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Welcome to Ahmed Construction Company – your partner for innovative and high-quality construction. From residential to commercial projects, we turn dreams into reality with precision and reliability. Building a future of excellence, one project at a time.

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Physical laws and empirical data allow us to understand, predict, and calculate the stability, strength, and rigidity of structures as well as to design, construct, and maintain the built environment.

We specialize in the analysis and design of foundations and structures of all types. Using the latest in engineering software, our civil and structural team members can analyze existing as well as design new structures, foundations, and plant facilities/infrastructure. For projects needing architectural work, our staff includes professional architects certified in numerous jurisdictions. Whether it is a plant expansion or a greenfield site, our multidisciplinary team can handle your project from start to finish.

Services and Deliverables

Drawing Preparation

  • Architectural Plans Elevations
  • Civil
  • Construction Detailing
  • Site Layout/Topography
  • Structural Plans/Sections

Specification Preparation

  • Architectural
  • Civil
  • Structural


  • Code
  • Feasibility/Cost
  • Forensic
  • Structural


  • Dynamic/Vibration
  • Steel, Concrete (cast-in-place and precast), masonry, wood, aluminum materials
  • Structural Components (roofs, walls, floors, etc.)

Application Experiences

  • Access Platforms and Mezzanines/Stairs/Ladders
  • Building and Architectural Design (new and remodel)
  • Catwalks, Platforms, Ladders
  • Concrete Pump Pads
  • Construction Detailing
  • Containment and Dike Design
  • Earth Retention
  • Equipment and Machinery Foundations
  • Equipment and Machinery Structural Steel Support and Access
  • Failure/Stress Analysis
  • Foundation Design
  • Lifting Beams
  • Liquid Containment Structures
  • Monorails/Hoist Beams and Supports for Bridge Cranes
  • Retaining Walls
  • Piling, Caissons, and Deep Foundation Systems
  • Piping Racks and Trestles/Bridges
  • Pedestrian Facilities/Urban Design
  • Pre-Engineered Buildings
  • Runoff and Drainage Management
  • Site Road Design
  • Site Improvements
  • Storage Tanks, Bins and Hoppers
  • Storm Sewer Design
  • Steel Stacks
  • Subsurface Utilities
  • Support Structures for Piping and/or Equipment
  • Tank and Vessel Support Structures and Foundations
  • Topographical Surveys
  • Water-Containing Concrete Structures
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