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House – Residential Construction Services in Pakistan

Team ACCO is a trusted name in the house construction and consultancy industry. With experience in the field since 2004, Ahmed Construction Company has made a name for itself providing high-quality Construction and Building services to its clientele ACCO Builders: Best Construction Company Dha Lahore

With a prime focus to serve expatriates and overseas Pakistanis, ACCO not only provides the necessary expertise in the construction but leaps a step ahead to make sure that the turn-key solution is provided. Either it is residential construction or commercial, the brick structure of frame structure, the grey structure of complete finishing, our primary priority is client’s satisfaction and ease that starts from the very first step in form of detailed paperwork including quotations, bill of materials, agreements & contracts, regular interaction throughout the execution of the project, addressing issues and successfully completing the project.

ACCO is committed to providing quality and hassle-free service assuring peace of mind to the clientele with clear communication and transparent business processes. Using the earned experience and knowledge, ACCO also guarantees reliable, and construction cost-effective solutions with responsive after-service to the clientele. We make long-lasting relations with our clients by providing high-quality services.

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ACCO Builders: Professional Home Construction Company in Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Pakistan

ACCO Construction is different from all other construction companies because of the services it offers. Most of the construction companies in Lahore are simply offering basic services like architecture and structural designing. However, we ACCO Construction company in Lahore provide you with in detailed structuring and design that makes your area apart from all others ACCO Builders: Best Construction Company Dha Lahore out there.

Our construction company in Lahore has all the highly skilled professionals that make things easy to manage and workable. Our pro-level workers know how to cater to people and fulfill their demands. We are the home builders in Lahore, Islamabad, Faisalabad, that work to satisfy our clients and beautify their homes and places.

Building Homes Since 2004

Trust isn’t the only thing we can build. We deliver on time, on the quote, and without surprises. Our expert team will build your project from idea to completion. We handle projects of all shapes, sizes, and complexities, varying from new design projects to home construction remodeling and home additions.


Once the construction phase is ready to begin, we’ll be checking in with you every step of the way to ensure total satisfaction. This is the stage when the project is going to start coming into focus. Our on-time, on-quote policy, guarantee the completion date without jeopardizing quality.

Safety First

We ensure regulations and safety measures is our top priority and they’re kept firmly in place throughout the project. We are in full compliance with Ontario building codes and we take every precaution to ensure maximum integrity in our work.


We strive for exceptional quality during all steps of our process, ensuring your project is built to exceed expectations and maximize your investment. Consistency, quality, and integrity is what we are all about, and we do so while providing you with the most competitive price around.

Architectural Designing Services:

As mentioned, we have high-profile workers that equip a range of capabilities. This enables us to let you have a diverse range of architectural solutions. We work in a way that grips over several innovative items and things. Also, we include the vision of our client to improve everything we are going to do. This is a great help while working as we design alongside satisfying client’s demands.

ACCO construction is a service-oriented construction company in Lahore that does not consider whether the site is residential, non-profit, commercial, or something else. We are a dedicated team that adds value to everything we built. Our designers, consultants, and architects take notice of all clients’ needs. They are skilled enough to turn that info into aesthetically pleasing and functional solutions.

We clearly know that building is just not limited to a structure. It should be in a community that improves the experience of everyone using it alongside people getting benefit from it in the environmental aspect.

ACCO construction got a holistic approach to the entire process of designing. Our dedicated team just not implement what the client says, but they also adhere to the schedule and budget parameters of the client. This is what ends up with the provision of buildable solutions paired with aesthetic designs.

Our designing team believes that designing is not just an art. It is an elite combination of vision, strategy, and problem solutions. These factors let us set together formation and functionality to end up creating scenarios to meet business needs and improving operations. We begin planning strategically and end up design creation with art and aesthetics.

Structural Drafting Services:

The core thing that inclines perfection is structural designing is the precision in work. This is the reason everyone prefers AutoCAD designing alongside the top steel fabricators. Homebuilders in Lahore Islamabad, Faisalabad,  equip well experienced and professional team that assures you to provide you with top-notch services for drafting and detailing structures. Our expertise includes all kinds of materials, the latest time of codes, methods, and standards. We work in a way that assures support and high quality for the entire project from the beginning to the end wholly. With the help of our professional team, we can handle any sort of designing and structural services at reasonable prices.

