Tips on How to Buy a Quality Sofa

Test the frame
Check the joints
Push against the arms
Evaluate the springs
Feel the upholstery
Look at the padding
Examine the cushions

Sofa shopping can be a lot more overwhelming than most people realise. Not only do you have to choose the perfect size and shape that will fit your home and complement the décor, but you also need to make sure it is comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, sturdy, and durable. Of course, everyone wants to buy a quality sofa that lasts forever, but more often than not we judge furniture based on what it looks like instead of focusing on what’s inside. 

If you have visited any furniture shop in the past, you may have come across two nearly identical sofa sets that differ in prices. This is because the rate of furniture varies largely depending on its quality. Even if two sofas look rather similar, the difference in their frame, padding, joints, upholstery and cushions can set them miles apart from each other in terms of value and longevity.

Now, you may be wondering how to tell if a sofa is of good quality? 

Since we have already discussed the most popular sofa styles in Pakistan, it’s about time we talk about judging the quality of a sofa before purchasing it.

How to Buy a Quality Sofa for Your Home

Here are some tips and tricks that will come in handy while choosing the best sofa for your home.

Test the Frame

what to consider when buying a sofa
The frame of a quality sofa is sturdy and durable

So, what to consider when buying a sofa? Well, you should consider starting with its frame.

The lifespan of your sofa and whether it will retain its shape through the years depends largely on its structural frame. Therefore, you need to ensure the material and construction of the frame is sturdy and durable. If the frame is made of softwood, it can lose its shape and break rather easily. Similarly, knotted wood can crack very easily.

It is also recommended to stay away from plywood and chipboard frames. Though these sofas are generally cheaper, their construction material isn’t really sturdy. 

Check the Joints

The joints of a sofa may not be visible under all the padding and cushions, but you must make sure to ask the salesperson about them before buying any items.

Since the joints are what hold the frame together, they should be ideally fitted with wooden dowels, wooden corner blocks, metal brackets and metal screws. Sofa joints that are only glued, nailed or stapled together won’t last long. 

Push Against the Arms

how to tell if a sofa is of good quality
Lean against the arm of the sofa to ensure it’s not wobbly

The arms of the sofa serve more purpose than adding to its aesthetic appeal. They must be strong enough to support your weight and not give away if someone leans on them.

If you want to learn how to choose a quality sofa, you should make sure to push against its arms to determine if they are tight or wobbly. If the arms wobble under pressure, you can be certain that wooden dowels and metal brackets were not used in the assembly of its frame.

Evaluate the Springs

There are quite a few types of springs that different brands use in their furniture. So, if you want to buy a quality sofa for your home, you must ask the salesperson about its springs. 

Serpentine springs, which are perhaps the most common type of springs used in sofas, usually offer good support. However, they tend to sag over time. On the other hand, the sofas with 8-way hand-tied springs can be a little expensive but they last for several years and rarely lose their shape.

It is also imperative to run your hand through the fabric and push down the cushions to check if you can feel the springs underneath. If the springs are already creaking or the surface is too hard, you should consider looking for other options.

Examine the Upholstery

best fabric for sofa upholstery
Upholstery fabrics with higher thread count are usually denser and more durable

Choosing the best fabric for sofa upholstery may not have a huge impact on its lifespan but it is absolutely critical to its aesthetic appeal.

Some of the most common types of upholstery fabrics used in Pakistan include leather, polyester, linen, cotton, olefin, velvet, silk and wool. Apart from evaluating their pros and cons, you must also check whether the sofa is well-tailored and not splitting at the seams. Run your finger through the stitching to ensure everything is in place. If the sofa has tassels or buttons, please make sure they are stitched on properly and won’t come loose easily. In case of uneven finishing, consider opting for another brand.

Look at the Padding

Can you feel the edges of the frame when you run your hand over the padding of the sofa? If so, the sofa is probably not of the best quality.

A good sofa should be well-padded and comfortable to use. Since padding tends to wear out eventually, you must invest in a sofa that comprises a thick layer of padding that is both soft to touch and comfy to sit on.

Check the Cushions

how to choose a quality sofa
The cushion must always be comfy and fit snugly into the sofa frame

Not checking the cushions is one of the most common mistakes when buying a sofa. 

While choosing the best sofa for your home, you must make sure the seat cushions can retain their shape and fit perfectly into the frame. To test the resiliency of a cushion, just press down on it for a few seconds and then observe whether it regains its shape or remains flattened.

To conclude our sofa buying guide, please remember that good quality furniture isn’t cheap. Most home design experts deem furniture shopping akin to investing. Though you may have to pay a higher amount for a quality sofa, it will last you for a long time without requiring any major repairs. So, always try to buy the best within your budget.

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