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Commercial Property Launch of ISB’s Grand Venture| Zameen Blog


One of the highly anticipated mixed-use mega-scale real estate ventures in DHA Islamabad, Zameen Ace Mall, has announced its Commercial Property Launch, creating a buzz in the market. Why has the project garnered so much interest, you ask? Primarily, it is due to the sheer scale of the project, the credible reputation of Zameen Developments, and the comprehensive investment package it offers for potential investors.

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In this blog, we will rehash the scope of the project and enlist the reasons why an investment here might just be what you need to enhance your property portfolio:

Zameen Ace Mall: A Brief Overview

Zameen Ace Mall stands as a 14-storey marvel in the heart of DHA Islamabad, boasting a state-of-the-art design that combines a lavish mall, deluxe hotel, and sleek residential complex. Approved by DHA Islamabad, this ambitious project showcases contemporary European architecture and hosts an expansive hypermart, providing an unparalleled avenue for both local and international brands. Residents and guests benefit from multiple entry points and reserved parking for apartment and hotel occupants. The earthquake-resistant structure incorporates cutting-edge technology, featuring central temperature control and AI-supported power conservation systems for a modern and secure environment. Overall, the entire project is designed and constructed to exude the subtle charm of ultramodern luxury.

Commercial Property Launch of Zameen Ace Mall

Zameen Ace Mall is orchestrating its lucrative Commercial Property Launch on November 25 between 10 AM to 5 PM. This free-for-all event is being held at Zameen Ace Mall’s project site in DHA Phase 2, Sector J in Islamabad. You can visit the event and find out the scope of investment from market experts and determine whether it’s the right move for you.

The commercial inventory of the project is categorized into the following options in an attempt to create specialized commercial spaces on designated floors, delivering a seamless experience for shoppers:

•             Hyper Square Floor

•             Main Prime Floor

•             Grand Marketplace Floor

•             Film & Feast Courts Floor

•             Hotel High Street Floor

The shops on these floors are up for sale at market-competitive rates. It is a limited chance for savvy investors to secure their assets in one of the most brilliant real estate ventures of the twin cities.

zameen ace mall is an ideal investment option in DHA Phase II Islamabad
Zameen Ace Mall is an ideal investment option in DHA Phase II, Islamabad

A remarkable investment with prime location & premium amenities

Strategically located in DHA Phase-II, Sector J, Islamabad, Zameen Ace Mall enjoys proximity to Bahria Town, Naval Anchorage, and the PWD Housing Scheme. Beyond its prime location, Zameen Ace Mall offers an array of unmatched amenities, including a fine dining deck, multiplex cinema, hypermart, health and wellness club, play area, gaming arcade, Margalla Viewing Deck, and exclusive patios for hotel apartments. With conference and meeting rooms, concierge service, 3-floor basement parking for over 800 vehicles, round-the-clock security, and power backup, the project ensures a seamless experience for residents and visitors alike.

Investors will find Zameen Ace Mall particularly enticing, with a guaranteed annual rental yield of 12%. The project aligns with the robust real estate market trends, as the average price of property units has multiplied in flattering percentages over the recent years.

Zameen Ace Mall's gigantic Atrium
Upon completion, Zameen Ace Mall is going to be one of the most extravagant malls in Islamabad

Book your commercial unit today!

As the demand for mixed-use developments continues to surge in Pakistan, now is an opportune moment to consider investing in Zameen Ace Mall. The construction of this remarkable project is advancing swiftly, with limited units selling out rapidly, offering investors a distinctive and time-sensitive opportunity.

Interested in securing your unit in Zameen Ace Mall? The process is straightforward! Just complete the form located at the top right (on desktop) or the bottom (on mobile) of this page, and a representative from Zameen.com will promptly reach out to guide you through the investment process.

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