We are equipped with skilled drafters who are capable enough to create all sort of drawings needed for any project inclusive of the foundation plan drawing with footing and column schedule, layouts with joists and decking, roof and floor framing plans, and the list goes on.

Our designers are also capable enough to let you have a structural design based on rebar location, lap, and size, spacing, and steel. Before we begin the work, first we analyze the total load we have that includes physical steel structures and end up with giving detailed reporting of building structure like budges, vehicles, furniture, etc.

ACCO Construction can give you high-end services that you can rely on. You can, for sure, rely on us because we know the value of time and always try to get the work done on time considering all the guided schedules and instructions. Our structural designers accomplish the structures with the use of all the latest computer technologies that end up with the utmost quality design.

If you need to have the design of your structure in no time with outstanding quality, then come to us. We are here to serve you promptly with everything you need. In fact, our skilled professionals can even guide you if you need to know anything about it.

 Grey Structure Construction:

All things that look grey after complete construction is said to be as grey structure. It can also be limited to cement working. However, the items that come under grey structure are as follows.

  • Walls
  • Roof
  • Cement plaster to walls
  • Foundation
  • Roof water tank
  • Underground water tank
  • Septic tank

But the considerable point is that before initiating the work, we make our ears work and properly listen to the client’s instructions. We take note and create a valid contract to settle everything from the beginning. Similarly, we assure the things that should get done with our grey structure construction services.

In accordance with the area, we execute complete grey structure construction with perfection. Further, for our client’s satisfaction, we can even give you complete finishing services. We are powered by unique knowledge and highly skilled workers that make us successful and accomplished in all services and work we do.

Our grey structure service begins with marking the plot for the foundation. After that, we dig onto the foundation according to the foundation drawings’ specifications. Then, the next step is to termite proofing in the foundation. In terms of the drawing, we need to apply plain concrete cement with gravel. We also need to do seepage treatment on the foundation to let the grey rest properly. Then, we get into superstructure completion with brickwork till lentil.

Besides all these grey structure work, our grey services also include plumbing sewerage, electric piping underground and such other tasks. This helps us to make our grey rest over it.

We are a highly competitive construction company in Lahore that knows how to do things with perfection. If you ever need any kind of grey structure work, then don’t hesitate to come to us. We ensure to satisfy your demands with enthusiasm. We have a skilled team that will make your work done alongside helping you to design and come up with new ideas.

ACCO Construction has high-quality machinery that becomes stronger with our professional workers. Due to this, we ensure you for perfection in our work. We make our ears work and listen to what our clients need and try our best to provide whatever they want.

You can anytime get our services for your new construction site.

Project Supervision:

The person who oversees a construction project has all titles within him. Those titles are construction project manager, general contractor, workers, etc. However, the core job responsibilities are similar for the project supervisor too. It is because the duties are to work with the architect and subcontractors, permits securing, general and equipment supervision of the entire project. Typically, construction project supervisors are professionals having vast experience with proper college degrees.

Our project supervision service helps you to complete your project within the time limit and budget provided alongside the completion of all the regulations and quality standards. It does not matter what kind of construction work you are into. We are highly capable of supervising the construction of buildings, industrial plants, infrastructure, power facilities, wind farms, etc. For sure, your construction project demands deep coordination and supervision of someone professional to get things in the right manner.

ACCO construction is here independently to supervise and help you with your project. We make sure to get that complete on time, on budget and according to your requirements and quality standards. We have all the professional supervisors who enable you to have tailored service to safeguard the accomplishment of your project. We are quite capable of controlling every aspect of your construction work.

We help you with construction supervision with the following services included.

