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high rise building construction cost Pakistan

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What is the construction cost for a residential high-rise building?

  • How big is each floor (area)?
  • What type of building is it? Office? Residential?
  • Is it just an empty office building (waiting for tenants) or is it user specific and will be completely finished inside for the owners?
  • Where is it being built?
  • Will it have parking under it or surface parking?
  • What materials are you using?
  • What kind of soil is under it?
  • What level of construction – high class (expensive materials), low class (cheap materials), somewhere in between?

As an architect, these and many more questions would be asked before we would even start designing or estimating costs.

Cost of the building depends upon following factors:

1. Use like residential, commercial, industrial etc

2. Plan area on each floor

3. Specifications for finishing

4. Foundation type to be used as per soil available

5. Location of building so that external forces like earthquake and wind could be assessed

6. Column distances as per planning

7. Requirement of services etc

Therefore, any generalized answer can’t be given regarding cost of construction.

However, for Lahore Punjab region following general rates could be considered per sqm of the construction area for structure, finishing and MEP services as on date for estimation purposes only:

Residential building- Rs 75320 per sqm (7000 per sqft)

Commercial building- Rs 96840 per sqm(9000 per sqft)

Design Cost ACCO offers 70/- 100/- Per Sft 

high rise building design cost Pakistan 

we are offering 70/- -100- Per sft Complete Architects and structure Drawing with 3D Front Elevation 

grey structure cost in lahore 2022
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