Industrial Construction Services

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Industrial Construction Services

Designing and constructing large, small and medium scale industries requires engineers to adopt appropriate techniques, advanced technologies and best of the resources. This is one of the biggest reasons why our industrial clients bank on us heavily. Right from creating the perfect plans for their projects to executing them in accordance with our clients budget, preferences and time, the team at ACCO does everything possible to offer excellent industrial construction services. Our expertise and technical resources drive the delivery of our services. As an industry-recognized, award winning provider of construction services, ACCO Construction focuses on providing lasting solutions for the civil, industrial and commercial markets. Driven by a commitment to continuous improvement, ACCO Construction has expertise in the following foucs areas. Heavy & Structural Concrete All Civil Construction Design Build/Problem Solving Building Construction Storm & Process Water Systems Hardscapes Bridge Construction Historical Restoration Cotton Textile Mills Oil & Gas Industrial Parks & Workshops Telecom & IT As an Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) company we cover all facets of activities viz. Feasibility & DPR's Topography and Site surveys Design & detailed engineering Machinery & Equipment supply, installation and commissioning Training in Pakistan and at project site Transfer of Technology Production & Trial runs Management & Technical support

What is included

At ACCO, safety is paramount and serves as a core value that guides how we work in the field, at our sites, in our offices, and in our personal lives. Safety is an all-encompassing way of how we do business and places employee well-being and environmental stewardship at the forefront of every company operation worldwide. Across our global operations, our commitment to safety is reflected in our common goal to eliminate all workplace incidents. Our commitment to safety is the foundation of our strong safety culture, can be seen in reduced injuries and lost-work days, and has served as a leading indicator of our strong performance throughout the project life cycle.
Throughout our industry, we have built a solid reputation for delivering high-quality, responsive services to our clients, business partners, and fellow employees. Our deep commitment to quality is a central focus of our operating philosophy. It is how we achieve client service and operational excellence that exceeds expectations.
ACCO are committed to business practices, operations, and projects that improve economic, environmental, and societal outcomes. Our comprehensive skills and expertise are a valued resource to clients around the world in support of their sustainability objectives. Internally, Serenity sustainability practices are being continuously enhanced to help minimize the Company’s environmental footprint, reduce costs, and enrich the work experience of our employees.