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Concrete House | PL.Architekci – Arch2O.com


About The Concrete House

Concrete House was built for a family of four in a beautiful wooded area. It was intended to be a one-story concrete structure. Investors wanted products that would grow well in the forest and require little maintenance. The goal was for the house to blend in with the trees and blend naturally with the surroundings.


© Tom Kurek

Concept Of Concrete House

Concrete House was divided into three areas – day, night, and parking areas – connected by a glass corridor. This arrangement provided residents with privacy and a visual connection with the forest. Each side was clad in solid concrete slabs, which served as a functional roof and an aesthetic element.


© Tom Kurek

The extended terrace of Concrete House extends deep into the forest, creating a connection to the surrounding nature. The incorporation of organic materials into the roof design makes it easy to blend into the overall square shape of the building. This design choice also allows natural light to illuminate the façade. Trees planted throughout the open space further enhance the building’s impact on its natural surroundings.


© Tom Kurek

The entire house was built primarily of concrete, with ceilings, floors, driveways, and walls. The combination of concrete and circular shapes creates a distinctive concrete structure. However, there was a difference when the concrete was used as a wooden façade, giving the appearance of external cladding. This mix of elements blurred the distinction between the indoor spaces and the outdoor garden, creating a special connection between architecture, nature, and the people who live there.

Project Info:

Architects: PL.Architekci
Area: 499 m²
Year: 2022
Photographs: Tom Kurek
Manufacturers: Aliplast, Moroso, Rimadesio, VitrA
Structure Engineers: Mikołaj Kujath
Interior Designers: PL.architekci
Head Architects: Bartek Bajon, Katarzyna Cynka – Bajon
Architects: Joanna Sypniewska, Agnieszka Jurenko
Program / Use / Building Function: Single House
City: Poznan
Country: Poland


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