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Everything About Loft Apartments — Large, Open Urban Living Spaces

According to the emerging real estate trends in Pakistan and around the world, there are now many different types of apartments. Construction practices are constantly evolving to cater to the needs of modern residents. Since the concept of vertical living directly promotes sustainability, engineers and architects are finding different ways to make it as convenient and comfortable as possible.

Well, the concept of loft apartments is not new. It was first introduced in the 1960s in New York City, but the technology wasn’t much advanced back then. Today, the trend of building a loft apartment has come a long way. The wall-less interior of these living spaces makes them appear more spacious and feel more functional.

So, should you invest and live in a loft apartment? In this blog, we’ll discuss all the key features of this modern apartment trend while shedding light on some advantages and disadvantages to help you make an informed choice.


A loft apartment is just another housing trend that involves little or no interior walls. It is based on an open living space instead of a broken plan. While dwelling in a loft apartment, you’ll be accommodating one big room with high ceilings, if it features more than one storey. Since there are no separate rooms, loft apartments appear bigger than normal apartments.

Since it is based on a wall-less interior, a loft apartment is a kind of studio apartment but in a much bigger size. However, if we look into history, lofts were living spaces created from unused industrial premises and warehouses to offer affordable accommodations. In the world of loft apartments, there are two types of designs: hard loft and soft loft. Now, we’ll discuss the key differences between these two loft designs.


Hard Loft vs Soft Loft Design
A hard loft design is ideally based on rugged construction patterns with exposed pipes and bricks

There is always a lot happening in the world around us, especially if we focus on architecture and real estate. People are always adapting to their changing lifestyle habits and keep building accordingly. When they introduced loft spaces, there was no such thing as a hard loft or soft loft design. However, as the apartment trend evolved, people started to bring in new ideas to make it better and more suitable according to their requirements.


These types of apartments can be easily seen around, especially in NYC, which is the place of their origin. A hard loft design is ideally based on rugged construction patterns with exposed pipes and bricks, mimicking the industrial building style. Those who choose hard loft apartments are often fond of the industrial appeal they offer. 

According to global standards, they are often located in neighborhoods buzzing with commercial and industrial activities. Even today, in cities like New York and Los Angeles, you can find hard loft apartments constructed in warehouse and manufacturing facilities, revamped for residential use. 

As a part of historic buildings, these housing units may still offer you unique design characteristics from the time of their origin. On a side note, you can also uplift the hard loft design of your apartment by working on these vintage and rustic decor ideas.


The concept of a loft apartment is evolving with the changing habits of modern residents. Some people may still be fond of living in old-school-type places, but the majority of home hunters today now desire a more modern-looking and functional abode. This is where the whole idea of “soft loft” design kicks in.

Giving the traditional hard loft design a modern and sophisticated touch is how you would get a soft loft space. Due to their contemporary characteristics and nature, soft loft apartments are mostly found in newer constructions. Primarily designed to offer a comfortable residential experience, soft loft architecture is crafted to offer updated utilities and facilities that are hard to come by in a hard loft arrangement. 

Since they are purpose-built residential spaces, they usually offer you more square footage and storage facilities than traditional hard loft apartments. Often equipped with built-in closets, pantry areas, modern finishes, and floor-to-ceiling windows, soft loft apartments check all the boxes to be comfortable urban dwellings in a city that’s going skyward. 


Loft style apartments
The unique design of loft apartments maximizes the available square footage

Are loft apartments and loft spaces the same? Nope, they aren’t. A loft space is basically an elevated corner or a nook in your room having a small staircase or a ladder attached. Be it your apartment or house, you can create a loft anywhere, depending on the available space. 

Moreover, according to the architectural definition, a loft area has a low ceiling design and is directly connected to the lower floor. Loft spaces are often found in smaller living spaces, which are often low on square footage. It gives the dwellers more room to live and function in their small-sized abodes like studios and 1-bedroom apartments.


These advantages and disadvantages will help you decide whether to choose a loft apartment or not. 


No Shortage of Space: Since loft apartments are based on wall-less interiors, there is no shortage of space. You can decorate it the way you want. This flexibility and functionality make it an ideal option for modern residents.

Energy-efficient: With no partitions and walls, a loft apartment is often considered an energy-efficient living space. You would not need separate air-conditioning units to control indoor temperatures. The same goes for lighting in your home. Also, during the daytime, natural light coming in from those large windows can illuminate your entire wall-less interior in one go.

Better Work-life Balance: After the pandemic, work habits have changed a lot. Remote jobs and hybrid work schedules have become quite common. If you want to have a smooth work-life balance, you should smartly furnish your open space.  In your loft apartment, you can easily set up your working zone in one corner of your spacious abode and enjoy working from home.


pros and cons of loft apartments
Privacy can be a major concern for loft apartment dwellers

Lack of Privacy: This disadvantage is pretty obvious in a living space without walls. For people who are more private, a loft apartment would never be suitable. It is like living in a huge single room based on two storeys and a high ceiling. However, there are some secondary ways to divide your space. For instance, you can use dividers and partitions to enhance the element of privacy in your home.

Storage Issues: Does the loft apartment come with ample storage space? Probably not, especially the ones found in older constructions having a hard loft design. That said, soft loft designs do come with built-in fixtures and storage spaces, but they may not be as effective as storing things in separate rooms and purpose-built storage areas. 

Difficult to Find: Loft apartments may not be a new trend in other countries, but in Pakistan, it is a very new and lesser-known type of property. So, finding a loft apartment can be a tough job, especially according to your requirements and budget. There are a handful of projects in different cities in Pakistan that feature loft apartments.


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