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There are different types of fans available these days that can help you cool off your home during summers. To some extent, you can use them as energy-saving alternatives to air conditioning systems that usually cost you hefty electricity bills. Furthermore, you can also work on these tips to cool your house down and increase the effectiveness of a running fan.

So, if you’re planning to buy a new fan for your home and don’t know about the available options and their rates, we’re here to help. In this blog, we’ll discuss different types of fans available in Pakistan and their prices.

Best Types of Fans Available in Pakistan and Their Prices

Here we have shortlisted some of the most popular types of fans for your home. Have a look.

  • Ceiling Fan
  • False Ceiling Fan
  • Pedestal Fan
  • Wall Mounted Fan
  • Exhaust Fan

Ceiling Fan

ceiling fans are among important types of fans in pakistan
Ceiling fan in Pakistan come in a variety of sizes and designs

As the name suggests, ceiling fans are attached to the ceiling or the roof of your house. Ideally, they have three blades that cut the atmospheric air and throw it downwards with pressure. There are also other variants available in the market with four or sometimes even five blades.

They are also available in a number of different designs. There are types of ceiling fans in Pakistan that have basics designs. On the other hand, their expensive counterparts usually have fancy carvings and designs on their blades and housings. Ceiling fans are considered among the best types of fans in Pakistan, installed in almost every other home in the country.

Ceiling Fan Price in Pakistan

Now, let’s take a look at the price list of different types of ceiling fans in Pakistan. The rates may vary, depending on a fan’s built, size and design.

  • Ceiling Fan (Size = 36-inch): Starting from Around PKR 4,200
  • Ceiling Fan (Size = 48-inch): Starts at Around PKR 5,075
  • Ceiling Fan (Size = 56-inch): Starting from Around PKR 5,095
  • Ceiling Fan with Remote Control (Size = 56-inch): Starts at Around PKR 5,500

Pro Tip: In case, you think your ceiling fan is creating way too much noise, then here are a few useful tips to quiet your noisy ceiling fan.

False Ceiling Fan

A new entrant in the list of the best types of fans in Pakistan is a false ceiling fan. It comes with a special case, similar to that of a domestically used exhaust fan. They are best for ventilating the interiors with false ceilings. 

The flow and direction of air coming out of these fans are adjustable with remote control. However, they may not have as much power as a normal ceiling fan. Also, their size limits the amount of air they throw, which only ventilates a certain spot in an interior. It means you may have to install more than one false ceiling fan if you want to make your entire living space airy.

On a side note, you may also be interested in reading about some major pros and cons of installing a false ceiling in your home.

False Ceiling Fan Price in Pakistan

When it comes to false ceiling fans, there are only limited options available. The starting price of the most common option in this regard is given as under: 

Starting Price of False Ceiling Fan (With Remote Control): Around PKR 7,100

Pedestal Fan 

pedestal fans come with plastic and metal bodies
Pedestal fans in Pakisrani households are very famous for their mobility

Pedestal fans are widely popular for their mobility in Pakistani homes. They are usually made with lightweight materials, making them easy to carry. You can plug them anywhere around your house, where there is an electrical socket available. Many people also use extension cords to plug and position them appropriately.

The two most common types of pedestal fans in Pakistan are either made from robust metal bodies or fancy plastic materials. The plastic used in the making of the blades of these fans is of fine quality. 

The amount of air thrown by a pedestal fan depends on the size of its blades. There are also some special types of pedestal fans in Pakistan that come with features like remote and timer controls. Remote control in pedestal fans helps you regulate its movement and speed.

Pedestal Fan Price in Pakistan

Let’s take a look at the latest price list of pedestal fans, depending on their built-quality and features.

  • Pedestal Fan (With Metal Body): Starts for PKR 3,500 on Average
  • Pedestal Fan (With Fancy Design): Starting from Around PKR 5,000
  • Pedestal Fan (With Fancy Design and Remote Control): Starts at Around PKR 6,000

Wall-Mounted Fans

A wall-mounted fan, commonly known as a wall bracket fan, is also among the most common types of fans available in Pakistan. They are best for commercial spaces. They look a lot similar to pedestal fans, the only difference is that they are wall hung.

There are also popular two variants in wall-bracket fans: ones that have metal bodies and the others that have a plastic built. Wall-mounted fans also come with features like remote control and times. 

Wall-bracket fan price in Pakistan

Now, we’ll take a look at the rates of different variants of wall-mounted fans in Pakistan

  • Wall-bracket fan (With Metal Body): Starting from Around PKR 4,600
  • Wall-bracket fan (With Fancy Finishing): Starts for PKR 3,500 on average
  • Wall-bracket fan (With Fancy Finishing and Remote Control): Starts at Around PKR 5,200

Exhaust Fan

Exhaust fans keep homes well-ventilated
Exhaust fans are used for domestic, commercial and industrial applications

An exhaust fan has a wide range of applications both commercially and domestically. It comes in many different shapes and sizes. As the name suggests, the basic purpose of this fan is to throw the warm air out to maintain temperatures indoors. This is why an exhaust fan plays an integral part in your home ventilation system. Owing to this fact, you can consider exhaust fans among the most important types of fans for your home.

Exhaust fans are ideally installed in kitchens and bathrooms. These are the places where they are needed the most. This is mainly due to the functionality of such rooms. These types of fans also help you maintain the air quality in your home. On a side note, you may also like to read our piece on some key tips to get rid of indoor air pollutants.

There are two different types of exhaust fans in Pakistan. The ones that are made from metal are mostly for industrial use. On the other hand, plastic exhaust fans, which are also much smaller in size, are ideal for domestic usage.

Exhaust Fan Price in Pakistan

Now, we’ll list the latest prices for different types of exhaust fans in Pakistan

  • Starting Price of Exhaust Fan (With Metal Body): PKR 2,700 on Average
  • Starting Price of Exhaust Fan (With Plastic Body): Around PKR 1,600
  • Royal Exhaust Ceiling Fan with Grill Starts at Around PKR 2,600

Pro Tip: Here are some cleaning tips for fans around your house that will help you keep them in top shape

Now that we have discussed different types of fans available in Pakistan and their latest prices, it’s time for us to wrap up this piece. We hope it will help you make an informed choice if you’re planning to buy a new fan for your home. 

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