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BCE Islamabad Turned Out to be a Great Success


In a dedicated effort to illuminate the intricate tapestry of Islamabad’s real estate landscape, Zameen.com once again took centre stage with its profound Business Connect Event series. On the significant date of October 19, 2023, Jacaranda Family Club, Club Avenue, Sector E, DHA Phase II, Islamabad, bore witness to a brilliant event. This gathering transcended mere interaction; it served as a nexus, intended to carve new avenues for Zameen Affiliates. Their purpose was clear: to equip these associates with indispensable tools, enabling them not just to survive but to thrive in the fiercely competitive real estate arena, thus augmenting their revenue streams to unprecedented heights.

Networking and Business Growth: Delving into the Core of Islamabad’s BCE

Zameen.com, a vanguard in the real estate sector, introduced its ground-breaking affiliate program years ago, inviting both novices and seasoned experts into a unique partnership. This visionary initiative grants affiliates exclusive rights to market and vend projects, bestowing upon them a distinctive advantage. The Business Connect Event in Islamabad, held this year, brought together 90 affiliates, offering them an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse into the intricate workings of Zameen.com. The objective was nothing short of profound: acquaint these affiliates with the innermost intricacies of Zameen.com, endow them with vital resources to amplify their monthly earnings, and present a myriad of compelling projects they could actively engage in.

A group photo of the team Zameen.com at the Business Connect Event (BCE) in Islamabad.

Sessions Crafted for Empowerment

The event comprised thoughtfully curated sessions, each focusing on empowering the affiliates. Commencing with a warm welcome from Zameen.com’s esteemed management team, the event plunged into an introduction to the organization, elucidating its values, strengths, and the visionary ethos underpinning the Zameen Affiliate Program. Having CEOs from 90 different agencies tagged with Zameen.com’s team graced the event even more.

Following these foundational insights was the enlightening “Tax Reforms & PROMOs” session, steered by the knowledgeable Mr. Agha Sultan. This segment provided indispensable insights into new tax reforms, pioneering initiatives, and streamlined operations. Details on Withholding Taxes, Capital Gain Taxes on immovable properties, and Zameen.com’s exclusive promotional offers for associates were presented.

The introduction of a flat 5% agency service fee undoubtedly sparked enthusiasm among potential investors, as it meant a transparent and straightforward pricing structure. This fee structure, without any hidden costs or complicated calculations, provided a clear understanding to both buyers and sellers, fostering trust and confidence in the Zameen Ace Mall project.

After the completion of the initial 30% down payment and the signing of the Sales Purchase Agreement (SPA), agencies were guaranteed prompt service fee processing. This commitment to swift payments demonstrated a deep understanding of the value of the agencies’ contributions and the importance of recognizing their efforts in a timely manner.

Subsequently, the spotlight turned to Zameen.com’s ongoing projects in the enlightening “Touch the Projects” session, where Mr. Rizwan and Mr. Fakhar emphasised the profound significance of these developments as Pakistan’s premier real estate offerings. The highly anticipated event was nothing short of a spectacle as the spotlight fell upon the grandeur of the Zameen Ace Mall project.

With meticulous attention to detail, the project was presented before the eager audience, leaving everyone in awe of its architectural brilliance and promising future. The presenter, with unparalleled eloquence and expertise, took the audience on a mesmerizing journey through the intricacies of Zameen Ace Mall, providing a comprehensive and detailed insight into its various facets. Additionally, Zameen.com revealed bespoke service fee structures, surpassing industry norms and underscoring the remarkable achievements of the Zameen Affiliates program.

The event culminated with an eloquent Q&A session and management address from Director Project Sales Basil Hafeez and Head of Acquisition (North) Rehan Agha, followed by Zameen-sponsored hi-tea, fostering meaningful networking and collaboration among the esteemed attendees.

Seamless Access and Further Exploration

To enhance accessibility, Zameen.com’s application is readily available for both Android and iOS users on the Google Play Store and App Store. For those eager to delve deeper into the exclusive projects marketed by Zameen.com, a treasure trove of profound insights awaits on the Zameen Blog, Pakistan’s premier real estate repository.


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