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Things Not To Do This 14th August

Block Roads Unnecessarily
Overspeeding And Stunts Performing
Overcrowding Public Places
Playing Loud Music
Tearing Buntings

With its mark on the world stronger than ever, Pakistan will be celebrating its 75th Independence Day celebrations on Aug. 14, 2021. It’s been 75 years since the people of Pakistan got independence from British colonial rule. Pakistanis celebrate this day with great fervour, emotions and joy. However, like all special events, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, we must make sure that we observe this day with care. This blog is all about celebrating Independence Day responsibly. Let’s have a look at all the things you should and shouldn’t do on Aug. 14.

Celebrating Independence Day Responsibly

So, here are a few things that you should absolutely not do while celebrating Independence Day.

Block Roads Unnecessarily

Traffic jams cause difficult situations for the public as well as traffic wardens

People, more often than not, young people, often form crowds on the roads to hold celebrations for Independence Day. As a result, roads get blocked and traffic jams ensue. Instead of blocking the roads unnecessarily, people should designate special areas for celebrations, with the permission of authorities. Let’s try to be more considerate of our fellow countrymen and their time and not cause any traffic disruptions.

Overspeeding And Stunts Performing

dangerous stunts on public roads
Performing stunts on a public road is not only dangerous but life-threatening too

Overspeeding is dangerous. Period. Just because it’s Independence Day, you don’t get to drive or ride at potentially fatal speeds on the roads. 

Performing stunts on a public road is not only dangerous but life-threatening too. If such thoughts cross your mind, make a wise choice by choosing to celebrate with friends and family at home.

Overcrowding Public Places

overcrowded public places
Let’s not overcrowd public places this independence day

Yes, people do like to visit public spaces to observe Aug. 14 celebrations with their community. You might want to just stroll in a nearby park, while enjoying your favourite ice cream or indulge in window shopping. However, we should be cognizant of our movement and make sure we’re not overcrowding a space, especially these days, considering we’re in the middle of a deadly pandemic.

Playing Loud Music

adverse effects of loud music
Loud music can get irritating for neighbours

It gets loud on the streets and roads but it feels even louder and more irritating inside homes when people play loud music, national songs, etc., to celebrate Aug. 14. Try to celebrate without disturbing your neighbours and be respectful to each other.

Tearing Buntings

buntings of pakistan
Buntings are actually mini flags of your country

What may seem like a piece of paper or cloth is actually a mini flag of your country. Remember the sacrifices that were made and don’t forget that this is your identity. This may be the last item on the list but it certainly is most important.

Let’s celebrate Independence Day responsibly and be thankful for our country. Keep following Zameen Blog, Pakistan’s largest real estate blog.

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