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Business Connect Event by Zameen.com Reached New Heights


A Short Intro

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Step into the vibrant world of Zameen.com’s Business Connect Event, Lahore Y’23, where connections were forged and the real estate realm illuminated in a strategic move that unfolded at the prestigious Bahria Grand Hotel & Resort Canal Bank Road, on December 13, 2023.

About Gathering

This exclusive gathering was not just an event; it was a dynamic platform that brought together 70 influential affiliates, each a cornerstone in the success of Zameen.com’s game-changing projects – Zameen Jade, Smart City, Q-High Street, and Garden City.

Tax Reforms, PROMOS, Projects Highlight – All in One

Kicking off the day was a power-packed session on “Tax Reforms & PROMOs”, led by the insightful Agha Sultan. In a swift 15 minutes, Agha unravelled the latest tax reforms, ground-breaking initiatives, and streamlined operations. It was not your run-of-the-mill talk; it delved into the nitty-gritty of Withholding Taxes, Capital Gain Taxes on immovable properties, and Zameen.com’s exclusive promotional offers for associates.

Furthermore, Atta Gulzar and the team for the mesmerizing “Touch the Projects” session – a 30-minute journey into the heart of Zameen Jade, Smart City, Q-High Street, and Garden City. Every detail was meticulously highlighted, but the spotlight burned brightest on the architectural brilliance and promising future of Zameen Jade, leaving the audience in sheer awe.

The event hit its peak with a compelling “Closure Note” from Director Project Sales Basil Hafeez, lasting 15 minutes. This thoughtful note was not just a conclusion; it was a wrap-up, summarising the key takeaways and underscoring the pivotal role Zameen.com’s affiliates play in shaping the future of these monumental projects.

Closing Remarks

Post these enriching sessions, a well-deserved break unfolded, accompanied by a delectable lunch, fostering an atmosphere of camaraderie and meaningful networking among the 70 esteemed attendees. For a visual recap of the event that buzzed with energy and insights, below is the image that limns blissful glimpses from the event

As we continue to push the boundaries in the real estate sector, keep your eyes peeled for more updates on Zameen.com’s revolutionary projects and the insightful events that define our journey.

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