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Complete Guide to Jhelum Postal Codes is Here


Jhelum, a city with a substantial population and diverse neighbourhoods, relies on an efficient postal code system to facilitate swift and accurate mail delivery. This ensures that mail reaches its intended recipient promptly. To assist senders in correctly addressing their mail, we have compiled an informative blog post detailing the postal codes of Jhelum.

Jhelum Postal Codes 2023

Jhelum’s primary city is assigned the postal code 49600, but various areas within Jhelum have distinct postal codes. To determine the specific postal code for your locality, you can consult the Pakistan Post website or reach out to your nearby post office. Here is the structured list of postal codes for Jhelum:

Area-based Postal Codes

Location Postal Code
Adrana 49304
Alliance Textile Mills 49610
Bakrala 49260
Bangial 49330
Bara Gran 49350
Baragowah 49320
Baral Colony 49420
Bilal Town 49620
Bishan Dore 49250
Budhair 49410
Chak Akka 49460
Chak Daulat 49520
Chak Jani 49102
Chakri 49730
Chotala 49710
Dandot Railway Station 49064
Dhaiwal 49200
Dharyala Jalap 49080
Dhoke Bidder 49720
Dhudhi Thall 49000
Dial 49310
Dina 49400
Diwani Hazoori 49240
Domeli 49300
Garh Mahal 49360
Gharibwal Cement 49090
Haran Pur 49050
Jalal Pur Sharif 49120
Jamarghal 49750
Jammu Kashmir Muhajir Colony 49480
Jandala 49340
Jhelum G.P.O. 49600
Kakrala 49326
Kala 49500
Kala Gujran 49490
KhalasPur 49740
Khewra 49060
Khukha 49380
Kundwal 49010
Lehri 49270
Lilla 49020
Maira (Jhelum) 49510
Mangla Cantt 49430
Nagial 49324
Nagial Chamkown Valley 49122
Padhri 49328
Pari Darweza 49210
Pinanwal 49100
Pind Dadan Khan 49040
Pindi Saidpur 49110
Rohtas 49370
Sagri 49390
Sanghoi 49700
Saroba 49024
Sauwal 49070
Sohawa 49230
Surg Dhan 49220
Tahlian Wala 49608
Tarkai 49280
Tobah 49030
Toor 49712
Wagh 49130

Why Postal Codes are Important?

Postal codes, also known as ZIP codes serve several important purposes:

  • Efficient Mail Sorting and Delivery

Postal codes play a crucial role in the efficient sorting and delivery of mail. They help postal services quickly identify the destination of mail and route it accordingly. This is especially important in large cities and densely populated areas.

Postal codes help geographically segment areas, making it easier for businesses, government agencies, and organizations to target specific regions for various purposes, such as marketing campaigns, resource allocation, and demographic analysis.

  • Emergency Services and Public Safety

Emergency services use postal codes to quickly locate and respond to incidents. Police, fire departments, and medical services can use postal codes to identify the exact location of an emergency, ensuring a timely and accurate response.

This comprehensive list serves as a valuable resource for anyone sending mail to Jhelum. For more insights into postal codes across Pakistan and the postal service, explore our guides.

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