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7 Spectacular Kitchen Design Trends You’ll See Everywhere in 2024


Hello, dear readers! I’m thrilled to tell you about some new kitchen design styles from 2024 that I have been liking and watching. I like kitchen design. I always enjoy seeing people make their kitchens lovely and valuable places. If you’re considering fixing up your kitchen trends or searching for ideas, this post will interest you.

Designers have discovered that islands, particular drink areas, and lights with different levels are famous. White cupboards in kitchen design, tables for meals, and noisy machines are not as liked anymore. Folks seek more comfort, warmth, and style in their kitchens. They also want them to be easy to use and convenient at the same time.

Kitchen Design

©Shere Kitchens

2) What You Need to Know about Kitchen Design Trends in 2024

Some of the key trends that I’ve noticed in kitchen design in 2024 are:

1- Natural and Earthy Colors and Materials

A noticeable trend in kitchen design by 2024 is using natural and ground colors with materials from the earth. Imagine using colors such as beige, brown, cream, and terracotta. Add ceramic items like wood from trees or stone to make it feel natural and warm. These colors and materials make the kitchen warm, friendly, and pleasant. They also match with nature-inspired color schemes that are often seen in other rooms of a house. Some of the ways you can incorporate natural and earthy colors and materials into your kitchen design are:

Kitchen Design


  • Pick natural wooden cabinetry and natural flooring, or go for laminate or vinyl that looks like wood.
  • Use stone or textured tiles for your backsplash or countertop, and if you want a rustic feel, go old-fashioned with the tile design.
  • Use a warm color on your walls or cupboards, or add bright colors like rugs, curtains, and plants.
  • Add texture and warmth to your area using rugs, baskets, or trays made of natural fibers.
Kitchen Design

©Our Media Design Studio

2- Minimalist and Shaker Style Kitchens

In 2024, a popular trend in kitchen design is the simple shaker style. Inspired by Scandinavian design principles, these kitchens are characterized by cleanliness, basic shapes, and minimal decoration. This style creates an open, airy cooking space, offering a classic and timeless aesthetic. With fewer items, simple and shaker-style kitchens are easy to maintain and provide ample storage. They also allow for personal expression through the choice of hardware, lighting, and decorations. To achieve this minimalist look, consider the following approaches:
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Kitchen Design

© oliveandbarr

  • Pick flat-panel or shaker-style cabinets because they have a primary and clean look.
  • Choose a white, gray, or black color for your plan. You can also add some excitement with an intense accent color.
  • Use simple finishes for your door handles, taps, and kitchen machines. This will add a nice touch of class without being too fancy.
  • Use shelves with no doors or cabinets made of glass to show off your plates, pots, and other items you value.
  • Make your kitchen more exciting and smooth with a fancy old tile or marble pattern on the wall behind your stove, or use a piece of stone with veins for countertops.
Kitchen Design

© flaminiadelconte

3- Fluted Details and Gold Accents

Making kitchens better means adding fluted details and gold touches. Details with flutes, which have grooved or ribbed patterns, add depth and texture. Also, gold decorations bring warmth and fancy to the design. These parts give you a way to improve your kitchen’s look, making it different and fun. They can match different types of styles, from modern to old-fashioned. Placing them in certain spots can make kitchen islands or range hoods stand out more quickly. Ways to integrate fluted details and gold accents into your kitchen design include:

Kitchen Design

© Decorilla

  • Use cabinets or furniture with ridged designs with a thick and rough appearance that brings some personality.
  • Use gold things like knobs, taps, or lamps. These shiny and fancy items give a nice glow, making the place feel comfy and glitzy.
  • Use gold things like plates, cups, or pictures to make your decorations look pretty and fun. This will give you more style, too!
  • Use tiles with decorative edges or wallpaper, which have a delicate and classy appearance to add some level of style. They make your space look more fancy and stylish.
Kitchen Design

