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With many on-going infrastructure and real estate developments, Lahore has become one of the fastest-growing cities in Pakistan. After the launch of the Lahore Metrobus in recent years, the public transportation system of the metropolis has become more efficient than ever, facilitating thousands of commuters regularly. 

The property market of the city is now mostly based on ultramodern real estate projects including state-of-the-art housing schemes and well-planned high-rise structures. Owing to the recent real estate investment shift from plot to high-rises, the trend of mixed-use developments in Lahore is also on the rise. 

With so many options available, buying real estate in Pakistan’s second-largest city seems to be an overwhelming task. So, to help you to come up with an informed decision in this regard, here we have rounded up some of the most popular areas with property for sale in Lahore, as of March 2021.

Now, without further delay, let’s begin!

Most Popular Areas with Property for Sale in Lahore

Most Popular Areas with Property for Sale in Lahore
Top Areas to Buy Property in Lahore, as of March 2021

As per the user behaviour recorded on, these are the most search localities among property hunters in Lahore, as of March 2021:

  • DHA Lahore
  • Bahria Town Lahore
  • Raiwind Road
  • Bahria Orchard
  • DHA Rahbar

DHA Lahore

DHA Lahore is a posh locality
DHA is one of the poshest localities of Lahore

According to the data fetched from’s search trends, DHA Lahore has retained its position as the top area to buy property in Lahore with a noticeable margin for a long time now — and for a good reason. With world-class infrastructure and facilities, it is, in fact, the poshest neighbourhoods in the city. It offers a secure environment to its residents. The management of DHA has mobile security teams, which patrol the entire area on the lookout for criminal activities in the vicinity. 

For easy navigation and a comprehensible division of properties, the real estate project has been divided into different phases, which are spread across the urban landscape of Lahore. Transportation is also not a big issue now for the residents of DHA Lahore, there are many bus stops at different locations around the neighbourhood that connect it with the rest of the city. The locality is home to world-famous food chains as well as high-end markets.

Commercial areas in DHA Lahore are home to many popular business locations, which is why this real estate project is also among the top localities to buy an office in Lahore. Another major key attraction of DHA in this regard is its location, which makes it well-connected with all important roads in Lahore. 

Phase 9 Prism and Phase 7 of DHA Lahore appeared to be the two most searched subdistricts of the real estate project. Both of these phases enjoy a convenient location as they fall in proximity to the Allama Iqbal International Airport as well as Lahore Ring Road.

As one of the city’s top residential projects, DHA Lahore offers all necessary facilities and amenities, which are among the most prominent factors you should consider before choosing a new neighbourhood. It is home to the city’s top-notch educational institutions and healthcare facilities. 

Also, there is no shortage of greenery in DHA as it has been planned with plenty of greenbelts and urban open spaces. If you want to learn more about the living facilities in DHA Lahore, read our detailed blog post on them.

Bahria Town Lahore

buy property in Bahria Town Lahore
The luxurious housing society of Bahria Town Lahore offers a wide range of investment options

When it comes to popularity, DHA Lahore is followed by Bahria Town, as per the search trends recorded on Bahria Town is a real estate development company that has introduced the concept of ultramodern gated communities in Pakistan. Other than Lahore, Bahria Town has also been developed in the peripheries of Karachi and Islamabad. 

Living in Bahria Town Lahore, you would be enjoying a fully-facilitated lifestyle. The neighbourhood offers you all the perks of living in a gated community. Bahria Town Lahore not only features state-of-the-art infrastructure but also hosts many popular tourist attractions including a replica of Eiffel Tower, which is one of the world’s most iconic structures. 

The location of Bahria Town Lahore puts it in the suburbs of Lahore, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. However, it is linked with the main Canal Road, which makes commuting between the neighbourhood and city centre very convenient. Also, a bus service has jointly been introduced by the Lahore Transport Company (LTC) and the management of Bahria Town to facilitate commuters in the area.

Despite the availability of all these top-notch facilities, properties for sale in Bahria Town come with surprisingly affordable rates. This is also a prominent reason for the neighbourhood to be among the top areas to buy property in Lahore. Since Bahria Town Lahore is planned as a “city within a city”, it has also been equipped with fully-featured commercial and business districts to cater to the needs of its residents. 

As per the user behaviour on, Sector F and Sector C are the two most popular localities for property investment in Bahria Town Lahore. The Commercial Zone of Sector C is considered a business hotspot. Linked with Bahria Town’s main boulevard, it is home to many key corporate establishments and shopping centres in the area. Key landmarks like Bahria Country Club and Grand Jamia Masjid are also found in the vicinity. 

