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Pakistan is increasing its dependency on alternative sources of energy, including coal and sunlight, to generate electricity. This move reflects the country’s long-term goal of shifting its energy mix away from fossil fuel. At present, almost 64% of the country’s energy mix is comprised of fossil fuels – with hydropower and other renewable sources such as solar and wind accounting for 27% and 9% respectively. According to the Paris-based International Energy Agency, the average energy demand in Pakistan stands at 19,000 megawatts (MW) and researchers are anticipating the country’s total energy consumption to exceed 49,000MWs by 2025.

Surplus Power But At A Price…

That being said, Pakistan is currently witnessing sharp improvements in its power generation capacity primarily due to the large-scale construction of new power plants, mostly coal-fired, funded by Beijing under the multi-billion dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project. This energy surplus, however, is seen to create problems for the country’s power sector in the form of huge electricity payments amid persistent blackouts. Moreover, increased reliance on coal has prompted questions about Islamabad’s commitment to climate change goals.

Experts are of the opinion that Pakistan needs to expand its renewable energy portfolio in order to cut down on soaring electricity prices and address climate change concerns. Sun is an inexhaustible source of energy and Pakistan has the ideal weather conditions for solar panels and solar energy systems. More and more homeowners are now considering shifting to solar energy due to its longevity and affordability. The most attractive feature of solar energy systems is net-metering. Net-metering provides homeowners and business entities the opportunity to credit the excess produced electricity to be exported to the grid, which in return gets adjusted in the upcoming months. Hence the option of solar energy system along with net-metering allows businesses and homeowners to not only become independent in terms of electricity production but also enjoy electricity credits throughout the year.

Searching for Solar? Use Pantera Energy

For those interested in availing solar options for their homes, Pantera Energy provides a diversified range of products and services with innovation and intelligence as the essence of their solar energy systems. The company offers state-of-the-art solar energy systems for residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors. Their products include on-grid and battery backup hybrid solar energy solutions. Over the years they have developed a business process where customer care and satisfaction are considered as a top priority. Furthermore, they have built their credibility around the tagline “Solar That Works” i.e. they do not only install solar but make sure that it keeps working optimally.

An Impressive Product Lineup

The on-grid solar system, also known as a grid-tied solar system, is the most widely deployed form of rooftop solar across the world. These systems do not need any batteries and are connected to the utility grid power. It is best suited for customers with stable grid power and minimal power cuts. Other than homes, even educational institutions, industrial units, commercial establishments use these systems as their primary source of power.

Pantera Energy AlphaESS, a Lithium-ion battery-based Intelligent solar energy system, ensures the 24/7 availability of solar power in addition to covering up to 100% of user’s annual electricity consumption with self-generated clean energy. The hybrid system is CE certified which makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings.

A Wide Range Of Services

Pantera’s smartphone app allows users to monitor and control energy production and consumption levels to maximize the benefits of solar energy systems. Their IntelliHUB team can directly reach out to you through dedicated support lines. Moreover, their customer support services actively provides monitoring services to make sure your system is working day and night. IntelliHUB provides remote fault detection and rectify remotely to ensure that your system continues to work flawlessly.

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