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Why ACCO Is Most Trusted Hotel Construction Company in Pakistan


Aakash Group is a company having experience of more than 25 years in the field of construction and project development. It has always set high standards and achieved them because of high levels of commitment and dedication.

It has diversified, rich experience of undertaking and executing construction projects of any nature and size.

The company is known for its hotel construction projects finished well ahead of the stipulated timelines without compromising on quality.

Aakash Group is the flagship company of Aakash Group. It is an ISO certified company. Aakash Group has been awarded ISO 45001 Health and Safety Certificate, ISO 14001 Management System Certificate, and ISO 9001 QMS Certificate.

Why is it the preferred hotel construction company?

Aakash Group is an expert construction company that has built masterpieces not only in the field of healthcare and hospitality but warehouses, industrial constructions, and residential projects as well.

It is committed for work, which is reflected by its record of 100% on-time delivery. Every project is delivered up to 100% of the satisfaction of clients.

Process optimization in operations minimizes the overhead expenses that result in achieving projects with cost-effective budgets.

Aakash Group claims that it is a proud Pan-India construction company that has completed world-class projects across the country.

Each team member is capable of handling challenging situations and passionate about offering a delighting experience to the client.

Aakash Group is a company with high values

The success of a company depends on its vision and mission, and Aakash Group is not an exception to it.

It is a company that wants to addto the growth and prosperity of India by contributing to the field of healthcare, hospitality, and industrial and educational construction projects.

It believes in creating a better, newer, and more meaningful world. The company wants to be the most admired and preferred construction company at the Pan-India level.

Hotel and hospitality projects delivered by Aakash Group so far are the landmarks of its core competence in delivering projects on-time.

It intensifies quality and safety standards by offering practical training to the project personnel.

Timely completion is its USP

In the construction business, especially in high-value construction projects, timely execution is critically important.

Aakash Group has taken giant leaps in the niche by its expertise in delivering accurate, cost-effective, and reliable construction projects well within the schedule.

Aakash Group achieves excellence by monitoring the client’s needs on a regular basis and meeting expectations by being proactive.

Whether it is an implementation or ongoing improvement, the company stays ahead of others by its integrated quality management system.

It has become the most trusted name in the field of construction because of its practical and user-friendly approach.

The company believes in delivering superior-quality projects to customers by following ethical business practices.

Use of right strategies and policies assures that clients can trust the expertise to complete the project as per requirements and within budgets.

Being one of the premier construction company in hotels and hospitality projects; it uses state-of-the-art technologies that are clearly visible in the projects delivered.

You can easily get in touch with our experts by calling on +(91)-(22)-2898 3235  or mail to info@aakashassociates.com.


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