputo corridor involves the Ponta Do Ouro border post that connects Mozambique’s capital Maputo with the Port of Richard’s Bay and Durban in South Africa.
Mozambique and Malawi border posts mapSource: World BankThe Malawi Roads Authority has already upgraded the Dedza OSBP. The project cost US$9.6 million and was carried out by China’s Anhui Foreign Economic Construction Group Company. 
The work involved the construction of a main passenger terminal, an office block for government agencies, a bus inspection shed and scanner shed, an animal and agricultural products clearance building, cargo inspection shed, as well as utilities, gatehouses, parking areas and roads.
The border post at Mwanza has also been completed. The project was constructed by China Geo Engineering Corporation at a total cost of US$1.9 million. 
In addition to the Malawi/Mozambique schemes, the SATCP encompasses upgrades to the border posts between Mozambique and Zambia.
ANE has invited expressions of interest from consultants to design and supervise the Cassacatiza OSBP project. Submissions are again due by 7 March.
The SATCP also envisages upgrading the Ponta do Ouro border post in Mozambique that links to the Port of Richard’s Bay in South Africa through the Maputo corridor.
Separately, the Chiponde/Mandimba border posts in Mozambique and Malawi are set to be upgraded under phase 5 of the US$60.3 million Nacala road corridor development project, supported by the African Development Bank.
Nacala road corridor development project phase VSource: EUAccording to the state-owned Mozambique Information Agency (AIM), there are also plans to upgrade the Ressano Garcia border post with South Africa.
Top photo: Ressano Garcia border post (Source: AIM)


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