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Mauritania To Develop Nouakchott Coastline


France’s Meridiam is managing a major coastline redevelopment project in Nouakchott, Mauritania.
The project, which will be developed in phases between 2023 and 2027, was showcased at the COP28 climate conference in Dubai.
The Nouakchott Coastline Development Project aims to protect Mauritania’s capital city from coastal erosion and flooding, while also developing new amenities for the local community.
According to Meridiam, the city of Nouakchott was built partly below sea level and its dune cordon has been greatly weakened in recent years by natural erosion, urbanisation and the development of industrial and economic activities.
The project will restore a 12km dune ridge and construct a 6km dike road as well as a new sea boulevard between the heart of the city and its fish market. It will also create two ‘city-sea green axes’ with planted and recreational spaces.
Specifically, the work involves:
– Construction of a ring road to the south Nouakchott to protect it from flooding and improve traffic flows, while also controlling urban expansion; – Redevelopment of the Nouakchott fish market; – Development of coastal plots with new economic activities; – Reinforcement and revegetation of the 12km coastal dune cordon to re-establish the natural protective barrier for the city; – Creation of new cycle trails and footpaths between the city and the coast, interspersed with recreational, sports and green spaces, with a total area of more than 60 hectares; – Implementation of rainwater drainage solutions along the coast to address the risks of rising water tables and flooding.
The 1st #investment with TURF is #Nouakchott’s #CoastlineDevelopment project: financing, designing, constructing and operating an integrated #coastalprotection #infrastructure and #urbandevelopment project with the support of DFIs & local authorities https://t.co/vm3GlkCOPr pic.twitter.com/a4XCb15zBR
— Meridiam (@Meridiam) December 6, 2023

The scheme is estimated to have a total cost of €60 million (US$64.6 million) and will be implemented by the Societe d’Amenagement du Littoral de Nouakchott (SALN).
The investors in SALN are The Urban Resilience Fund (TURF), the UN Capital Development Fund (UNCDF) and the Mauritanian government. It is the first project to be supported by the blended finance fund TURF.
TURF is managed by Meridiam in partnership with the US-based Rockefeller Foundation; the European Investment Bank is an anchor investor.
According to Meridiam, the project could serve as a model for addressing the challenge of climate adaptation in vulnerable coastal cities. It comprises a combination of traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ elements, nature-based technical solutions and an innovative economic model focused on leveraging long-term value preservation and creation.
Photo: Nouakchott coastline (Source: Meridiam)


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