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Ever since its inception in 2006, — Pakistan’s leading real estate enterprise — has been dedicated in its pursuit to bring innovation to the country’s property sector. Keeping in line with its commitment to modernise the traditional property sale and purchase culture, the company has launched multiple initiatives, the latest of which is a 4k video production service called Zameen Property Tours (ZPT).

Pakistan Real Estate Sector’s Best Professional Videography Service

ZPT is the latest effort of to facilitate real estate enthusiasts, developers, buyers, and investors. Under this service, expert hosts visit our clients’ project site to offer an in-depth review and analysis for Zameen’s considerably large audience. These tours portray the projects as per the vision of the developers to emphasise the properties’ best aspects. ZPT videos provide 4k depictions of your property’s story as it rises from the ground, to become the next iconic landmark in the neighbourhood.

As a Danish architect once said, ‘Nothing in this world is more simple and more cheap than making cities that provide better for people’, Zameen,com believes in highlighting the work of all those developers who are working to make their cities more beautiful than they originally found them — one building at a time.

Why Book Zameen Property Tours Services?

Each builder and developer that has an eye for art and the heart of a storyteller needs to sign up for this service. For more practical developers, it is an excellent business move, because conventional media is slowly being replaced by social media and video content is its most popular tool. With the right language and appropriate coverage, you can create a significant buzz in the market. Our professional service can help you reach your target audience in a more streamlined manner. Moreover, it will be the highest-quality portfolio that will highlight the careers of all involved.

Given the recent trend of vertical developments and the boom in the construction sector, more such projects are entering the market each day — providing more options to buyers. To get the attention of these buyers, the developers will need to go that extra mile and ZPT is how you do it.

What are the features of Zameen Property Tours?

With this professional video production, the clients will get:

  • Aerial videography of the site
  • A review of the payment plan
  • Buyer, seller & developer interviews
  • Easily sharable videos with 100% ownership rights
  • Improved leads by 50%
  • 4x more visibility & better lead generation
  • Exclusive coverage on all platforms of

These are but a few short-term advantages that you can get with Zameen Property Tours. However, this service will be a timeless investment in the long run as it can be used/repurposed again and again for multiple platforms and increased viewership.

How to sign up for these tours?

In the initial phase, there are only limited number of slots available under this service. If you wish to have your project recognised and appreciated in the best possible manner, you can call the helpline 0800-92633 to book your slot today.

For more such information, keep on following Zameen Blog, the largest real estate blog in Pakistan.

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