Main Boulevard Gulberg, Lahore Route Guide

Gulberg Lahore is one of the posh residential societies in the city that was developed in the mid 20th century. Since then there have been numerous developments that have led to the commercialization of some parts of the residential society. The Main Boulevard Gulberg is an important road in the city’s broad road network because in the last two decades it has also become a business hub of Lahore. The route of Gulberg Main boulevard also provides a link between two other important roads of Lahore – Ferozepur Road and Jail Road.

The entire route in Gulberg Main Boulevard is dotted with shopping centres, hypermarkets, business plazas, banks etc. along with intersections to access other renowned areas of Lahore. In this blog, we have highlighted the significance of Main Boulevard Gulberg and all the exit points that will come on your left.

From Kalma Underpass To Jail Road Intersection On Main Boulevard Gulberg

Main Boulevard Gulberg starts from Kalma Underpass and extends up to Jail Road Intersection, a signal-free corridor of 3.7 kilometres.

An aerial view of Ferozepur Road

Ferozepur Road Intersection

The first entry or intersection that you can use to travel on the route of Main Boulevard Gulberg is the Ferozepur Road intersection that connects Gulberg with areas like Mazang, Chauburji, Model Town etc. If you are using Kalma Underpass you will be coming from Main Boulevard Garden Town that further leads to Canal Road and Usmani Road.

After taking the Ferozepur Road intersection to travel on Main Boulevard Gulberg, you will be heading towards Center Point and Liberty Roundabout, famous milestones if you are trying to explain an address to someone. You will cross a few banks and National Bank Park and finally reach Liberty Roundabout from where the territory of Lahore’s popular business hub begins.

If you take a left from the roundabout on Noor Jehan Road, you will be travelling towards Gaddafi Stadium and if you further travel on the same road, you will exit on Ferozepur Road.

Noor Jehan Road Intersection

Noor Jehan Road is the next entry/exit point on Main Boulevard Gulberg and if you travel a bit further, you can make a U-turn to travel towards Kalma Underpass or take a left to go to Liberty Market.

If you continue to stay on the Gulberg Main Boulevard, you cross a few banks and plazas but as you move further, you will see Pace Mall on your left and next to which is Hafeez Center, Pakistan’s biggest computer market famous for technology and gadgets. Continue to travel straight on the road and you will find a few more high-rise business centres on your left.

Zahoor Elahi Road Intersection

Zahoor Elahi Intersection is the third entry/exit point on the Main Boulevard Gulberg. Zahoor Elahi Road has been named after the famous politician Chaudhry Zahoor Elahi who was assassinated in 1981. The road is also famous for the residence of famous politicians Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi and Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain.

Zahoor Elahi Road also intersects with the Canal Road and you can access other areas of Lahore from there very conveniently. Zahoor Ilahi intersection also gives a shortcut route to access Main Market through Hali Road if there is traffic on Main Boulevard.

Main Market Intersection

The next intersection you will find if you drive further is the Main Market Intersection on your left which is a round-shaped market and can be accessed from five different roads. The commercial market is frequently used by the residents of Gulberg because there are plenty of supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants, banks and other utilities.

Right next to the Main Market intersection are also famous shopping centres Old Auriga Shopping Complex and New Auriga Shopping Complex for unstitched eastern wears.

signal free corridor of main boulevard gulberg
Main Boulevard Gulberg is a signal-free corridor

Jail Road Intersection

The next and last entry/exit point of Main Boulevard Gulberg is the Jail Road intersection. It is a T-shaped end of the road from where you take left for Jail Road and Flyover to Sherpao Bridge for Lahore Cantonment area. There is also a U-turn if you want to go back to Main Boulevard Gulberg.

Zameen Quadrangle, a prime vertical real estate development in Lahore and a project of Zameen Developments, is just one kilometre away from the intersection. The project is highly facilitated and brings an unmatched lifestyle in the vertical real estate of Pakistan. 

From Jail Road Intersection To Kalma Underpass On Main Boulevard Gulberg

The trip from Jail Road to Kalma Underpass on Main Boulevard Gulberg Route is more commercialized as compared to the aforementioned path. Let’s explore all the business centres, hotels, commercial markets and access to other parts of the city on this of the Main Boulevard Gulberg.

