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Mozambique Gets To Work On Rail And Port Regulator


Mozambique’s Ministry of Transport and Communications has invited consultancies to express interest by 5 March for the project to establish a railway and port regulatory institute in the country.
The contract is part of the World Bank’s Southern Africa Trade and Connectivity Project (SATCP) and involves developing a strategic and sustainability plan along with a realistic roadmap for setting up and operationalising the regulatory institute, known as the Instituto Ferro-Portuario de Moçambique (IFEPOM).
The government approved the creation of IFEPOM in late 2021.
The consultancy is also required to draft terms of reference for the regulatory framework and guidance instruments to be developed by subsequent consultants. The work is expected to be completed within six months. The terms of reference can be found here.
Consultancy project deliverablesSource: Mozambique Ministry of Transport and CommunicationsThe wider SATCP aims to increase regional trade coordination, reduce the cost and time of transportation, develop regional value chains and improve access to infrastructure in Mozambique and Malawi. This includes investments along the Nacala, Beira and Maputo trade corridors linking Mozambique, Malawi and South Africa. In April 2021, the World Bank approved US$380 million of funding for the programme.
An SATCP project appraisal report published in 2021 highlighted that the regulatory capacity of Mozambique’s transport and logistics sectors is weak and that users incur indirect costs due to a lack of harmonisation in the region.
The report also indicated that updating and implementing the Mozambique Strategy for the Integrated Development of Transport Systems, establishing sector regulators and harmonising standards would help prioritise investments, improve concession regulations and assist in monitoring compliance.
According to the report, the SATCP will support Mozambique’s transport ministry in crafting a national logistics strategy that provides a nation-wide view for logistics and transport development; preparing a ports masterplan; developing a civil aviation masterplan; and capacity building including through a technical adviser and an assessment, update and roadmap of the current transport systems strategy.
In January, the transport ministry invited consulting firms to express interest in preparing the ports masterplan, with submissions due by 6 February. The estimated duration of that project is 14 months.
The masterplan should address the following objectives: 
Unify the vision of national ports in an integrated strategic scheme;
Identify and characterise port infrastructure and services and determine the immediate actions and investments required;
Understand current and future demand for port logistics services from production and trade chains that use Mozambique as a transit or distribution platform;
Establish project ports as centres of logistical activity.
Meanwhile, other components of the SATCP are also moving ahead. This month, consultants were invited to express interest in undertaking studies and the construction supervision for one-stop border posts (OSBPs) at Zobue, Calomue, Muloza and Milange on the Mozambique/Malawi border. The submission deadline is 7 March.
Top photo: Port of Maputo (Source: Maputo Port Development Company)


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