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10 Marla House Grey Construction Updated Cost in Lahore Pakistan 2024

10 Marla House Grey Structure Cost in Lahore Pakistan

Discover the latest cost estimates for constructing a 5 Marla House Grey Structure Cost in Lahore Pakistan. Stay informed about the updated expenses involved in the essential groundwork, framework, and initial construction phases. Plan your budget effectively with accurate insights into the current market rates for building your dream home in Lahore’s vibrant real estate landscape.

Total Cost

Rs. 88.55 Lakh

Grey Structure Material Cost

Rs. 72.32 Lakh

Labour Cost

Rs. 16.23 Lakh

Price Per Sq Ft

Rs. 2639

Foundation & Structure

Foundation & Structure includes materials for the basic house structure including foundation, floors, walls, roofing, and plastering.

Rs. 77.05 Lakh

Bricks, Cement, Sand, & Crush
Rs. 48.05 Lakh
Excavation & Steel Reinforcement
Rs. 1.02 Lakh
Roof Insulation, Termite & Water Proofing
Rs. 14.32 Lakh
Labor Cost
Rs. 13.67 Lakh

Plumbing Works

Plumbing works include underground piping and drainage systems materials.

Rs. 9.32 Lakh

Cold and Hot Water Supply
Rs. 85.79 Thousand
Insulation Armaflex
Rs. 56.57 Thousand
Drainage System Piping
Rs. 1.57 Lakh
Gas Piping
Rs. 1.09 Lakh
Pumps and Drains
Rs. 3.12 Lakh
AC Drainage System
Rs. 25.08 Thousand
UPVC Pipeline for Sewerage System
Rs. 59.98 Thousand
Labor Cost
Rs. 1.49 Lakh

Electrical Works

Electrical works include underground wiring and all electrical items.

Rs. 2.27 Lakh

Switches and Back Boxes
Rs. 38.92 Thousand
Conduits & Accessories
Rs. 79.84 Thousand
Labor Cost
Rs. 1.08 Lakh

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