Jail Road / Lahore Cantonment Intersection

If you are coming from Jail Road and Lahore Cantt. The first landmark you will see is Siddique Trade Center which is a shopping and business centre and one of the oldest on this road. Moving further on the road, you will take a left on Dr Mateen Fatima Road to reach the University of Home Economics, a popular girls-only educational institution in Lahore. The road further continues and ends at College Road.

If you keep travelling on Main boulevard Gulberg, the next left turn will be on Mushtaq Ahmed Gurmani Road which also ends on College Road but also gives access to MM Alam Road.

MM Alam Road Intersection

Continue for a few hundred metres on Main Boulevard Gulberg and you will be ready to take the next exit on MM Alam Road. The road has popular fine dining spots along with retail outlets of renowned shopping brands. MM Alam Road ends at Hussain Chowk near Liberty Market and also intersects College Road on Mini Market Roundabout.

If you take MM Alam Road intersection, you can access Firdous Market, Hussain Chowk, Ghalib Market, Liberty Market and Mian Mehmood Ali Kasoori Road. 

College Road Intersection

Next to MM Alam Intersection is the College Road entry/exit. This road, as mentioned above, will cross MM Alam and intersect Gurumanagat Road and extends up to Gulberg Road (right next to Sherpao Bridge). If you travel on Gurumangat Road up till the end, you will cross Pepsi Cola Factory, Jinnah Flyover, Mian Mehmood Kasoori Road and Hajvery University. Gurumangat Road also runs parallel to Academy Road which is famous for readymade and on-demand furniture.

Ghalib Road Intersection

Ghalib Road Intersection is not as big as other intersections but its significance is that it is used as a shortcut to MM Alam and Ghalib Market. But if you cross College Road Intersection and shift to the service road, on your left you will first cross Avari Xpress Gulberg (a popular hotel building of a renowned brand) then Imtiaz Mega Department Store, Readings (a famous book shop) and lastly Mall 1 where you have plenty of options for shopping, fine dining, coffee shops and fast-food joints.

Liberty Market Intersection

liberty roundabout
Liberty Market Roundabout is on the intersection of Noor Jehan Road and Main Boulevard Gulberg

Continue for a few hundred meters and you will cross Askari Tower and Lahore Center buildings to find yourself just a few steps away from Liberty Market. 

Liberty Market is located on Noor Jehan Road and it is famous for shopping for your wardrobe. From tailors to cobblers you will find shops for everything. Its Dupatta Gali is famous for wedding and eastern wear shopping. 

Continue on Noor Jehan Road and you will reach Hussain Chowk. On your left will be MM Alam Road, on your right will be Firdous Market and straight ahead will be Mian Mehmood Kasoori Road ending on Gurumangat Road.

Ali Zaib Road Intersection

Ali Zaib Road intersection is the second last entry/exit point on this side of the road which leads to Firdous Market, Cavalry Ground, Lahore Cantt. and DHA Lahore. The newly built Lal Shahbaz Qalandar Underpass on Ali Zaib Road makes the road signal-free till cavalry ground and faces less traffic congestion during rush hours.

3 Jays Tower, a project of Sitara Heights and Go Petroleum, is also located on Ali Zaib Road. It is a mixed-use vertical building project that is being developed in the heart of Lahore only to offer luxury hotel apartments and commercial outlets. The state-of-the-art project is providing facilities like healthcare, entertainment and eateries that define luxurious living.

Just on the corner as you start on Ali Zaib Road is a project of Salman Developers, Grand Square Mall. It is also a mixed-use building that offers commercial outlets, corporate offices and residential apartments. The earthquake-resistant building structure, huge parking space with valet service, standby generators, high-speed elevators and escalators and 5% guaranteed rental yield on split-level commercial outlets are some of the key features of the project.

Ferozepur Road Intersection

Main Boulevard Gulberg ends at the Ferozepur Road intersection from where you can access areas of Model Town, Walton Road, Kasur and Kot Lakhpat. Punjab Information technology Board (PITB), Lahore General Hospital and Gulab Devi Hospital are also located on Ferozepur Road.

This brings us to the end of the ultimate route guide on Main Boulevard Gulberg, Lahore. We hope that this will be helpful for you to reach your destination if you are using this particular route. It will be advisable to use Google Maps for live traffic updates before using the route since it is very busy during rush hours.

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