Top Areas For Renting Apartments In Lahore

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For most people relocating to a new city or setting up a new home, the first step is to rent property, rather than buying it. Renting is a good option as it allows a person to settle in a place that has been looked after and doesn’t require immediate maintenance work when they move in. While renting is commonplace, it is also a rather laborious process that requires careful planning. If you are looking for top areas for renting apartments in Lahore, this blog is for you! 

With new real estate developments continuously taking place in the country, there are numerous apartment projects that have garnered a lot of attention from buyers. Apartments have grown more popular than homes primarily because of their smaller size and affordability factor, which allows young professionals, students, and people starting their families to build a comfortable home for themselves. 

For people choosing apartments, the most crucial factor is its location, which determines travelling times to major entertainment and recreational avenues, educational institutions, commercial spaces, and health care facilities. Using the data fetched from Zameen Trends, a database of the preferred and most-sought-out locations, we have prepared a list of the five most popular areas to look for a rental apartment in Lahore. 

Areas For Renting Apartments In Lahore

Let’s explore the best areas for renting an apartment in Lahore.

DHA Lahore 

buy commercial property in Lahore
DHA, Lahore, is one of the top localities to invest in commercial real estate across the city

DHA remains the most preferred location among people in Lahore, be it for buying or renting properties. It is a trusted name in the real estate sector and has become the place where people, be it investors or genuine buyers, want to invest their money.

Although DHA Lahore has 13 phases, DHA Phases 6, 5, and 8 appear to be the most searched areas as per the user behaviour on All of these phases are famous for their

round-the-clock security, well-carpeted roads, dedicated commercial avenues for shopping and entertainment, as well as for some of the finest educational and health care facilities. 

These phases enjoy immediate and direct access from the Lahore Ring Road to the farthest areas of the city, such as Raiwind. Moreover, the comprehensive network of roads allows all residents and visitors to connect with the rest of the city within minutes.

DHA Phase 8 is home to Ex-Air Avenue, Air Avenue Luxury Apartments, Block Q, Indigo Boutique Apartments, Ex Park View, and CCA1. Meanwhile, Phase 5 features apartments in Penta Square and CCA.

 In all of these localities, you can expect the lowest rent for a one-bedroom apartment at PKR 12,000, for a two-bedroom apartment at PKR 18,000, and 3-bedroom apartment at PKR 65,000.

These are newly constructed apartments with modern architectural designs and amenities that are an essential feature to elevate lifestyles and provide comfort to you and your family. Moving here, you wouldn’t have to worry about making small renovations and/or fixing up the place as everything from furnishings to finishing touches has been done perfectly.


Askari Heights in Askari 11 Lahore
Its proximity to Lahore Ring Road has played a huge part in the housing scheme’s popularity

Askari is a name synonymous with luxury. Being launched some time in 1980, these gated housing societies in several cities of Pakistan were specifically designed for the retired Army officers, and so are more commonly referred to as Defence Officers’ Housing Societies. However, this does not mean that civilians can’t buy or rent property here.

What particularly sets these housing societies apart and makes them desirable among genuine buyers are their separate entry and exit points, a round-the-clock security system, surrounded by ample amenities and recreational facilities.

In Lahore alone, there are eleven Askari housing complexes, the apartments in most of which are famous among renters. As per Zameen Trends, the most preferred Askari housing complexes with rental apartments are Askari XI, Askari X, and Askari V.

Askari X and XI are located right next to the Allama Iqbal International Airport, along the Lahore Ring Road. This locality is considered new Lahore with rapid urban development and a comprehensive network of roads that allows easy access to DHA, Gulberg, and all the way to Raiwind Road within a matter of minutes. This accessibility is essential for residents as it allows them to carry out their day-to-day activities such as commuting to work, educational institutions, health facilities and commercial hubs with relative ease.

On the other hand, Askari V is located near Kalma Chowk in Lahore’s sprawling Gulberg area, which is another central location in Lahore. It is the focal point of most commercial activities in the city.

Apartments in the aforementioned societies have reasonable average monthly rents. You can expect the lowest monthly rent of PKR 15,000 for a one-bedroom apartment, PKR 19,000 for a two-bedroom apartment, and PKR 45,000 for a three-bedroom apartment.


commercial developments in Gulberg Lahore
Gulberg is undoubtedly one of the top areas for commercial investment in Lahore

Gulberg Lahore is the commercial hub of the city. It is a posh area with a number of eateries and leading brands dotting the landscape. This locality houses some of the most prominent real estate developments with modern architectural designs and furnishings.

Residents of Gulberg have easy and immediate access to the entire city. This area has some of the finest educational institutions and healthcare facilities in the city, and a number of the most modern commercial complexes, which means that you can access everything as per your need, within minutes. 

The top three most preferred locations in Gulberg are; Gulberg 3, PAF Falcon Complex and Gulberg 2. 

Renting a one-bedroom apartment in Gulberg will cost you around PKR 20,000 a month. For a 2-bedroom apartment, the average monthly rent is PKR 22,000, whereas the rent for a 3-bed apartment is PKR 36,000 per month.

Bahria Town

buy commercial property in Bahria Town Lahore
The luxurious housing society of Bahria Town Lahore offers a wide range of invesmtent options

Bahria Town is a trusted name in the real estate industry of Pakistan and has produced numerous projects, all of which have added to the real estate giant’s popularity. In Lahore, all Bahria Town projects are located along the Raiwind Road in close proximity to the Ring Road, which gives direct and immediate access to the rest of the city, and to all the best that this city has to offer. 

Bahria Town has some of the best facilities and amenities on offer for its residents, and Bahria Town Lahore is no exception with its dedicated commercial spaces, open green grounds, play areas for kids, and a safe environment that residents instantly call home when they move here. In Bahria Town Lahore, blocks C, B, and E are particularly famous for renting apartments. 

The average monthly rent here for a one-bed apartment starts at PKR 25,000. A two-bed apartment for rent in Bahria Town Lahore is available for as low as 30,000 a month. Similarly a 3-bed apartment starts from around PKR 35,000-40,000 per month. 

 Johar Town

Johar town is a fully developed neighbourhood in Lahore
Johar Town is one of the upscale neighbourhoods in Lahore (FB/

Lahore’s oldest and most populous neighbourhood, Johar Town, has a world of its own. With some of the best constructed commercial buildings and educational facilities, this locality has modern architectural designs and commercial spaces unlike anywhere in Lahore. The roads here are carpeted and very well connected to the rest of the city.

Here, the top three localities are Johar Town Phase 2, Johar Town Phase 1 and Onyx Apartments. The average monthly rent for a 1-bed apartment starts from PKR 14,000. A 2-bed apartment has a monthly rent starting at PKR 25,000 a month, and a 3-bed apartment has an average monthly rent that starts at PKR 28,000.

These were our top localities for rent in Lahore and the average monthly rent that you can expect. In case you have recently rented an apartment in the city, we would like to hear about your experience. So, feel free to write to us at Also, keep checking Zameen Blog, Pakistan’s largest property blog, for the latest and most informative updates on Pakistan’s real estate industry. 

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