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Burundi Gets Funding For Water Supply Project


The African Development Bank (AfDB) has signed grant agreements totalling US$13.2 million to implement phase one of the water sector and climate resilience building support programme (PASEREC) in Burundi.
The five-year programme will see the construction of a 300km water supply and distribution network, 30 water catchment systems including high-flow boreholes, 18 electric-powered drinking water supply systems, 202 automated public standpipes and 275 ecological latrines near schools, health centres and markets.
It will provide drinking water and a healthier living environment for more than 1.2 million people in the target provinces of Cibitoke, Bubanza, Kayanza, Cankuzo, Ruyigi, Gitega, Mwaro and Rutana. The programme is also expected to create 9,600 jobs in the water, agriculture and green trades.
The Ministry of Water, Energy and Mines is in the process of staffing the project management unit.
Meanwhile, construction got underway in late October on a regional polytechnic and vocational training centre in Rusi, in Burundi’s Karuzi Province.
The agri-food training centre is being built on a 156-hectare plot of land, with around 142 hectares set aside for agropastoral production. The AfDB has provided US$20 million in funding for the project, representing 87% of its total cost.
Some 2,000 students will be trained there, 30% of whom will be female.
Photo: Women collecting water (Source: AfDB)


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