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Cape Verde Launches Major Infrastructure Programme


The government of Cape Verde officially launched its Improving Connectivity and Urban Infrastructure programme at a ceremony 26 January.
The programme is being supported with US$40 million in funding from the World Bank. It aims to improve transport connectivity and climate resilience on the archipelago, with a particular focus on supporting isolated communities, improving access to tourist attractions and providing economic opportunities for small businesses.
More than 64 projects have been proposed under the programme. They include projects to rehabilitate urban centres and neighbourhoods, the regeneration of historic centres, the rehabilitation of seafront areas, constructing and upgrading roads with high agricultural and tourism impact potential and the rehabilitation of fishing docks.
Several first mover projects have been prioritised including the upgrading of the Rincão and Achada Igreja urban areas; the upgrading of the Queimada Guincho, Praia Baixo and Tarrafal de São Nicolau waterfronts; the urban and environmental rehabilitation of Fernando Pó and Covada de Bruxa; and the rehabilitation of the Ribeira Brava historical centre and the urban centre of João Teves. The roads prioritised for rehabilitation are the Pingo Chuva-Saltos/Arribada route and the Fundura/Ribeira Barca road.
In June, the local Ambiconsult and Portugal’s Biodesign were contracted to conduct the environmental and social impact assessment for the Pingo Chuva-Saltos/Arribada and the Fundura/Ribeira Barca roads and the rehabilitation of Achada Igreja. The technical studies for these jave already been completed.
The works contract for rehabilitation of the Fundura/Ribeira Barca road is expected to be tendered in February and will be open to international firms, likewise the consultancy contract to supervise the construction of the Pingo Chuva-Saltos/Arribada road.
The Improving Connectivity and Urban Infrastructure programme also includes the development of an expressway between Praia and Tarrafal using a public-private partnership (PPP) concession and the privatisation of the Cabnave shipyard.
In September, a joint venture of France’s Nodalis and Setec was awarded a Euro181,321 contract to conduct the pre-feasibility study for Praia-Tarrafal PPP concession. The request for expressions of interest was issued in April 2023. The six-month study entails a cost-benefit analysis of the highway project, possible route alternatives and a financial assessment of the PPP options. The PPP options include with and without user-tolls.
Canada’s CPCS Transcom was appointed in October to define the privatisation strategy for the Cabnave shipyard under a five-month contract. Previously, in 2015, the government invited expressions of interest in a 20-year concession to rehabilitate, maintain and operate the shipyard. The shipyard on the island of São Vicente dates back to the early 1980s and occupies 10 hectares. It is equipped with a transversal slipway platform and also has six shipways.
Photo: Praia city, Cape Verde (©Sam74100 | Dreamstime)


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