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Famous developer introduces Spanish houses


It is not an exaggeration to say that Icon Developers is one of the most celebrated real estate developers in Lahore. The firm has a long and renowned list of high-quality projects dotting the cityscape and enhancing the lifestyle expectations of residents. Recently, Icon Developers launched a new project – which holds a prime spot in its larger development ‘Icon Valley Phase 2’. This latest undertaking is titled ‘Spanish Villas By Icon,’ and it is a housing venture worthy of your consideration. In this blog, we will explore the project and its many attractive aspects that will make you want to choose these constructed villas as your next address.

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An Introduction to Spanish Villas By Icon

Spanish Villas by Icon is a housing development that seamlessly blends opulent living with timeless charm. Tucked in the scenic suburban neighbourhood of Icon Valley Phase 2 right next to the acclaimed 102 by Icon, this exclusive project showcases meticulously designed G+1 floor 5 marla villas that cater to your every preference. Icon Developers invites you to experience a lifestyle where modernity effortlessly intertwines with traditional allure at Spanish Villas by Icon.

Beyond the notion of mere housing, Spanish Villas by Icon embodies a community that encapsulates luxury, comfort, and a strong sense of belonging. Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of Spanish-inspired architecture and the enduring commitment to excellence that defines Icon Developer. At Spanish Villas by Icon, each detail is a masterpiece, exceeding expectations and enhancing your living experience. It’s more than just a dream home; it’s an invitation to join a community that appreciates the art of living well. Here, elegance and fulfilment converge, creating a lifestyle that transcends the ordinary.

Enjoy the blend of tranquil living with modern facilities at Spanish Villas By Icon
Enjoy the blend of tranquil living with modern facilities at Spanish Villas By Icon

Spanish Design Elements Symbolizing Mediterranean Splendor

The Spanish-inspired house designs at Spanish Villas by Icon evoke a sense of timeless beauty and architectural finesse. These homes are characterized by their distinct Mediterranean influences, featuring red-tiled roofs, arched doorways, and wrought-iron accents that add a touch of rustic elegance. The attention to detail in the design extends to the interior spaces, where high ceilings, open floor plans, and carefully selected materials create an atmosphere of sophistication and comfort. Each villa is a harmonious blend of modern amenities and traditional aesthetics, providing residents with a unique and charming living experience. The Spanish house designs at Spanish Villas by Icon not only reflect a commitment to architectural excellence but also contribute to the overall allure of this exclusive community.

Modern, sleek designs comes with room for customization in Spanish Villas by Icon

Facilities to Cater to Your Fancies

Immerse yourself in an iconic lifestyle driven by modern-day features at Icon Club, the heartbeat of luxury within the Spanish Villas by Icon. Designed to redefine family living, these world-class amenities are crafted to elevate your experience and create cherished memories. Within this exclusive townhouse enclave, residents have access to a diverse range of features:

  • Swimming Pool: Dive into leisure and relaxation in our pristine swimming pool.
  • Gym: Stay fit and healthy with state-of-the-art fitness facilities.
  • Bowling Alley: Enjoy quality leisure time with family and friends in our bowling alley.
  • Basketball Court: Indulge in your favourite sports activity on our basketball court.
  • Rock Climbing: Experience adventure and fitness with our rock climbing facilities.
  • Mini Golf: Sharpen your golfing skills in our meticulously designed mini-golf area.
  • In-House Restaurant: Delight your taste buds with culinary delights without leaving the community.
  • Sauna: Unwind and relax in the soothing ambience of our sauna.
  • Kids Play Area: Watch your children create lasting memories in our dedicated play area.
  • Event Hall: Host memorable gatherings and celebrations in our versatile event hall.
  • Cigar Lounge: Find a sophisticated space to unwind and socialize in our cigar lounge.
  • Prayer Area: Foster spiritual well-being in our thoughtfully designed prayer space.
  • Rooftop Area: Enjoy panoramic views and serene moments in our rooftop enclave.
  • Secure Gated Community: Experience peace of mind with our secure gated entry.
  • Dedicated Car Parking: Convenient parking spaces exclusively for residents.
  • 24/7 Security and CCTV Surveillance: Your safety is our priority, with continuous monitoring.
  • Power Backup: Uninterrupted living with reliable power backup systems.
  • Smart Surveillance: Cutting-edge technology ensures a secure and smart living environment.
  • Electricity & Sewerage: Hassle-free utility services for your convenience.
  • Family Park: Green spaces for relaxation and community bonding.
  • Wide and Carpeted Roads: Navigating through the community is smooth and comfortable.

At Spanish Villas by Icon, the Icon Club amenities promise not just a residence but a lifestyle that blends opulence, recreation, and community spirit seamlessly.

Buy Your Spanish Villa by Icon Today!

Spanish Villas by Icon emerges not only as a symbol of luxury living but as a sound investment choice, backed by the reputable partnership with Zameen.com, official recognition, a prime location on Lahore’s bustling Raiwind Road, and the promise of substantial capital gains. Secure your future by investing in a project that combines opulence with financial prudence. You can start by reaching out to us via the attached web form or WhatsApp, and our experts will guide you through the process and answer any questions you might have. For the latest updates on projects by Icon Developers, stay tuned to Zameen Blog.


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