  • Supervision of design
  • Getting third-party verification and certification on independently
  • Consultation of project management for building industrial and infrastructure facilities
  • Consultation for program management for the developmental plans of infrastructure
  • Supervision of site suited to technical and construction legal requirements
  • Consistent supervision of construction for schedule, quality, and budget
  • Management of facility and supervision of maintenance of the building and infrastructure
  • Testing of systems, materials, and installations
  • Supervision of non-destruction testing
  • Supervision of delivered documentation
  • Consultation services for technical, legal and assessment advice
  • Program management of infrastructure projects

So, now you can yourself see that home builders in Lahore Islamabad, Faisalabad,  are providing you competitive services to let you get benefit at its fullest. In this regard, you should come to us for supervision services.

Turn-Key Basis Construction Service:

Essentially if we speak, then turnkey means a fixed price contract. This indicates that the general construction firm gets officially into the conduction of the whole operation that begins from designing until the closeout of the project. Briefly, the whole thing includes getting subcontractors, equipment, machinery, material, and other required things within a price fixed. Also, the profit amount is included in that overall price.

For the owner or client, this means that they handed you the project for the whole construction time and turn the key for the results. For sure, it is something that demands the utmost reliability and surety. ACCO Construction is a perfect fit because they are professional enough to make you rely on them. Our construction company in Lahore can easily handle this big responsibility and assure you to show you the final product in its perfect condition. Our skilled professional will not let you dissatisfy.

There is a common understanding with turnkey on the industry level, which is,

A turnkey contract becomes more profitable if you equip a level of expertise and enough knowledge to undertake that certain construction project. Due to this, we assure you that we got the expertise and knowledge that ensure you to enjoy the extra profit.

If you come to us, we assure you that the turnkey contract will be a win-win situation for both us. It is because you will be having your desired space in your budget without any stress or hassles, and we will work with our space and efficiency to practice with the limited changing orders.

It is a great consideration for you to come to us and get benefits alongside getting your work done.

Industrial Construction Service in Pakistan

Industrial Construction Services in Pakistan


Ahmed Construction Company has worked on a variety of industrial construction projects across the tri-state area. Whether you’re planning to build a brand-new facility or an addition to your existing one, our industrial contractors have the expertise to meet the strictest standards and most challenging needs.

We tailor construction services to your needs. Need minimum downtime on production? Need to meet requirements under a strict budget? Need turnkey installation? We’ve got you covered. We can assist you in general contracting, design-build, construction management, risk management, and more.

Have special needs for conveyors or electrical and mechanical equipment? We can coordinate and oversee subcontractors who specialize in your unique needs.

As a Butler builder, we can provide a pre-engineered metal building solution that not only meets all your needs but continues to provide cost-saving performance for the lifetime of your facility.

Construction Warehouse & Storage Buildings in Pakistan

ACCO’ s provides state-of-the-art design to build services for all types of industrial building requirements. We have a huge portfolio of designing and building warehouses, livestock sheds, production and manufacturing units, industrial plants, processing mills, packaging units, washing sheds, factories, surgical units, and any other bespoke building construction. We construct such building facilities for you where your day-to-day business processes run smoothly and streamline to minimize costs and maximize your profit margin. Few of our happy clients include Azgard-9, Symbol Industries, Crescent Concrete, Diamond Industries, and Global Group Industries


If you are looking for a professional industrial construction service then you have come to the right place. Ahmed  Construction Company is one of the top industrial construction companies in Pakistan. With over 28 years of experience, we feel proud as one of the best industrial concrete construction companies in Pakistan

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An overview of our construction services from Construction Management, Design-build, General Contracting to Small Jobs and Service Work


Interior Designing


Interior Designing

Do you want to decorate your home with a professional touch? Are you looking for some expert advice regarding the décor of your home? Or perhaps you are having a difficult time selecting the color of the furniture for your room?

Luckily, your search is over. We at Acco are an interior designing company working in Lahore, Pakistan. We specialize in all home and office-related interior design services. Each project that we undertake is unique for us, and we look forward to the challenges it may include. Our interior designing packages are according to the demands of your budget and timeframe. Give us a call or visit our showroom for more details regarding the interior design services.

