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Quick History of Liberty Market
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The city of Lahore is best known for its lively culture and vibrant culinary traditions, some of which are centuries old. This historic city is not only famous for its world-renowned ancient landmarks but also for its bustling bazaars that reflect the true colours of the local culture.

So, if you are planning to visit the City of Gardens any time soon, along with taking a tour of the Walled City, you should also take a day out and plan a trip to Liberty Market in Lahore. It’s one of the most famous and historic markets in the city with tonnes of eateries, shopping outlets, and other attractions. 

In this blog, we are going to take you on a virtual tour of Liberty Market in Lahore, so without further ado, let’s begin with our travel guide!

History of Liberty Market 

Quick History of Liberty Market
Night lights in Liberty Market have become brighter than ever as shops and eateries now have sign boards with LED lights (Credits: Facebook / Liberty Market Lahore)

It all started in the 1960s when the work on the Liberty Market project began. It was being developed as the core shopping district of modern Lahore, which was already embracing new development trends. 

Liberty Market was planned and constructed to have the same charm and appeal as some of the city’s oldest bazaars including Shah Almi, Anarkali, and Ichhra. However, to differentiate it from these ancient marketplaces, the project was planned with newer development patterns, which intended to breathe new life into the city’s shopping scene.

Liberty Market Hasn’t Changed Much in Decades

A lot of traders, retailers, and shopkeepers have been successfully running their businesses here for decades. Most of the shops in this marketplace deal in clothing and accessories, especially for women. You can also spot some roadside eateries and food kiosks, which serve a wide variety of street food to shoppers and visitors alike. 

The market remains packed with the public six days a week during business hours, except for Sundays and public holidays when most of the shops are closed. Even when compared to the old times, not much has changed in the main Liberty Market since the 1960s. Only the night lights in the market have become much brighter as shops and eateries now have sign boards with LED lights. 

Interesting Facts About Liberty Market in Lahore

Interesting Facts About Liberty Market in Lahore
The beautification of Liberty Roundabout was carried out recently (Credits: Facebook / PakWheels)

Owing to its unique shape, Liberty Market is also commonly known as a horseshoe-shaped or D-shaped market. It is located on Noor Jehan Road in Lahore, which intersects with Main Boulevard Gulberg at Liberty Chowk. This roundabout is also a very popular landmark in the vicinity. In fact, local shop owners and retailers here treat it as a symbol of pride for their businesses.

The provincial government has worked on several noteworthy projects to beautify the city of Lahore by uplifting its existing infrastructure. The beautification of Liberty Roundabout was also carried out under the same initiative. As shown in the picture above, the surroundings of this very famous roundabout have been painted in multi colours. It also has a fountain that beautifully lights up at night and a well-maintained park surrounding it.

The authorities have also renamed Liberty Chowk to ‘Rainbow Square’ in the latter half of 2020, However, this initiative was not welcomed by a majority of the locals here. According to them, this roundabout serves as a monumental symbol, reminiscent of the good old times. Calling it by a new name would make it hard for them to relate it to the memories they and their forefathers have had with this place in all these years.

Exploring More About Liberty Market – the Hotspot for Shopping and Entertainment

As discussed, Liberty Market is more famous among women than men. It is because most of the shops here deal in clothing items, pieces of jewellery, cosmetics, and different types of accessories for women.

Well, Liberty Market is not only famous for its shopping scene, but also for having restaurants, food outlets, and kiosks in abundance. If you are a foodie who is on a tour of Lahore, you should definitely visit the vicinity of Liberty Market to find some of the city’s best street foods. 

The surrounding area of Liberty Roundabout is also popular for hosting many fine-dining restaurants like Monal Rooftop Restaurant, Casa Bianca Restaurant, Salt’n Pepper, Freddy’s cafe, and Howdy’s Restaurant among others.

How to Get to Liberty Market in Gulberg, Lahore

Navigating to Liberty Market from anywhere from Lahore won’t be a big deal. It is one of the most popular places in the city located in Gulberg, one of Lahore’s most affluent and commercially active neighbourhoods. Directly linked with Noor Jehan Road, it is just a short stroll from Liberty Chowk (aka Rainbow Square), which is located on the Main Boulevard, Gulberg.

Investment Options Near Liberty Market

features of Zameen Aurum in Gulberg Lahore
Zameen Aurum promises its residents an upscale and quality lifestyle

Gulberg is one of the most popular business locations in Lahore. The vicinity of Liberty Market, which is in Gulberg III, has become a hotbed for property investment and development activities in recent years. 

High-end apartment projects like Zameen Aurum by Zameen Developments are being developed in the area. This vertical residential development offers top-notch amenities and features to provide its residents with a fully-facilitated lifestyle. Click here for more information on Zameen Aurum.

On the other hand, if you are a commercial investor who is seeking a perfect spot for setting up a retail or corporate office within the heart of Lahore, then you should definitely consider investing in Grand Square Mall. As the name suggests, it is a grand-scale mixed-use project, all set to emerge from the ideal location of Centre Point Chowk on Main Boulevard Gulberg. Check out this page for more details on Grand Square Mall and its payment plans.

There you have it — a complete travel guide to Liberty Market in Lahore. We hope the aforementioned information will help you in exploring one of the liveliest and busiest marketplaces in the City of Gardens. 

If you have already visited Liberty Market or live in its vicinity, then we would like to hear about your experience. So, feel free to get in touch with us at With the help of your valuable feedback, we can make our pieces more informative and useful for our readers.

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