© Cantilever Interiors

4- Marble Veined Backsplash Slabs and Islands

One of the most prominent kitchen design trends in 2024 is the utilization of marble-veined backsplash slabs and islands. These are large pieces of stone or quartz with distinctive and dramatic veins running through them. Not only do they create a stunning focal point in the kitchen, but they also add an element of luxury and elegance to the space. Marble veined backsplash slabs and islands are not only beautiful but also practical. They are easy to clean since they have no grout lines or seams. Additionally, they are durable, heat-resistant, and stain-resistant, making them ideal for busy and messy kitchens. When selecting a marble veined backsplash slab or island, there are some things to remember:

Kitchen Design

©Stone Partnership

  • The color and pattern of the slab should match or complement your cabinets, countertops, and flooring.
  • The size and shape of the slab should fit your space and layout.
  • The thickness and edge of the slab should suit your style and budget.
  • The installation and maintenance of the slab may require professional help and special care.
Kitchen Design

© Decorilla

5- Cabinet Colors are Back

One of the most prominent kitchen styles in 2024 is bringing back cabinet colors. For a long time, white cabinets have been popular in kitchens. But now they are losing appeal as more people choose brighter and warmer colors for their homes. The surveyed designers say islands in the kitchen, places especially for drinks, and many types of light are popular. On the other hand, all white cabinets lose appeal, along with noisy machines used to cook or heat things up. Dining tables also seem less liked nowadays among people. Green and gold accents stand out, too, as part of being trendy these days in decor. Some of the famous cabinet colors in 2024 include:

Kitchen Design

© Kelly Martin / Meghan Beierle

  • Green is a versatile color that can create a soothing, earthy, or vibrant vibe in your kitchen, depending on the shade and the lighting. Green cabinets complement natural wood elements, marble countertops, and brass hardware.
  • Blue is another color that can suit different kitchen styles, from coastal to farmhouse to contemporary. Blue cabinets can add a splash of freshness, elegance, or drama to your kitchen, depending on the tone and the contrast.
  • Gray is a classic color that can create a sophisticated and timeless look in your kitchen. Gray cabinets can also work well with various countertops and backsplash materials, such as quartz, marble, or tile.
  • Black is a bold color that can make a statement in your kitchen. Black cabinets can create a sleek and modern look, especially with white or metallic accents. Black cabinets can add depth and drama to your kitchen, especially when contrasted with light-colored walls or floors.
Kitchen Design

© Future PLC/James French

If you need more time to commit to a complete cabinet color makeover, you can try painting just the lower cabinets or the island in a different color. This can create a nice contrast and add some interest to your kitchen design.

6- Functionality and Multipurpose Kitchen Islands

The latest kitchen Design trend I want to share is the focus on functional and multipurpose kitchen islands. As the kitchen has become more than just a place to cook and eat but also a space to work, study, entertain, and relax, the kitchen island has transformed into more than just a surface for chopping and preparing food. Nowadays, it serves as a surface for various activities and tasks. Functional and multipurpose kitchen islands are a great way to maximize your kitchen space and make it more versatile and adaptable. They can help you optimize storage, improve workflow, and enhance comfort and convenience.

Kitchen Design


7- The Green Revolution Embraces Eco-Friendly Materials

Interior design will prioritize eco-friendly practices, and kitchens will reflect this trend. Sustainable materials with little or no environmental impact will be in demand, and they can also add a unique touch to the kitchen’s appearance. Some examples of these materials include reclaimed timber, linoleum, bamboo, cork, and recycled plastic or glass. They can be used to create a variety of features in the kitchen trends, ranging from statement countertops to unique backsplashes. The focus will be reducing the carbon footprint while maintaining a stylish look. This shift towards eco-friendly options demonstrates a commitment to the environment and introduces innovative textures and color schemes that revitalize the kitchen space.

Kitchen Design

© Mark Zeidler

3) Conclusion

In 2024, kitchen trends will emphasize functionality, style, and coziness. You can add color to cabinets, incorporate marble veined slabs, design multipurpose islands, use organic-shaped tiles, or include fluted details to personalize your kitchen and reflect your taste. Beyond cooking and eating, kitchens serve as work, study, entertainment, relaxation, and enjoyment spaces. Staying updated on the latest trends allows you to design a kitchen that aligns with your preferences. Hopefully, this article will inspire you to embrace 2024 kitchen trends and transform your kitchen into the heart of your home.

Kitchen Design

© Voguekitchens


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