The gated community offers well-reviewed educational and medical facilities within its boundary wall, allowing the residents to avoid the hassle of long-distance travel. To learn about every key detail of this well-planned neighbourhood, read our details area guide on Bahria Town Lahore.

Raiwind Road

real estate investment on Raiwind Road Lahore
Upcoming real estate developments on Raiwind Road is one of the main reasons behind its popularity

Another interesting thing that we have noticed while accumulating the data for search trends on is the consistent popularity of Raiwind Road. It has also started maintaining its position among the top areas with property for sale in Lahore in recent times. One thing that we are sure about is that Raiwind Road has now become a hub of new real estate development. 

The reason behind its increasing popularity is its well-connected location and availability of vacant land for development in its surrounding. Real estate projects like Al Kabir Town and Icon Valley Phase 2 are also being developed in this vicinity of this very important artery in Lahore.

Since the vicinity of Raiwind Road covers a very large area, the entire neighbourhoods of Bahria Orchard and DHA Rahbar fall in its vicinity. As per’s search trends, they both are not only the most popular areas with property for sale in Lahore but also the top two developments taking place near Raiwind Road. 

Located in the suburbs of Lahore, Raiwind Road offers a peaceful environment and connects some of the major housing societies in the city. All such features of this very famous expressway have drawn the attention of many renowned real estate developers and stakeholders. Property projects like Lake City are also being developed in this newly emerging part of the city. For more information on these real estate investment opportunities near Raiwind Road, read this blog.

Bahria Orchard

Bahria Orchard, Lahore road view
Bahria Orchard is a low-cost housing project of Bahria Town Lahore (Credits: Official website of Bahria Orchard)

As the name suggests, Bahria Orchard is a newly-developed gated community planned with plenty of green spaces and a wide array of fruit-bearing trees. The master-planned residential projects sit on the edge of Raiwind Road. This housing scheme of Bahria Town has been mainly developed to address the needs of the low-cost housing sector in the city. 

Despite low property prices, this real estate development has been packed with all modern-day facilities. Bahria Orchard enjoys peaceful surroundings with ample family attractions. Like Bahria Town Lahore, this residential community also has well-maintained urban open spaces including a mini-golf course. This large-scale project has been divided into different phases with both commercial and residential blocks.

Phase 1 and 2 are the most developed and popular subdistricts of Bahria Orchard. Some of the major landmarks and facilities in Bahria Orchard are found at a stone’s throw distance from these localities. 

Bahria International Hospital is a state-of-the-art healthcare institution found in the area. Also, Bahria Orchard Family Park is another major family attraction nearby. The very famous Jahaz Chowk park is also in the vicinity of these subdistricts of Bahria Orchard. Commuters in Bahria Orchard also enjoy easy access to some of the key bus stops due to the neighbourhood’s proximity to Raiwind Road.

DHA Rahbar

DHA Rahbar is a highly popular neighbourhood in Lahore
DHA Rahbar is an aesthetically-planned neighbourhood in Lahore

Located on main Defence Road, DHA Rahbar is another meticulously planned housing community in the city. In light of the data fetched from’s search trends, it is one of the five most popular areas with property for sale in Lahore.

Although DHA Rahbar is owned and maintained by the management of DHA Lahore it is not directly connected to the other phases of the neighbourhood. However, DHA Rahbar is surrounded by other very popular housing projects in the city including Valencia Housing Society, Fazaia Housing Scheme Phase-II, and Lake City.

Since it is a well-planned real estate project, DHA Rahbar has been divided into subdistricts, which are also termed “phases”. Phase 2 and 4 are the two most famous areas for property investment in DHA Rahbar. It is important to note here that Phase 4 is among the newest developments in the locality, which is still under construction. 

The location of DHA Rahbar plays a key role in terms of its popularity. While living in this  neighbourhood of the city, you’ll be just a few minutes’ drive away from many popular commercial markets and business districts in the area including Valencia D Block Market and the very famous Jinnah Market of Lahore.

The availability of the Daewoo bus service that connects different areas of the city with DHA greatly adds to the convenience of the commuters in DHA Rahbar. Plus, there is no shortage of well-equipped educational and healthcare facilities in the vicinity of this extremely popular residential community in Lahore.

Now that we have listed and discussed the best areas with property for sale in Lahore, as of March 2021, it’s time for us to wrap up. We hope the information we have provided you in this piece will help you to expedite your property hunt in the City of Gardens.

If you have any further queries regarding real estate investment in Lahore, please feel free to reach out to us at We’d be happy to assist you.

On a side note, if you are seeking budget-friendly investment options in the metropolis, you should check out our listings for low-priced houses for sale in Lahore. As a property investor, you may also like reading our detailed pieces on top areas to buy property in Karachi and Islamabad, as of March 2021.

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