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Architects in Pakistan | Architecture Firm | ACCO Architects

Architects in Pakistan | Architecture Firm | ACCO Architects

Engineering & Design Services for Residential & Commercial Projects

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Best Architectural Designing Service at Lahore Affordable Rates

Whether you are looking for a small house plan or you want the complete building plan and design for a duplex bungalow, you can use our online architectural designing service to get the best building plans at surprisingly affordable rates. Our architecture service prices are so competitive that a local architect near you can never match.

We have years of experience designing buildings of various scales. Combined with technology, we can help realize your dream of living in a well-planned, space-optimized, well-ventilated, Vastu-friendly house and building plans along with a complete set of drawings.

Besides, the best advantage of getting a customized house plan and building design is that you can get designed exactly like the way you want. The building plan will not just suit your plot layout and size, but it’ll also meet your space requirements and overall construction budget.

Our expert architects specializes in creating best house plans and beautiful building elevation designs for your plot layout, land size, space requirements and construction budget.

Cost-effective Architectural Services for House and Building Plans
Having designed over thousands of house plans and building designs, we understand the nitty-gritty of the house designing and construction process.

The prices of land and costs of construction are sky high, and hence it is crucial to make best utilization of every inch of space when creating house plans and 3D front elevation designs. With us, you get the best space optimized house floor plans and building designs that you will love to build and live in.

Our architects understand that the land is precious, and it costs a lot to build a house from planning to construction and interior. Therefore, we’ll make best use of space when designing your house floor plan and building elevation designs.

We have years of experience drafting best house plans, building designs and 3D front elevation views for our customers across India. With our architectural services and expertise by your side, you can be rest assured to build your dream home much efficiently and cost-effectively. Houseyog architects and engineers can expertly design your house with best space optimization techniques and following the home Vastu Shastra guidelines.

Your house – designed your way!
Designing perfect house plans and house front elevation designs can be overwhelming. Dealing with simple concerns like how to divide the plot space between bedrooms, hall, dining area, kitchen, store room, washrooms, and other high traffic areas like passage can be complicated.

We hear you out, understand your space requirements, family lifestyle and priorities and then after analyzing everything, we create space optimized, well ventilated and Vastu compliant house floor plans and building designs.

We have created various types of house designs for our customers with different plot sizes and facing e.g. south facing house plans, West facing house plans, north facing house design, east facing house plan designs. We have also designed small house plans for rental purposes, duplex house designs, building plans for villa and bungalow. Irrespective of the type and size of house plan design you require for your plot, you can get all types of house design plans, at extremely affordable rates with us.

Hassle Free Online Architectural And House Design Services
Fully personalized architectural services – perfectly customized to your plot size, space requirements and budget

Floor Plan
Floor Plan
Space optimized, Vastu house floor plans designs for simplex, duplex, bungalow, 1/2/3/4 BHK house – designed and customized perfectly to suit your needs.

Building Designs
Building Designs
Whether you want your house to look elegant, simple, modern or luxurious, our house design experts can design surprisingly great house elevation design.

Structural Drawings
Structural Drawings
Structural drawings are a set of drawings that shows how the structure will be built. These types of drawings are created by qualified engineers and architects.

Working Drawings
Working Drawings
Working drawings are also known as construction drawings which is created by engineers and required by building contractors to construct a house or building.

Electrical Drawing
Electrical Drawing
Electrical drawings are required by for proper wiring. Electrical drawing or wiring diagrams helps visualize the wiring, circuits, switch boards etc in a building.

Plumbing & Drainage
Plumbing & Drainage
Plumbing and drainage drawings help visualize how the water will be supplied in the building. It shows the location of fixtures, sanitaryware, pipework, taps etc.

Bill of Quantity
Bill of Quantity
Some of our house design packages includes bill of quantity that shows the list of materials required in the construction. It also helps analyze the construction costs.

Interior Designing
Interior Designing
Our online interior designing service helps you design and decorate your home and space cost effectively. You get all the design files and support from us.

Vastu Consultancy
Vastu Consultancy
Vastu is an ancient Indian science of construction. Our Vastu experts can help design your house as per Vastu guidelines which may bring positivity and joy.

Beautiful House Designs That you’ll Love to Showcase
Get best building plans and house designs by expert architects with realistic 3D views
House elevation design help you visualize the exterior looks of the house from different angles such as front, side or rear. Among all the elevation designs, the front elevation design of a building is more crucial, as it shows the exterior view of the building from the front side.

A properly elevated house design not only looks aesthetically pleasing and attractive, but it increases the monetary value of the property as well. The front elevation design is the first thing that anyone will see, and thus it helps build that first impression.

Our architectural designing process can help you create beautiful house designs including building plans, individual house floor plans and other architectural drawings.

We have worked on hundreds of building plans and building elevation designs and we can quickly create duplex house designs, villa architecture design plans, 3D front elevation designs for Bungalow, complete house design and house design with vastu, single floor house elevation design, front elevation for duplex house and any other residential and commercial building plans and front elevation designs.

