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Top Home Décor Trends 2022 You Should Keep An Eye Out For


Home décor in 2021 has all been about making the most of provided space, turning your rooms into functional units where you can work as well. We saw some trends lose their appeal, such as open floor plans, white walls, and nude palettes which had been around for some time. As we head towards 2022, we are expecting a complete overhaul in home décor trends. If you are someone who is about to undertake home redecoration or are planning on it, check out this blog to know exactly what to expect from home décor trends 2022.

Home décor trends in 2022 are going to be all about functional spaces with a pop of color. This is because during the last almost two years, people have been spending all of their time at homes which necessitates them to look at it as their sanctuary. While 2022 is expected to change all of this, the covid-19 pandemic has made it necessary to look at homes a little differently.

These are the top trends that interior designers are happy to welcome in 2022:

Bold Colors

tips for decorating a maximalist home
Make sure your maximalist home looks well-balanced and functional

Gone are the days of nude palettes as bold colors are making a come-back as strong yellows and burgundies, hunter greens, and bright blues are being preferred to add a touch of warmth and color into homes.

The key is in layering the colors properly, however, in 2022, over a dozen colors will no longer be seen as an anomaly as this is the new trend. You can let your creativity flow however you want and let your house be full of color. This means your walls, furniture, and kitchen can all have a bit of color. Earlier, we had seen that white kitchens with black counter tops had been all the rage, however, this is quickly changing. Recently, forest green and brassy-earthy tones have become the most preferred kitchen colors.

But be sure not to pick colors that can seem too dark or make the room appear too congested.

Patterns & Embellishment

Patterns for home decor
Patterns are in for 2021

For the longest time, patterns have been considered a bit too much for interior design. Minimal prints in moderation have been preferred for a long time, however, in 2022 there are no rules when it comes to prints. You can choose bolder colors in prints and it’s not about layering to not go overboard, but to incorporate prints that can contrast the overall look of the house.

As more embellished pieces are also preferred, local textiles are also getting a boost as more colors and thread techniques are high in demand.

H3: Real Life Plants

While most South Asian homes do believe in decorating with indoor plants, they have been making a strong statement in most Western homes as well. You can find all about suitable indoor plants in this blog to pick the best one for you.

Interior designers are welcoming long palm trees in living spaces to small herb plants in kitchens to liven up your homes and you should be looking forward to this as well.


leather is one of the the most durable fabrics for a couch
Leather upholstered furniture can make your home decor look elegant and expensive

In 2022, we are looking at home décor as an investment because people are no longer interested in pieces that look good but aren’t functional. It’s all about getting the right furniture pieces and fabric that can withstand wear and tear, is easy to clean, and maintain.

Leather in this regard is considered ideal for home, offices, and home offices. You can also find tips on cleaning leather furniture in this blog.

As we look at durable home décor, we are also seeing heirloom and antique pieces being the center of attention in every room. So, if you have some old wooden gems that are one-of-a-kind, you need to bring them out and place them prominently. Smaller pieces can go up on a mantle piece, however, if you have antique tables or a chest of drawers, you can decorate your room around it, and make it the centerpiece of your room. Before you place antique pieces, it’s best to check for any scratches and whether or not a coat of polish can be enough to brighten up the furniture.

Office Spaces At Homes

Add a home office in 2021
Dedicate a room or a small corner in your house for a proper workstation

As most of 2019 and 2020 was spent working from home, it comes as no surprise that people are working to incorporate efficient working spaces in their homes. You can find tips on creating an office space at home in this blog.

The best place to set up a home office is the basement as it’s fairly disconnected from the house and can easily provide the much-needed privacy.

Also, check out our guides on contemporary office décor ideas and best ways to make offices aesthetically pleasing.

Storage Units

Go with Installing Basket Shelves
Basket shelves desirably increase the functionality and appearance of your bathroom

At the onset of the pandemic, apart from shortages in medicine, people were faced with aisles at the grocery shops completely empty. This made people realize the benefits of stocking up on food and other essential items. For this reason, the need for separate storage units has never been more felt now than ever.

While kitchen pantries have been around, there is greater emphasis on building a separate storage unit where all essentials can be easily stocked up. You can expand your existing pantry or invest in a larger freezer and refrigerator and some extra shelves to be able to store everything easily.

What are some of the trends you are looking forward to? Write to us in the comments below or at blog@zameen.com. Also, keep checking Pakistan’s largest property blog, Zameen Blog, for the latest on home décor ideas. 


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