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Zameen Property Sales Event In Lahore — November 2021


The journey of Zameen.com’s Property Sales Event to different cities of the country continues and once again, the people of Lahore will see a splendid property show. The Zameen Property Sales Event in Lahore is scheduled to be held on November 13 to 14, 2021, at Cultural Hall, PC Hotel Lahore where more than 30 projects will set up stalls. The demand for quality and profitable real estate is increasing and Zameen.com hosts this particular event to provide a single platform where buyers cannot only shop for the desired properties but also get to meet the developers and property experts and acquire valuable information.

By the end of this blog you will have a fair understanding of the event flow, kinds of projects you can explore as potential investments and reasons why you must attend this property show. So, let’s begin.

About Property Sales Event In Lahore  

Invitation of PSE Lahore

Lahore is among the biggest cities in the country and with people moving from smaller cities to the metropolis for better opportunities, the demand for residential units has increased. More and more property developers are entering the market of real estate to build projects that not only provide the desired lifestyle to residents but also provide lucrative investment options.

With a massive count of over 200 exclusive, safe and lucrative projects across the country, Zameen.com holds the privilege of bringing these newer and better investment deals to the buyers and investors. At previous Property Sales Events in Lahore, not only the foot count of buyers with the intention to explore investment solutions was enormous but also the number of people actually interested in buying on the spot.

The buyers will have over 30 different projects to scout the right type of property that fulfils their requirements. The projects are not all the same in fact, there are various types of inventories that you will find. From residential plots to apartments and commercial plots to retail outlets, there is every type of property that investors can possibly look for.

What PSE Lahore Has In Store For You

The two-day property extravaganza is arranged on a large scale to not only showcase a wide array of property options to buyers in search of homes and investment opportunities, but also for helping them make an informed decision, with the help of real estate experts. All in all, Zameen.com aims to provide a holistic experience to visitors. 

The success of these events can be easily gauged on the basis of the ever-growing crowds that throng these events. At every stall, developers and dedicated property experts are present to explain the details of the inventory, including features and facilities of the project. This is a unique opportunity for all buyers to directly meet developers and ask them about everything—approvals, location, access, delivery timeline, possession, etc—regarding their projects. In addition, representatives will also be able to guide the buyers regarding the significance of the project and the benefits of investing in a unit.

More often than not, prospective buyers are either unsure or uninformed about the current trends in the property sector. This is the part where your visit to the Property Sales Event in Lahore can be useful. Experts at these events guide visitors with updated information to maintain transparency and reliability of the information.

In order to get a better understanding of a project, there is also a facility to get its virtual tour. In addition to written information and pictures of the project, you’ll get to experience a 3D demonstration of how the building will actually look like and the facilities it offers. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

stalls at pse lahore
Developers and property experts will be present at different stalls

Even more amazing is the fact that at the Property Sales Event in Lahore, visitors who are sure and ready to make investments can also avail event-exclusive discounts, the kinds that are impossible to get on any property. 

Types Of Projects On Display

Projects of various sizes at different locations in the city with diverse inventory options will be on offer at the Property Sales Event in Lahore. Broadly, these can be segregated into three different categories:

  • Residential properties
  • Commercial properties
  • Mixed-use projects

Before we get into the details of each of these categories and projects that you can find at the event, there is something that will definitely interest you.

FBR Registered Projects

There are some real estate projects that are registered with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and are safe and secure investment opportunities. Some of these projects will also be on display at PSE Lahore. Their registration with the FBR is an added benefit for buyers and investors because this grants immunity to all investors from disclosing their sources of income. This immunity was granted under the prime minister’s package for the construction industry. Some of the projects registered with FBR are as follow:

Residential Properties

There are some projects that only offer residential units. Many developers are now focused on building efficient and fully-facilitated vertical gated communities that only offer residential apartments and hotel apartments. While apartment buildings are the new trend, people are also still interested in investing in residential plots and houses. So, at PSE Lahore, a mix of both types of residential units will be available and you can check out the following projects for such properties:

Commercial Properties

properties on offer
Properties of different types and in different areas will be on offer at PSE Lahore

For investors who are looking to diversify their investment portfolio for better returns in the future or businesses looking for commercial outlets for better reach and exposure, there are projects for you too. Check out stalls of the following projects on your visit to PSE Lahore:

Mixed-use Projects

Mixed-use projects are usually vertical developments that have both residential and commercial properties. The new developments in big metropolises are usually mixed-use projects that have a shopping mall or office space on lower floors and residential apartments and hotel apartments on upper floors. Here are a few projects that you can explore: 

This blog is but just a glimpse into what you will be able to see and experience at the Property Sales Event in Lahore. The real deal will be a lot more grand and exciting. So, mark your calendars for November 13 to 14 and don’t miss out on the opportunity to find your dream property at discounted prices.

For more information, you can write to us at blog@zameen.com and don’t forget to subscribe to Zameen Newsletter. For more property related updates in Pakistan, keep reading Zameen Blog.



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