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All The Keys To The Correct Design And Planning Of An Operating Theatre


All The Keys To The Correct Design And Planning Of An Operating Theatre: By ACCO Architects,  To Design a Hospital Operating Theatre in Pakistan, USA and UK

If you’ve ever been to a hospital, you know how well the administration keeps the complex housing the operating rooms immaculate. It needs to encourage cleanliness and safety. Because of this, designing operating rooms in hospitals typically requires more time than designing other sections. Modern operating rooms are available from “ACCO ARCHITECTS” for speedy installation and setup.

Here, we’ll go over some of the key planning and design factors that affect the construction of an operating room.

Things to think about when creating and planning an operating room for a hospital.
The following are a few things you need to think about when setting up an operating room.


Operating rooms at hospitals are typically built with easy access from the main building. Additionally, the location must make it simple to move essential biomedical equipment and surgical equipment.

Enough Space For The Components:

Every OT has buildings that are suitable for the medical equipment needed for the facility. Therefore, it is crucial to take into account the type of wiring, outlets, and suitable locations for each piece of equipment.

Zone Segregation:

 Verify that the space allotted will accommodate the necessary zones for your operating theatre complex. But you might need to have everything prepared in advance if you built a sturdy OT fixed with the rest of the structure.

Emergency Exits: 

A hospital facility is required to have emergency exits on each level by safety regulations. In an emergency, it makes it easier for patients to move around.


Both the staff and the patients’ health depend on adequate ventilation. After all, the goal of an operating room complex should be the patient’s recovery.

Additionally, you need to keep the room’s temperature at ideal levels. Additionally, you must prepare for the installation of air filters to keep outside contaminants from entering the clean room.

Operation Theater’s Basic Design Plans:

Operating rooms can be constructed using a wide variety of designs. However, NABH emphasized that all of those designs have to adhere to the operating room design standards. Additionally, most patterns are variations on some of the basic styles listed below.

There are two types of the central corridor plan. As follows:

Racetrack Design: 

This layout features an operation room on each side of a central corridor. The exterior corridor is where you enter the OT. The back exits to the operating rooms are where you can get the medical supplies.
The primary entrance for the OTs and the supply closet are located in a central corridor.

Plan for a peripheral corridor:

This layout eases traffic along the corridor. The OT’s back entrance, which opens to a main equipment and supplies area, is where the staff members retrieve supplies. While additional traffic moves through the outside corridor.

Plan For Speciality Grouping:

 In this type of layout, the operating rooms are situated close to a speciality department. For instance, a neurosurgery OT is close to where a neurosurgical team with particular medical equipment is located.

“HDA ARCHITECTS” provides comprehensive healthcare architectural design services for a variety of healthcare facility types, from small scale day-care/primary healthcare centres to large scale multi-speciality, tertiary & quaternary-level healthcare delivery facilities. This is done with the help of a dedicated team of healthcare design architects, medical programmers, interior designers, and other healthcare professionals.

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