What is Property Portfolio & What Are It’s Benefits

What is Property Portfolio?
Benefits of Strong Portfolio
Building a Solid Property Portfolio
Invest in Profitable Projects

The real estate industry is considered one of the most lucrative investment avenues in Pakistan—and rightfully so. Property markets all around the country have been witnessing upward price trends for the past few decades. 

Owing to the profitable nature of Pakistan’s real estate sector, not only local but also overseas investors take a keen interest in capitalising on investment opportunities available across the country. Luckily technology has overcome many of the major issues previously faced by the property sector. Platforms like Zameen.com have played a tremendous role in modernising the industry.

Whether you are a new or an experienced investor, you need to have a strong property portfolio to establish a successful real estate business in Pakistan. Wondering what is a property portfolio and how is it going to benefit you as an investor? We’ve got you covered. In this post, we have tried to answer all these questions in a detailed manner so make sure to read till the end.

What Is a Property Portfolio?

What Is a Property Portfolio
Your property portfolio is a collection of your real estate investments

A property portfolio is a collection of real estate investments made by an individual investor or an investment company. Your property portfolio is actually based on the properties that you purchase entirely for rental and investment purposes, not for your own use. 

Owning multiple properties would help you generate a significant return on your investment over a certain period of time. If you want to be a successful property investor, you need to treat it as a full-time career and capitalise on any opportunities available. 

Benefits and Importance of Property Portfolio for Investors

One of the biggest benefits of having a strong property portfolio is that it allows investors to diversify the scope of their real estate business. Also, investing in a wide range of properties naturally lowers the risk factor that is usually associated with real estate investing, as every property market performs differently.

Moreover, by investing in different neighbourhoods in the same or multiple cities, investors can generate substantial rental incomes on a short-term basis as well as lucrative returns on investment in the longer run. Even if some of their properties fail to translate into profitable outcomes, this loss could be easily covered by other real estate investments generating profits.

How Many Properties Are Required to Build a Solid Portfolio?

requirements for strong property portfolio
The more properties you invest in, the stronger your property portfolio will get

Well, no such benchmark has been defined in this regard. The more properties you invest in, the stronger your portfolio will be as a real estate investor. You should be at least an owner of three or maybe more than three investment properties to have a solid property portfolio in Pakistan.

How to Build a Strong Property Portfolio in Pakistan?

If you are a new entrant in the field of real estate investing, you need to take your time to do thorough research on the property sector.  Keep an eye out for new and rapidly evolving real estate trends in the country. Almost all the major cities of Pakistan are going through a major real estate investment shift from plot to high-rises.

Karachi, which is the largest city in Pakistan, has turned into a skyscraper city. Super-tall buildings in Karachi have turned the skyline of its urban landscape into a concrete jungle. Similarly, Pakistan’s second-largest city, Lahore is also witnessing aggressive upward development. 

Since high-rise and mid-rise developments have now been permitted by LDA in the city, Lahore is on its way to becoming the next big hub of tall buildings in the country. Keeping in view the recent popularity of vertical development trends, many well-known builders and development companies of the city have recently introduced mixed-use projects in Lahore to promote the concept of multipurpose buildings, paving grounds for a sustainable future of the city.

Expand Your Property Portfolio By Investing in Profitable Projects

zameen ace mall is an ideal investment option in Islamabad
Investing in grand-scale projects like Zameen Ace Mall will help you build a strong property portfolio in Pakistan

A lot of opportunities are out there for you to invest and expand your property investment portfolio. You can also consider investing in flagship ventures by Zameen Developments, one of the most trusted and reliable development companies in Pakistan.

Their projects like Zameen Aurum, Zameen Opal, and Zameen Quadrangle are now among the top choices for home and apartment buyers in Lahore, who prefer living in comfortable and well-facilitated residential units that can be easily and sustainably managed, unlike individual houses. All of these are well-located projects, allowing investors to enjoy rewarding short-term and long-term investment outcomes.

In case you are mulling lucrative commercial investment in Pakistan, you should definitely check out Zameen Developments’ projects like Mall 35 in Rawalpindi and Zameen Ace Mall in the capital city of Islamabad. Not to mention, Zameen Ace Mall is also one of the largest and most advanced mixed-use projects ever introduced in the entire country. It is all set to become the next big retail destination in the capital city.

Owing to its outstanding location, top-of-the-line features, and striking facade, this mega-scale project brings lucrative investment prospects to the table for both local and overseas investors. Investors of Zameen Ace Mall will get to enjoy unbelievable capital gains of up to 200%, which are predicted within the next 4 years. This gives you all the more reason to consider this not-to-be-missed investment opportunity. 

Well, this means investing in Zameen Ace Mall is your best chance to diversify your property portfolio and establish a successful real estate business in Pakistan.

Properties in Zameen Ace Mall are selling fast and only a handful of units are up for grabs. Invest now, before it’s too late. Fill out the form attached with this blog with your basic info and get more details on the project.

Now that we have given you all the key information on how to build a solid property portfolio in Pakistan and its benefits for you as a real estate investor, it’s time for us to wrap up. Let us know if you have any further questions or feedback on the subject by contacting us at blog@zameen.com.

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