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Industrial Shell Structure Construction Services in Pakistan

The roofs cover convention centers, food courts, industrial buildings, sports halls, wedding reception halls, multipurpose halls, and the like. Shells built as early as in 1963 are behaving extremely well. This paper includes photographs and drawings of the shells built in Pakistan

The structure whose thickness is very less compared to the length and breadth of the structure is considered as the thin shell structures. For these types of structures, the aim is to reduce its self-weight by making the structure as thin as possible, permitted by the practical requirements. Which now will behave as a membrane that is free from the large bending stresses. By which optimum structural benefit is obtained in more economic ways, with the use of less material.

Shell Structure Construction for Warehouse & Storage Buildings in Pakistan

We build concrete shell roofs reinforced with quality steel and have a curved, cylindrical, or spherical shape. These shell structures are used to construct large size of manufacturing or processing units and are costly than masonry structures but undoubtedly stronger than other structures.

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