Invited To A Housewarming Party? Here Are Some Gift Ideas

Housewarming parties are joyous occasions where you congratulate your friends or family because buying a home by yourself is such a huge accomplishment in life. You want to hear all the stories of struggle, the process and everything they went through. In order to not go empty handed and congratulate the person for achieving a milestone, here are some best housewarming gift ideas that will not only make them feel special but will also be light on your pocket.

Housewarming Gift Ideas

Buying a home by yourself is a huge accomplishment in life

A housewarming party is an informal gathering of very close friends and family to let them know about your newly bought home and share the happiness with them. There is laughter, there is food and above all, the stories of struggles the person had to go through to buy the house. But the love, appreciation, kind gestures and presents from people closest to you transform the house into a home in no time.

We won’t make you keep you waiting any further to explore some interesting and useful housewarming gifts that you can buy for the next party you are invited to. So let’s begin.

Vase With Flowers

Gifting flowers may be considered a cliché move by some, but it’s actually a timeless idea. Nothing brightens up your room like flowers. As a gesture to your happiness for someone, flowers are the best but it is a possibility that the receiver may not have a suitable vase to put them in and enjoy the feeling till later. What you can do is buy a vase and put those beautiful flowers in it and present the gift as it is. The flowers may die at some point unless they are artificial but they can use the same vase to put new flowers in it or use it as a decoration piece. 

Decoration Pieces

Buying decoration pieces can be tricky because there is a lot to choose from. These items range from wall hangings to coffee tables and you will want to buy every single one of them. However, you would want to get them something they can put in their living room and give them a constant reminder of your bond with them.  You can choose from pottery items, mirror decoration pieces or handmade items. 

Soft, Cozy, Comfy Blankets

If it is winter and you want to make their home extra cosy, give them a pair of throw blankets and, trust us, they will love it. Throw blankets add finesse to the overall look of a room. They come in a variety of options, such as cotton, wool, fleece or polyester and are not only warm but also lightweight. If you don’t know the colour theme of their house, it’s always best to go with neutral colours because those are the safest option. The next time they will watch TV in the living room on a chilly night, they will surely be remembering you. 

fabric of throw blankets
Throw blankets come in variety of options such as cotton, wool and fleece.

Cutlery Set

No matter how much cutlery you have in your house, there is always room for one more set. It always comes in handy when you are hosting a large gathering, such as a housewarming party. How about that! Maybe they will use it right there and then. You can also get a nice set of sharp knives or a set of trays which will definitely be useful.

Wall Paintings

It can be very difficult to know if a person already has something that you are planning to give them, even when it comes to the people you think you know best. But you can never go wrong with wall paintings. You can go to an art gallery where you will find different paintings and you will have a variety of options to choose from. From abstract to customized paintings, you can find the desired size and colours you have in mind. 

Calligraphy and abstract art are also popular choices when it comes to buying housewarming gifts. These are the two safest options. If you want to add a personal touch, you can ask the artist to make you a customized painting but that may cost you more than you have planned.


Candleholders will never go out of style. Even though people no longer feel the need to light candles for better visibility,  these articles have certainly become a home decor staple. Available in all sizes and shapes, candle holders can be an accessory for your dining table and of course you can light candles in it to have a candlelight dinner.

Another thing you can give new house owners are scented candles, which smell nice and give a home-like feeling and remove the bad odour from a house. The soothing effect of scented candles calms you down and also you associate good memories with them.

Lamps And Lanterns

Most families have bedside lamps because they feel their bedroom furniture is incomplete without them. If your host is a fan of lamp lights, you can give them corner lamps for living room lamps. There are plenty of ways they can use these lamps such as making a reading nook or simply placing it in the corner of their room next to a study table. 

lamp in a reading nook
A lamp in a reading nook gives ample light to a reader at night

Sentiment Serving Bowl

Last but not least is a sentiment serving bowl. Remember the time when you went to your grandparents’ house and they always had this bowl filled with candies, fruits or marbles? That is the one which now comes in different sizes, shapes as well as material they are made from. These can be used as a decoration piece on a side table in the drawing-room with dried petals of a flower.

Choosing a housewarming gift can be tricky because you have to keep in mind the likes and dislikes of the house owners as well as keep in mind the utility of the item you are gifting. This list will help you narrow down what you want to give the new house owners at the housewarming party.

Meanwhile, if you are the new house owner and confused about how to throw a housewarming party, we have a guide for you too. Feel free to write to us at if you wish to speak to us. For more informative pieces on the lifestyle and real estate of Pakistan keep following Zameen Blog.