Traffic plan issued for Pak-NZ cricket matches in Rawalpindi


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As per the issues traffic plan;

  • Stadium Road will remain closed during the matches from both sides – 9th Avenue Chowk to Double Road.
  • Murree Road – Faizabad to Double Road will be completely closed during the departure and arrival of cricket teams in the stadium.


Under the diversion plan;

  • The traffic coming from Islamabad will be diverted from Faizabad to Expressway.
  • The traffic from Rawalpindi to Islamabad will be diverted from 6th Road Chowk to Saidpur Road.
  • The traffic coming from Islamabad 9th Avenue will be diverted to IJP road.


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Two underpasses to be constructed in Rawalpindi to ease traffic


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RAWALPINDI: The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) plans to construct two underpasses near Kachehri chowk and Fauji Foundation chowk in a bid to ease traffic congestion. 


As per the RDA officials, the underpasses will be nature friendly and signal free for the benefit of the people. 


The Kacheri Chowk will further be constructed with the latest technology and is going to be the city’s only double underpass. 


The foundation tone of the projects is set to be laid in early January 2022 and is expected to be completed in 1.5 years. The chowk will bring relief to 0.1 million automobiles that use the busy chowk every day. 



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