What is the Rehmatul-Lil Alameen Scholarship & How Can You Apply For It?

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Pakistani students are some of the brightest in the world. In order to facilitate these students, there are a number of scholarship programmes that students can apply to. Recently, Prime Minister Imran Khan has launched Rehmatul-Lil Alameen Scholarship Programme. This scholarship program will help students who belong to underprivileged segments of society gain access to intermediate and undergraduate education. Let’s explore this in more detail.

About The Rehmatul-Lil Alameen Scholarship Programme

All about Rehmatul-Lil Alameen Scholarship Program

The government has launched this program to help students who do not have access to undergraduate education, but are eager to expand their horizons. During the inauguration ceremony, while highlighting the importance of education, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that no society can progress without education. 

This scholarship program has been established as a large number of students in Pakistan do not continue their education after highschool. This high drop out rate adversely affects the country’s socio-economic development, which is what this scholarship wants to address. It wants to prepare students who can positively contribute towards the country’s economic growth, as well as maintain the rule of law. 

Let’s explore what this scholarship offers.

What Does Rehmatul-Lil Alameen Scholarship Program Offer?

Rehmatul-Lil Alameen Scholarship Program undergraduate scholarships
Rehmatul-Lil Alameen Scholarship Program for higher education

This scholarship program will be implemented in 129 public sector universities across the country. Initially, a budget of PKR 27.93 billion has been finalized for aiding students in education, and this amount will be disbursed over the next five years. The breakdown of the scholarship is such that PKR 5.5 billion will be spent in terms of 70,000 scholarships, annually. 

Independently, provinces have also pledged to carry out this scholarship program so that more students can be efficiently brought under the umbrella of this program. Punjab has approved an annual budget of PKR 1 billion, whereas Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has allocated PKR 427 million. 

As per details announced by PM Khan, the regulating bodies will ensure scholarships are disbursed on the basis of merit, so only those who truly deserve it, benefit from the program. Moreover, in order to bridge the gap between men and women’s access to education, a 50% quota has been allocated to award scholarships to women. An additional 2% quota, non-gender specific, will be in place for better-performing students. 

Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar announced the Rahmatul-Lil-Alameen scholarship in November 2020, and set up an amount of Rupees 50 crore for the program. The details of the scholarship program are mentioned below.

Rehmatul-Lil Alameen Scholarship Program For Punjab

Punjab's Rehmatul-Lil Alameen Scholarship Program
Rehmatul-Lil Alameen Scholarship Program in Punjab

The Rehmatul-Lil Alameen Scholarship Program in Punjab will be given annually to 14,891 students; 891 undergraduate students and 14,000 intermediate students. 

The eligibility criteria for this scholarship has been divided into three categories: SSC results, Needs Based, and Merit Based. Good result in SSC is mandatory to be eligible for the scholarship, however, additional criteria has been outlined for Needs and Merit Based Scholarships.

SSC Results Criteria

If students want to be eligible for the scholarship, these are the requirements they ought to fulfill: 

  • Students should have scored at least 60% marks in SSC Examinations from any Public Sector School, and have gotten admission in a Public Sector College within two years of clearing the SSC Examinations.
  • Students must not have secured any other scholarship at the time of applying for Rehmatul-lil Alameen Scholarship. 

The number of scholarships to students of Science and Humanities will be provided in the ratio of 60:40 respectively. 

Criteria For Needs-Based Scholarship 

  • The income of parents must not be greater than PKR 25000/- per month. 
  • The applicant’s immediate family should not have more than 5 acres of agricultural land or 5-marla in urban property.

These scholarships will be given to 50% applicants, while 10% of these have been reserved for the children of government employees (Grade 1 – 4)

Criteria for Merit-based Scholarship 

  • The Higher Education Department must have selected the candidate as the highest scorer from their respective district. 
  • Verification of this information is required from the data provided by the boards in Punjab through the Higher Education Punjab. 

For the students who get admission out of their district, calculation of their merit will be done on the basis of their district domicile. 

These are the latest updates on Rehmatul-lil Alameen Scholarship Program. For any queries, you can write to us at blog@zameen.com. Also, keep checking Pakistan’s largest property blog, Zameen Blog, for the latest news on Pakistan. 

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