Design Service Tailored for Both – Residential and Commercial Areas

In addition to homes, ACCO provides innovative and affordable design services for commercial sites. Whether you are a startup or an established enterprise – our priority is to create a functional workplace that not only impresses your clients but also keeps your employees optimistic.
We understand the challenges of a workplace and ensure that the work is done promptly without exceeding your set budget. At ACCO, we provide interior designing services for all commercial areas including hospitality, restaurants, and shops. Give us a call and let us design your commercial area.

Interior Design

Interior Work

• Furniture layouts using new and existing furniture
• Space planning
• Floor plans, elevations, details and renderings
• Custom furniture
• Kitchen and bathroom design
• Preconstruction services – Helping clients to communicate interior elements needed by architects and contractors prior to and during the construction process
• Execution services.

Interior Design Services

Creative modern luxurious interior in Pakistan  

Traditionally an architect would build an interior framework and the interior designer would then be employed to fit and furnish it. As these days structure is regarded as an integral part of interior decoration we at Acco interiors believe it is more cost effective if we are involved at an early stage of a project. Our activities range from evaluating and reconfiguring space, to aspects of engineering, lighting design and choosing materials for walls and flooring. The aim is to help you to get the most effective use of your existing or planned home.

Interior decoration

We provide complete design solutions for your home – wherever it may be. Whatever the scope of your project – a complete refurbishment or just to give a fresh look to a room – we’ll make sure that you end up with a stylish and comfortable home interior that is sympathetic to the way you live and use your home.


Apart from our comprehensive interior design services, our team is able to assist you with interior design ideas – if that is all you want. Whether it’s establishing the layout for a new house and garden, getting some ideas for furniture and fittings or tweaking an existing scheme; our consultancy service is a great way of getting professional advice at any stage of your project and regardless of your budget. Consultations start from one hour.


We offer a bespoke procurement service: from sourcing that museum quality piece of furniture, decorative object, painting or sculpture to perfectly fit into an existing scheme or help choosing the perfect upholstery fabric or rug – we can help.

Product design

Our in-house team is able to create bespoke furniture and decorative items for your project. We will work collaboratively with the client to produce tailor-made pieces that will ensure that your interior is genuinely unique.

Interior Finishing

Ahmed Construction Company established in 2004 offer a wide spectrum of interior designing, decoration and renovation service. It can provide multidimensional services with ease and commitment and can cater with confidence to taste and need of its valued clients.

The firm has concentrated on providing the designing solutions that are fulfilling the client’s need Aesthetically, Economically, Ergonomically, Acoustically and within the committed time for project completion.

Approach to Interior Finishing

The path from deciding to carry out a refurbishment or move, to being installed in your new office, at your new desk, is a challenging one, littered with obstacles for the inexperienced or uninitiated.

AHMED CONSTRUCTION COMPANY helps to smooth the path by providing a one-stop refurbishment service. All aspects are considered, from design and space planning, selection from a vast range of products and services, culminating in installation. Whether the project is large or small, careful liaison with clients, combined with meticulous planning, ensures the projects are carried out with minimum disruption, leaving our clients free to deal with their business. An initial consultation will determine the main criteria. These will be incorporated with our suggestions and solutions to problems to form the final layout. Following are steps involved in our interior design process.

• Collecting Clients Brief.
• Survey of space.
• Making scaled Idea Development plan.
• After taking in to account the changes, making Final Plan.
• Making Reflected ceiling plan.
• Making Perspective or 3D views.
• Making Color scheme.
• Giving to client reasonable quotation and estimated time.
• On approval, start and completing the project within time as per plan on TURNKEY BASIS.


Some of the following properties of Ahmed Construction Company, which make it desirable Choice.

• EPS (Environment, Products and Systems): Ahmed Construction Company is committed to make a positive contribution in the design and improvement of EPS because
poorly designed EPS is one of the main reasons of our maladies. Every EPS should relate well to the trinity of Design, Money and Time.
• All your needs from designing to furnishing on Turnkey Basis under one roof.
• Directly employed installation teams
• On-site Management and co-ordination of projects
• Cost of Project is Economical because we have Separate teams for each work and we have our own Wooden Factory in DHA.
• “Complete Package” designed to your specification
• More than 20 Years’ experience of our chief designer Mr. Tanveer Ahmed in office/ home designing and refurbishment.