If you are wondering about house front elevation design and not sure how to design the elevation of your house to make it look good and attractive, then we have got you covered. The expert architect and 3D house designers have years of experience in designing modern, easy to maintain house designs and 3D front elevation designs and views.

Customized Architectural Designing Services at Extremely Reasonable Rates
We have a huge collection of simple, modern and small house designs that can be fully customized to suit your requirements, plots size and construction budget. But, we firmly believe that every plot owner have their own unique requirements, vision and plans. And therefore, we offer fully customized architectural designing service at extremely reasonable rates.

We have huge collection of complete house plans and building designs including floor plans and front elevation designs that you can browse through and choose from and request for customization. The entire Vastu house design collection is customizable and we’ll be happy to make any changes and customization in the house plan and design to suit your requirements and construction budget.

Complete House Designing and Architectural Designing Services
Are you looking for a house plan consultant or house plan design engineer who can help you create best house design with Vastu guidelines? Do you want the best house plan, villa architecture design plans, duplex house design, and house front elevation design to build your dream home on your own plot or land?

We offer complete house design service for all types of plots. With our online architecture design services, you’ll get a beautiful house building design plan that’ll suit your plot.

Our online architecture services are made to deliver the best architectural drawings and 3D building elevation designs and perspective views – fast and at extremely affordable rates. The kind detailing we provide in our building plans and the quality of 3D elevation designs we deliver is not easy to match. And we are not even talking about the prices, which is most competent in the industry.

So, just tell us a little about your plot and the features you want us to consider when drafting house plan designs and we’ll create contractor ready house plans for you within weeks.

Home design process can be overwhelming, especially when you are after a small house plan to build a house on a smaller size plot.

You can’t really afford to waste single square feet of plot space, and that’s where the expertise and experience of an architect adds value.

When the prices of lands and plots are already touching sky high, designing space optimized home design plans is the need of the hour. Our home map design process is guaranteed to make the best utilization of plot space.

We have years of experience designing small house plans, south facing house plans, west facing house plans, north facing house plans and east facing house plans for different plot sizes.

We have created beautiful home plans and designs even on smaller plot sizes because we believe in giving the best designed house floor plans to our customers.

Whether you want a low budget house design or complete architectural services to build a bungalow, villa or a mansion, we can help you get it right. Our architectural designing services are tailor-made to suit your house designing needs.

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Architect Services FAQs
Have questions about our online architectural services? Check out the frequently asked question people ask here under:

Why should I use houseyog over house plan architects available near me?
Houseyog architects have years of experience designing beautiful building plans and architectural drawing. Since our services are completely online i.e. our architects specialize in drafting building plans and house designs online, our rates and charges are hugely discounted that a house plan architect near you may not be able to match. Besides, you get unlimited revisions, multiple space layout ideas and best customer support throughout the construction process while saving your time, effort and money.

How does the online architect service work?
By using online architect service, you can get the best building plans and house designs without having to visit the architect’s office several times. You share with us the plot layout, facing of the plot and your space requirements. Based on our team of architects brainstorm multiple space ideas and start drafting the building plans. You get to review plans and request as many edits as you want, and only when you are fully satisfied with the plan, you approve and get the print ready deliverable. The advantage is access to an expert team at a fraction of the cost that a house pan architects near you will charge for similar service. Besides, our online architect service is much faster and cheaper and thus it helps save your time and money.

Do I get multiple home floor plans for each floor of the building?
Yes. You will get the set of drawings for each floor of the building.

How long does it take to complete structural designing?
Depending on the size of the plot, total build area and number of floors, structural designing can take anywhere between 7 days to 14 days or more in some cases.

How many times can I request edits in my house plan drawing?
With houseyog architect services, you are fully covered because you get unlimited revisions. You can request edits in your house plan or building plans as many times as it takes to get the best and most efficient floor layout for your building.

How long does it take to complete house front designing?
Once the house floor plan is approved, it may take anywhere between 5-10 days to complete house front designing for small residential buildings.

How much does an architect charge per sq ft for house plan designing?
The rates and charges of architecture services in India start from Rs. 5 per sq feet for building plans. The per square feet rates and charges for architectural services typically depend on scope of work, i.e. number of drawings they provide, total build area, number of floors and so on. Besides, the senior and experienced architects usually charge more because of their expertise and credentials. Houseyog architecture service fees are transparent and most competent in the industry.

What includes in building elevation designing service?
The elevation design of the building, especially the front elevation design is the most vital process. Our elevation designing process includes conceptualization based on multiple ideas and considering your construction budget. You can also suggest color schemes, themes, design collection etc and consider all the input and ideas, our team will design the building elevation which typically includes front elevation design view, side elevation view, corner view and night views in some cases.

Do I need to consult residential architects to supervise and manage the project?
Usually our building plans and drawings consist of everything that may be required by your construction contractor. It usually includes floor plan to furniture layout, exterior elevation design, structural and working drawing, plumbing, drainage and electrical drawings. The house plans and drawings are well detailed, and our support teams are also available online. However, if you want someone locally to manage the project, then you may consider hiring a supervision service.

Architects in Pakistan | Architecture Firm | ACCO Architects