Types of Air Coolers in Pakistan and Their Prices

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The summer season is at its peak and now is the time when you should consider working on ways to beat the heat. There are a number of ways you can improve ventilation in your home and get rid of the trapped heat. However, if none of them work out for you then the best option for you is to install an air cooler in your home. Also known as evaporative air conditioners, they are cheaper than many air conditioning units. Their usage may also not result in hefty electricity bills. So, to help you make an informed decision in this regard, we bring you a list of different types of air coolers in Pakistan and their rates in this blog.

Types of Air Coolers in Pakistan and Their Rates

Evaporative air conditioners in Pakistan come in a variety of types, which we’ll discuss further along with their current prices.

  • Desert Cooler
  • Room Cooler
  • Personal Air Cooler
  • Air Cooler With Remote Control

Let’s get to know more about the above-listed air coolers and find out which is the best air cooler in Pakistan.

Desert Cooler

Desert coolers have wide mouth for air conditioning purposes
Desert air coolers use giant fans for cooling

A desert air cooler is a device that cools the air down through the process of evaporation of water. It is called the desert air cooler extremely since it can work in extremely dry climates. It is one of those evaporative air conditioners in Pakistan, which conditions the air and adds more moisture for maintaining a desirable environment. Desert coolers can be of gigantic size too and are also used at industrial scale. The normal water tank capacity of desert air coolers in Pakistan is from 30 to 60 litres.

Desert Cooler Price in Pakistan: Starts from around PKR 18,000-20,000

Room Cooler 

A room air cooler also works with a similar mechanism to that of a desert cooler. However, it is smaller in size and comparatively cheaper and for many people, it is the best air cooler in Pakistan. If you want to buy a room cooler in Pakistan, you’ll come across a number of options. Some of them even come with a digital screen and control these days. 

The best place to position your room air cooler is in front of your bedroom or living room window. The basic science works here, which means the warmer air acts as a catalyst in the process of evaporation and cools down the air blown out by your evaporative cooler. You can purchase a room cooler in Pakistan at the below-given price.

Room Cooler Price in Pakistan: Starts from as low as PKR 16,000

Personal Cooler

A personal air cooler is a smaller type of room air cooler. To enjoy the best air conditioning results from this type of evaporative cooler, you may have to let it work in a small enclosed area. Personal air coolers use the technology of blowers to cool down the air in your room. Like any other type of room air cooler, personal air coolers come with the water tank capacity of 20 to 30 litres. 

Personal Air Cooler Price in Pakistan: Starts from around PKR 12,000

Air Cooler With Remote Control

Air Cooler With Remote Control
Air coolers with remote control technology are usually more expensive than the normal ones

Both desert coolers and room coolers also come with remote control technology these days. Since they are considered more convenient and technologically advanced, they may cost more than the ones without remote control technology. Most of them also come with sleek designs that can also be wall or window mounted. Almost all the options of air coolers in Pakistan have wheels beneath them so that they can be easily moved around the house. 

Air Cooler with Remote Price in Pakistan: Starts from around PKR 29,000

How to Use an Air Cooler in Your Home?

If you live in a hot and dry region in the country, then you should consider installing an air cooler in your home. Well, if you don’t know how to use it, then take note of the following pointers.

  • One of the most important tips to use an air cooler in your home is to position it in a place where there is proper ventilation.
  • Air coolers use the process of evaporation for cooling so don’t forget to fill up the tanks with water as prescribed in the user manual.
  • If you want to use your air cooler efficiently in summer, you should properly clean it and take care of its maintenance from time to time. 
  • You should be extra careful when dealing with any of the evaporative air coolers. They are delicate devices like air conditioning units and refrigerators. So, try not to place them on uneven surfaces and don’t move them around the house while they are still on.

Note: Read this blog to know more tips to use your air cooler efficiently in summer.

Pros and Cons of an Air Cooler

Air Coolers Advantages and Disadvantages
Pros and Cons of Using Air Coolers in Homes

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of using air coolers in our homes.

Air Cooler Advantages

Cost: As discussed, the price of air coolers in Pakistan is cheaper than that of air conditioning units.

Low Electricity Bills: Air coolers consume fewer electricity units than all other types of air conditioners. However, if you are willing to buy an air conditioner, consider the cost and billing factors. You can also take a look at our blog to check whether an inverter AC or a normal AC is the right choice for you.

Eco Friendly: Evaporative air conditioners in Pakistan work with the technology of fans and blowers instead of compressors unlike an AC, which uses a compressor. 

Portable: With wheels installed, different types of air coolers available in Pakistan can be easily moved around the house. Their portability makes them very convenient.

Air Cooler Disadvantages

Not Effective in Humid Climate: Air coolers are not effective in areas with high humidity. This includes areas near seaside and coastal places like Clifton and DHA in Karachi. In the atmosphere with humidity and moisture, the air coming out of the cooler cannot take extra water. As a result, it won’t cool down much.

Maintenance:  To regularly use the air cooler in your home, you need to refill the water in its tank before using it. This may be a continuous thing as it is a part of your air cooler maintenance. This is why many people may find it annoying and time-consuming. Moreover, if you live in a locality where water is a scarce resource, then buying any of the different types of air coolers available in Pakistan may not be a suitable option for you. Instead, you can consider installing an air conditioner in your home. 

Noise: Since evaporative air coolers work with the help of a motor and fan, running simultaneously, they tend to be quite noisy. Sometimes even noisier than your ceiling fans. If you like soundproofing your home, then air coolers may not be the right option for you. On a side note, here are a few tips for you to quiet your noisy ceiling fan.

Now that you know about different types of air coolers in Pakistan and their rates, it will be easier for you to make an informed choice in this regard. The above-mentioned rates of air coolers in Pakistan may also vary from company to company. 

Note: The price of air coolers in Pakistan may also differ for the imported and local ones. Air coolers of local brands may be cheaper and more easily available in the market.

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Disclaimer: Air coolers rates mentioned in this blog may vary from retailer to retailer and/or city to city.

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