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Welcome to Ahmed Construction Company – your partner for innovative and high-quality construction. From residential to commercial projects, we turn dreams into reality with precision and reliability. Building a future of excellence, one project at a time.

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Best Architectural Services in Pakistan Design + Build

Architecture Services in Pakistan

Construction firm ACCO, situated in Pakistan’s Lahore, is rapidly expanding. We provide top architects in Pakistan with fabrication, interior design, and interior decoration services for residential, institutional, and commercial structures. By providing top-notch engineering and construction solutions within set timelines and price ranges, we want to carve out a niche in the market. Since our establishment in 1999, we have developed upscale residential and commercial projects, like Commercial Plaza Design Construction, Hospital Design, and Construction, Industrial Shed Designing, Wastewater Treatment Plant Designing, etc., and we also offer full-service construction solutions. ACCO has amassed more than 20 years of beneficial experience in the field of a civil and commercial buildings.

One of the greatest construction companies in Lahore, Pakistan, is known as the best architect in Lahore, Islamabad.  The ACCO is a one-stop shop for housing and building services and offers high-quality construction services backed by years of industry experience. With the best team of contractors and architects in Lahore, we have established ourselves as one of the top building construction businesses in Pakistan. Hire the best construction firm in Lahore and a seasoned general contractor in Lahore who can oversee every part of a project, including the whole design and engineering process.

What We Offer  

ACCO company specializes in the planning and design of structures that maximize available space to produce lovely, useful spaces for habitation and entertaining. Depending on the needs of the client, we provide civil construction, commercial building, industrial plants, interior design and decoration, building renovation, renovation, and landscaping services. Along with fully managing projects, we also handle the land selection, pre-construction feasibility testing, planning and development, building, and project commissioning. By exceeding their expectations and earning their trust with our superior engineering and construction services, we establish long-lasting partnerships with our clients. The following are services we provide in Architecture Services.

Building Design

The competent and effective creation of designs for new buildings or renovations that satisfactorily address the space planning and design needs of a customer. As we provide Building Design Services in Lahore Pakistan. Intertek offers comprehensive services to assist our clients in reducing risk, controlling costs, and ensuring a well-designed project. Intertek draws on its experience in the industry, significant projects, and distinctive product testing and certification skills.


Our architects, engineers, and scientists provide services from the pre-design stage to the end of the project. They have full BIM and Revit capabilities and can assist you with your integrated project delivery (IPD) and lean design. We also provide value-engineering services to help designers choose the most suitable and efficient systems and materials.

Facility/Building Analysis Existing

Conditions Report: Assessment of an existing building, together with its walls, windows, roofs, floor plans, room layouts, equipment, and building science audits, results in a comprehensive report of the conclusions.

Interior Designing Services

A person who designs investigates, coordinates, and supervises such improvement projects is known as an interior designer and ACCO is the best one and provides the best interior designer in Lahore for you that you can get the ultimate home Designing Service from ACCO as the interior designing includes following.

  • Design plans.
  • Suggestions from experts.
  • Scheduling and estimating a project.
  • Administration of the contract and site execution
  • A sustainable style site evaluation compares the intended layout with the available space.
  • The demands of the client.
  • Identify safety hazards and code requirements.
  • Synchronization of data.
  • Possibility analyses.

Assistance with Contractor Selection/Construction Administration

Expert and knowledgeable guidance in the selection of capable General Contractors or Construction Managers. Creating competitive tendering packages, reviewing bids, providing advice for awarding bids, creating owner-contractor agreements, and managing construction are a few examples of this.

Structural Designing Services

The demanding inspection of the constancy, asset, and toughness of constructions is recognized as the structural design. The main goal of structural analysis and design is to create a structure that can withstand all applied loads without failing for the duration of that structure’s specified life. ACCO presents the best Structural Designing Services in Lahore in Pakistan. The term “structure” in the built environment refers to anything that is made of interconnected pieces or that is erected with a fixed location on the ground. In addition to houses, this also covers any structure built to support loads even if it is not meant for human habitation (engineers frequently refer to these as “non-building” constructions like bridges and tunnels). You can get Concrete Structure Design Services in Lahore Pakistan by ACCO homes.

Best House Design Architecture Service

The building and construction industries plan and handle the house-building services. Depending on their areas of competence, they have a variety of structures and shapes. The best builders typically do their work outside in harsh environments. As we make sure to make our team the Best House Design Architects in Lahore.

The group needs to work on equipment as part of construction and house-building services. As you are aware, a function is someone who completes the entire housing project by themselves. As a crew that is capable of doing a variety of tasks in the home services and stays on-site throughout the project. the best worker with some construction experience. A talented professional who works with wood is a woodworker.

Why Choose Us

As a top Architectural Designing Service company, By redesigning the spaces where we live and work, we hope to better the lives of those who inhabit them. A studio is a cooperative group of landscape, and interior designers in Lahore, and architectural designers. We work on projects of all sizes, from furniture to custom residences and business ventures. In our job, the environment’s impact is a crucial factor. We approach sustainability with a research-based, fabric-first strategy that carefully weighs the embodied energy of materials and the functionality of our buildings in use.

ACCO make sure to help you in all regards as

  • Rapid regulatory approval with trustworthy testing and certification
  • Using total quality assurance throughout your supply chain, you may enter almost any market quickly and effectively.
  • By taking a creative approach to upholding social accountability criteria
  • By lowering costs and lowering hazards to one’s health, safety, and security

Contact Us

To get the best architectural services to choose ACCO as our professionals are experienced and make ACCO one of the best architectural firms in Lahore, contact us or visit our website http://www.acco.com.pk/ to get in touch with our experts.

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