Zameen YouTube Channel Crosses 2 Million Monthly Views

In this post has crossed over 111 million views on YouTube since it was created in October 2014. Since its inception in 2006, has established itself as the pioneer property portal of Pakistan, leading the way for rapid digitization of an otherwise traditional real estate market. Over the years, the property portal has expanded its outreach on various social media platforms, however, the viewership of Zameen YouTube Channel, in particular, is a testament to the success of the property portal in the digital realm.

With more than 100 videos added to the YouTube stream daily, the channel provides the latest news from Pakistan’s property sector, key investment opportunities in major metropolitan areas, exclusive property tours, and developers’ testimonials on the property sector.

If you want to learn about the latest developments in Pakistan’s property landscape, subscribe to Zameen YouTube Channel right now!

Let’s explore the channel in detail.

Sit Through Virtual Zameen Property Tours

If you’ve ever looked at a television advertisement of a house or apartment, you must have wondered how it would look if you walked in. Would the surrounding areas be equally lush green, the floors sparkling, and the countertops finished to perfection? For most people, the interior layouts, use of space, and ratio of bedrooms to bathrooms is a major concern which stops them from purchasing property online.

In order to bridge the gap between people’s perception of properties on the basis of TVCs, has launched Zameen Property Tours, a dedicated segment for in-depth virtual tours, on their youtube channel. These walk-in tours are conducted by experts who provide you an in-depth look at properties, which could be anything from a home in a lovely neighbourhood or a luxuriously-designed apartment in an upcoming property venture.

As you sit in front of your screens to browse through properties, our professionals help you get an idea of how to decorate your home, once you move in. Zameen Property Tours are perfect for interior designers and architects who want to know all about the latest trends, and how to make the most use of space in homes. With these videos, there’s a lot to understand about the property landscape in terms of design and overall layout.

If you are interested in investing in exclusively-marketed projects by, Zameen Property Tours are the best platform for you.

Latest Property Updates

Moreover, these tours are expanded for exclusively-marketed housing societies and apartment complexes as well. Our expert reviews the overall facilities and amenities provided, such as open and commercial spaces, location of the society and its accessibility from the city’s main roads.

These are extensive project overviews that give you on-spot information about the latest developments taking place in the up and coming realty projects, and address all concerns about development schedules, giving investors and genuine buyers a clear idea of the project.

Moreover, you’ll also find regular updates of these projects. As development work continues at the projects’ sites, videos of development status are regularly published on Zameen YouTube Channel to inform genuine buyers and investors about all the latest work that is underway. If you have already invested in a project that is being exclusively marketed by, watch the space for the latest development updates on the projects.

If you want to know more about where property developers are headed and what to expect from them in the months to come, you can find a dedicated feed on testimonials. Apart from the latest update on their ongoing projects, these conversations with dialogues highlight all that can be expected from the real estate market as a whole, and from different cities. For investors, Zameen YouTube Channel brings useful insights on the property market that helps in making an informed decision. Those who’re looking for homes can browse the channel for different listings and get a better understanding of prices in different neighborhoods and cities. For your convenience, the channel has separate playlists for popular projects that can help you narrow down your choices.

Up Close Property Listings

Our extensive property listings take on a more visually-appealing role through individual house tours. These drone-shot videos give prospective buyers a clear idea about the exterior decor and style elevation, and open green spaces, if any.

For the interiors, videos on Zameen YouTube Channel are shot and posted after our professionals complete the decor with specially-curated pieces in line with ongoing trends. This helps you decide on the aesthetic of your house once you move in.

Our team of experts ensure every angle of the house is properly covered so the buyers can check off their preferences and shortlist the houses they would want to visit in person. This saves up buyers’ time and makes the entire process a lot more efficient.

With TVCs, property tours, testimonials, and teasers of all that is up and coming in Pakistan’s real estate market, Zameen YouTube Channel has got it all! Subscribe now and gain access to Pakistan’s sole property channel and tap into a vast pool of info.

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