There is a wide range of services offered by Ahmed Construction Company, which are as follows, mostly done on TURNKEY BASIS:

• Interior Designing.
• Project Consultancy.
• Furnishing, all types of wooden work.
• Coloring/ Paint work.
• Masonry work including Tiles Laying.
• Light Civil Work.
• Electrical work.
• Plumbing work.
• False ceiling work.
• Central Airconditioning Planning work with complete detailed diagrams.
• Central Airconditioning with central ducts, diffusers, Chillers etc.
• Central Airconditioning with central ducts, diffusers, Chillers etc.
• Telephone/ PABX system works. • IT/ Networking work. • Lighting works. • CCTV works. Security Systems.


It has it team of dedicated professionals:

• Interior Designers
• Draughtsman
• Project planner
• Airconditioning Consultants
• Central Duct maker, Chillers, Air diffusers and Installation of said units
• Supervisors
• Carpenters
• Electricians
• Masons
• Plumbing staff
• Networking engineers
• False ceiling maker
• Aluminum and glass products manager

This is the main reason why AHMED CONSTRUCTION COMPANY achieves the approved plan in practical sense within agreed time, within the client’s budget with excellent interior product quality and finish.

Interior and Exterior Work

ACCO is recognized commercial and residential interior and exterior design firm based in the heart of Gu8lberg-III. We work with natural aptitude towards the arts and design to give the best to our clients. We focus each project with our own style, passion and carry it with the same interest and leaves the footprints of our professionalism and gives you the true picture of your imagination and our creation.

We Provide Partition & Panelling, Blinds, Flooring, Carpets, False Ceiling, Painting and Polishing and other wall finishes. Services like Air-conditioning, Plumbing, Electrical, Computer Networking EPABX & Telecom Systems. Selection of Painting, Sculptures and Artefacts. Furniture for HOMEs & Offices. Green buildings , facade maintenance, carpet cleaning.

Supported by a team of ACCO professionals, we are able to offer our clients Residential Interior – Exterior Designing Services. These services are executed by our adept experts by using high class basic material and cutting edge technology. These services are rendered in an elegant manner as per the given specifications by our patrons. Owing to their appealing designing, on-time execution and reliability, these services are highly admired by our patrons in the market.

Other Details:

  • ACCO is a professionally managed firm, which has been in the field of Interior Designing, Decoration & Construction for the past fifteen years.
  • ACCO undertakes turnkey Interior Decoration and Construction contracts of Offices, Showrooms, Residences, Hotels, Restaurants, Shops, and Exhibitions etc. and provides you with a complete solution to your Interior & Exterior needs.

We also Provide Designing & Turnkey Service.

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Design Process

The interior designing process with the team of ACCO include:

  1. Consultation
    Our team gets together with you to discuss your unique needs. We take in all your color and style preferences along with your budget for the project. Our team also gives their advice and suggestions regarding the interior of your home and office. Ultimately, we come up with a final plan for the décor of your space.
  2. Measurements
    Taking accurate measurements of the room before ordering furniture is a crucial step for all types of projects. Our team takes precise measurements of your room and guides you regarding the layout to beautify your home.
  3. Selection
    Our services are not limited to interior decorating. We offer facilities including a painting of room, flooring, and plumbing. We also work with many wholesalers and retailers to provide you with the best items that complement the décor of your room.

Best Interior Designs in Pakistan

We know that decorating a house or office is challenging. Without proper guidance, you can make expensive mistakes that will affect the overall look of your room. To help you out, ACCO offers expert advice that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home and office. Whether you are looking to redecorate a whole house or having a difficult time choosing a sofa for the living room – ACCO is at your service. We are the best interior design company in Pakistan and assist you in making the design process easy.

Just give us a call and set up an appointment to discuss your décor requirements. Our servicing area comprises all of Lahore including the parts of Gulshan e Ravi, Gulberg-III, and DHA.

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An overview of our construction services from Construction Management, Design-build, General Contracting to Small Jobs and Service Work